Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Comments on the Gujarat textbooks / Dina Nath Batra scandal

Anyways we've been laughing at our textbooks all these decades; no difference now. This thing is so obviously stupid, it seems like yet another diversionary tactic to distract from the more seriously problematic things the new govt is doing. 

Running away from a constitutional obligation to hold elections in Delhi (what's next, come 2019 and they'll say the national elections are too much of an ordeal and should be avoided?). 
Giving blanket approvals to wiping out of the nation's natural resources. 
Branding people's movements as a threat to development. 
Imprisoning anyone who dares to offend the supreme leader. 
Putting a man having serious criminal charges as the president of the ruling party.

I think this textbook stupidity news is there to distract us from the more serious issues.

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