Monday, July 28, 2014

Open letter from Jewish body to demand end of Gaza massacre

In this time of tremendous suffering and fear, from Jerusalem to Gaza, and from Hebron to Be'er Sheva, we reaffirm that all Israelis and Palestinians deserve security, justice, and equality, and we mourn all those who have died. 

Our unshakeable commitment to freedom and justice for all compels us to acknowledge that this violence has fallen overwhelmingly on Palestinians. And it compels us to affirm that this violence has a root cause: Israel's illegal occupation. 

We are united in our belief that: 

The denial of Palestinian human rights must end. 
Illegal settlements must end. 
Bombing civilians must end. 
Killing children must end. 
Valuing Jewish lives at the expense of others must end. 

Only by embracing equality for all peoples can this terrible bloodshed end.

Jewish Voice for Peace : Israelies and Palestinians. Two peoples, One future

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