Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chemtrails justification : typical abuse culture logic

In response to a video:

It's the typical use of short term existential threats to justify even more long term damage. Happens in every abuse scenario, and needs to be called for the bluff that it is. Snowden may have gotten the info from inside the lockers, but he hasn't done the task of critically evaluating and thinking through this part; that's our job. The opinions of the secret American programs need not be the ultimate truth on the matter. If the chemtrail programs are stopped, then the consequences will be super-duper disastrous? Like how if a constantly abused wife spills the beans, the children's lives will be ruined? Heck no, truth is always less harmful than lies. The culture of abuse we live in has conditioned us to take instant inconveniences too seriously, while hiding the real dangers from view. Rather, we should thicken our skins, grow up and embrace the inconveniences needed to transition to truth. Also, thinking through the matter and questioning basic assumptions is necessary, specially the ones that trick us into believing these doomsday scenarios.

Consider what you shared about the Dust Bowl of 1930s. The American agriculture techniques were not adapted to the American climate. Lack of dryland farming techniques. Famines happen when agriculture doesn't adapt to limited-resources conditions. But there ARE ways to grow food and survive non-plentiful conditions. Switching over to more resilient agricultural practices is a far better option than the chemtrail program, duh! The basic assumption that the current system of agriculture is the ONLY way to grow food is flawed, and that throws the chemtrail justifications out the window.

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