Friday, July 3, 2015

Rush log #3JUL15

"What're you up to what're you up to"... I've been rotten at updating, so here's an experimental, rush day's log:

Morning : Met people at PMPML who had requested to come, showed them how to install Unicode typing on WinXP computers, and how to convert existing Kruti or ShreeDev legacy text to Unicode using the unicode converters of technical-hindi group.

Before lunch : Met PMPML transport officer and got depot-wise list of bus routes from him.

Post lunch : COEP : Met the DSY batches and discussed with them on how to go about current survey

3pm: Prasanna Desai Architects (PDA) met the gang there and accompanied them to a meeting where a lot of pune's and pcmc's admins had gathered to talk about Hinjewadi.

Evening: Returned home, and completed the forms for COEP interns survey and sent them out.

Night: Working on PMPML data.. might diverge into other stuff too.

To do: LOTSS of fun stuff that would otherwise be boring if I didn't have the larger picture in mind.

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