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About the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) project

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Why This Project Is Important:

Help us Spread Suppressed Knowledge to the Engineers that Can Build
the Solutions We All Need.

The reason this information is so important is because you won't find
any other set of information out there like this that teaches
engineers how to build a device that utilizes technology that has been
suppressed and underutilized for 130 years. This knowledge was banned
from engineering universities because it was a threat to the profits
of the energy industry. But everything is changing now. The energy
grids are old, out dated and failing along with the monopolies that
control them. We have to research alternative solutions to replace
them before the current system fails.

Like, solar, wind, and magnetics, the QEG utilizes yet another form of
renewable energy called radiant, or dominant energy. The QEG is a
switched reluctance motor and this technology is not new, and has now
finally come back into use. Switch reluctance motors are poised to
lead in the alternative energy industry of the future despite any
newer, fancier technologies that may come out. This is because of
their simple construction and low manufacturing costs. In fact this
technology is already being utilized today in major motor
manufacturing companies such as HVCT, who has developed their switched
reluctance motor technologies to empower the next generation of
electric motors.

Fix the World wants to help get this knowledge directly into the hands
of the people and we want to do so without patents and restrictions.
We need your help to get this information translated into as many
languages as possible.

Explaining the Suppression of this Knowledge:

You may have heard the words "Free Energy" and perhaps you felt
skeptical or found some of the explanations of this concept confusing.
What I'd like to do right now is try to make this very simple for
everyone to understand in practical terms and take some of the mystery
out of the concept of "Free Energy".

So basically there are two kinds of energy that exist in the world.

One kind everyone knows about because we use this energy to power
everything in our lives. The devices used to create this energy are
called closed systems. In these systems you have to blow something up,
or burn something, or consume something like wood, gas or coal in
order to create energy that you can use. All of these systems are
incredibly wasteful and were designed to ensure that you consume as
much coal, oil, or gas as you possibly can. They all require a lot
more energy in, just to produce a smaller amount of energy out. All
that extra energy that you are putting into the device is just being
wasted in heat production, which is why we always have to have a fan
on a motor in order to blow out all the wasted heat.

The second kind of energy very few people know about. The devices used
to create this kind of energy are called open systems. In these
systems, you work with the energy that is already there to help
accumulate it and convert it into a useable form. You do not need to
consume something in order to create energy like oil, coal or gas, and
all energy that is created within these devices is cycled back into
the device and used, so none of it is wasted. These forms of energy
devices are not "magical" they are very real. Think about it. Does the
sun need to purchase fuel from an energy company to keep shining? How
about the wind? Or flowing water? Or magnets? All of these are forms
of natural energy and we can build devices that can capture these
forms of energy and convert them into electricity that we can use.
Electricity that does not require fuel and waste.

So by now you might be asking, "If there are really two ways to create
energy devices, why are we only using the most wasteful systems? And
if there is another kind of system that we could use to be more
efficient, why do so few people know about them? We had this same
question, and when we did the research, we found that the knowledge
about this kind of energy and how to build efficient open systems was
purposefully redacted from all engineering institutions over 100 years
ago in order to help monopolize the energy companies and bring them
big profits.

Now this next part is really important, because ultimately what we the
people are trying to do with this campaign, is to help undo the damage
that was done 130 years ago.

You see, back in the late 1800's a series of events occurred that
would shape the next century of our industrial development.

James Clerk Maxwell was a famous physicist, his biggest achievement
was to formulate a set of equations that describe electricity. These
are the same formula's that are taught to electrical engineers all
over the world to this day. Except Maxwell identified two separate
systems in his ORIGINAL work: a closed system and an open system.

One year after Maxwells death, in a series of moves that were financed
by J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison, all knowledge of open systems was
removed from all of Maxwells work and banned from all educational

This was done back then to ensure that the greedy energy industries
would keep making us pay for the oil, coal and gas required to create
energy in their closed devices and systems. As a result, the systems
we have are outdated and on the verge of collapsing, we are being told
that the resources needed to run these devices are running out, and we
have millions of engineers graduating from prestigious universities
with absolutely no education on how to build the efficient open system
devices we need to solve our impending problem.

The Energy Grid is Failing

You see, the electricity that we pay a fortune for is becoming more
and more unreliable. It seems like people are loosing power every time
even a mild storm would blow through. And its no secret why this is
happening, and why power outages and extended failures will be
happening more and more and for longer periods of time for everyone in
the coming years. The cold hard truth is, our energy grids are
completely outdated. In fact a decent amount of the energy grid was
constructed over 100 years ago, and most of the equipment on the grid
is already running 20 years past its life expectancy. For example, In
America, The American society of civil engineers actually gave the
energy grid a grade of D+ and said that unless it gets a 673 Billion
dollar overhaul within the next year, the energy grid could completely
break down, which would lead to a wide spread energy crisis. And
currently there is no National plan to make these updates. And every
day the grid gets worse, and continues to rapidly age.

We don't have an Energy Crisis. We have a suppression of clean
technology crisis. And it's time the people take the knowledge and the
power back into their own hands and do something about it.

In this campaign that is for the people and by the people, we are
doing our part to do just that. We are focusing on making sure the
knowledge on how to build these open systems is put into the hands of
the engineers who can build them. If we spread this knowledge now,
these devices can be built and developed so that we have an
alternative to replace our failing grid before millions of families
everywhere in well populated areas are left for weeks or even longer
without the energy they need to survive.

Right now, times are changing. The monopolies are breaking down along
side their outdated technology. It's time to lift the suppression of
this knowledge and share it with every engineer we can in their own

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