Friday, June 17, 2016

Call for Facilitators @DLRC - Urban Farming, English & few more

From Ajay Dalmia
Subject: Call for Facilitators @DLRC - Urban Farming, English & few more

Thanks to the Community for responding to our last call for facilitators. We have been been able to fill many positions. Following are a few that we are still actively seeking the right resource. Please respond or forward to individuals interested in the DLRC model of learning and facilitating:

High School
  1. Urban Farming
  2. English - Language & Literature
  3. Business Studies
  4. Maths
  5. World History
  6. Thinking Skills
  7. Information Technology
Expectations of a facilitator (other than subject matter knowledge)
  1. Facilitate more than one subject.
  2. Be willing to learn and do continuous content research towards preparation for lessons and assessments.
  3. Use strategies to stimulate reasoning and problem solving.
  4. Open to taking feedback from students and fellow facilitators to improve lesson planning and delivery.
  5. Design group projects to foster learning and interaction within the group.
About DLRC (DriveChange Learning & Resource Centre)

DLRC ( is a Learning Centre (Std. I to Std. XII) educating students to avail Std. X and Std. XII Certification through Cambridge or NIOS Boards. We will be opening the 2016 academic year with a healthy mix of 36 students spread evenly across Primary, Middle and High School. Key features of our program are:
  1. Low student facilitator ratio (around 12:1)
  2. Individual Learning Program catering to the student's need
  3. Project Based Learning that promotes conceptual understanding and fosters Life Skills (Self-study, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking)
Interested in being part of the Change; e-mail your CV to dlrc.baner [at] or call either Mona (+91-8390889048), Pavan (+91-2025529966) or Ajay (+91-9545188713).

For more on what we have been doing @DLRC please see our links below.


Ajay Dalmia
DLRC (NIOS,Cambridge) | website  | Facebook  | Youtube Twitter

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