Thursday, July 23, 2015

Can we please move on from the global warming logjam?

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(and I agree with what their findings are, btw)

Thanks for this. I wonder if we should also be looking at climate
EXTREMES instead of just warming? At least in the part of the world
where I live, there is testimony by our senior citizens about the
rainfall pattern during rainy season : that earlier we had a more
constant precipitation at low or moderate intensity (at times it would
rain "nonviolently" but constantly for a whole week or so.. we no
longer see rain like that now), but now we are having more dry days
and intermittent rainfalls at higher volume. When we average it out,
it's still more or less equal. But that's not what really matters, is
it? Our crops need the constant moderate rainfall, not dry spells with
intermittent violent showers that will damage the crops. For me it's
important to know if climate disruption is happening or not, and the
most crucial data in this are wind speeds and rain intensity. That too
not average, but rather actual day-to-day, hourly values and their
variations. Overall, average warming or cooling are irrelevant. At
best, the temperature-related data that is important is the DIFFERENCE
between max and min temperatures in the day, and over the year, for a
given location.

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