Friday, July 31, 2015

[Solutions] Nagpur region : 60k cu.ft. Lake built in 4 days, becomes biodiversity spot in 15 days, raises well's water level

From my friend Shweta whose family farms near Nagpur:

Hello everybody, I am very happy and excited to share that this July 2015 I with my father made a lake in our farm, this area in farm use to get water logged during rains and nothing can be grown and on contrary all the wells in this area are dry so the farmers has to depend on rain water, when we saw this area on Google map, we realized that there were the traces of rain water traveling from far area to this part of the farm so decided to dig a lake, soon we came to know about M.P. government Balram Talab yogna, and applied we also travelled to some nearby farms to see the existing ones, we dug this lake which measures 100ftx100ftx6ft in four days that was from 7july to 11july, and this Sunday on 26th July, i.e just in 15 days lake was full of water with fishes, tadpoles, snakes, insects, birds and lots of fireflies near lake :) . Also the water level of well has raised so much because of this lake...
I have also seen fox, peacocks and deers in village during summers in search of water, I hope this lake attracts a lot of biodiversity and also encourage other farmers to make small farm lakes... Thanks to Amitabh uncle who always always there to guide and encourage about water conservation, lake and always there for everything...

You can reach Shweta on shweta.bhattad[at]

Attached are photos of the lake; in case they got lost along the way, you can find them here:

PS: Kindly share with journalists you may know seeking to cover stories of positive change : this has happened just in the last 2 weeks.

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