Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Collecting inputs on a much-needed Manual for men..

Hi friends and especially ladies,
Given my vast experience (really, a bit too vast) in this sector, and looking at disturbing news related to it coming on a near daily basis, an idea came about putting together a manual on:

Handling Rejections in Romance Gracefully
-- A manual for men

A tell-tale of our times : I searched for this concept on the net and all I found were manuals for women on how to reject men safely (!) or handle being rejected gracefully. Saala mard ko kyun koi nahin bolta! It's time we addressed the other half too, don't you think?

Do send in your experiences! This needs to be experiential (honestly, theories and concepts just don't work on us! We learn more from example!) so the more real-world non-examples (ie, instances where it wasn't handled gracefully), the better!

PS: Anonymity will be maintained.

PPS: Men, if you want to start complaining about.. you know what I'm talking about.. then just search the net, all the resources and avenues are already there. And do NOT reply here about your unfortunate experiences, this email is solidly about something else entirely and must not be hijacked. Go draft another email with some other subject line. (and this is a part of the graceful-handling training, so just go with it!) If I see you replying here with your Ramayan and especially if you do it in public, I will re-post this instruction in large bold letters include your case as a non-example. So don't make me!

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