Monday, July 28, 2014

The status so far of ab ki baar

Sharing a post by a friend on FB:

# A Chidambaram budget through Saffron lips of Arun Jaitley
# Key Ministries to 'Yes men'
# No action on Rapist Minister
# Appointing an encounter specialist as Party Head with complete disregard to morality.
# Corruption at public dealing points has gone up.
# Inaction on Inflation
# Fresh produce prices have shot up.
# Tolls on highways have shot up (Delhi by almost 50%).
# Continued encouragement to VIP mentality laal battee culture.
# Law & order on the ground is still the same - as bad or worse.
# Unwanted effort to saffronise education
# Fringe Party politicians taking centre stage through divisive talks.
# No action on Black Money (Electorate waiting for 150 days tall claim)

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