Saturday, July 12, 2014

Arvind Kejriwal's hangout / video message to Maharashtra volunteers

Just watched the 21 min video, and must say I'm so GLAD with everything that Arvind has said.

I'm sure there are going to be many disagreements and disappointments. While this message might make a lot of people leave, I have a feeling that it will encourage a much larger number of people who had left much earlier, or who hadn't joined because they didn't like the direction and attitude then, to come to AAP.

If we keep aside everything and really go back to the beginning, then there's clarity. We have to be a people's movement, do work for the people, and then the people have to compel us to stand for elections when they see it as the most efficient way to get their problems solved. Not the other way around! I'm feeling happy to see this message put loud and clear, feeling happy about this course correction. There can be infinity-squared blamings on what has happened so far ("if like this then why did we do this this and that", "then they should not have this and should have that" etc), but for the way forward, I think this is much better.

This chimes in with the model of the new AAP-like political party that's emerging in the US from the Occupy movement.
It co-incides also with the model of the Five Stars Movement in Italy, again AAP-like, and they now have 100+ people in the Italian Parliament. And with so many people's movements across South America where they are blooming after over a century of corporate oppression.

There's a book i would recommend for clearing confusion :
It covers a lot of topics like separation vs interbeing, the temptation to control, the dangers of being ruled by the fear of failure.

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