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Interesting links for May 2016

Interesting links for May 2016

CIC has ordered Ministry of Home Affairs to disclose all file notings related to the controversial notification of the Centre defining the role of LG in Delhi government. (

In a move to involve every resident of a constituency in Mohalla Sabhas, the Aam Aadmi Party has appointed coordinators for each mohalla. (

Pollution spiked during Odd-Even second phase due to farm fires: Environmental Group. ( ( ( (

A total of 535 private schools in the national capital should refund extra fee they took from parents amounting to over Rs. 300 crore, a fee-hike panel has recommended. (

Delhiites will be able to travel on metro trains, DTC and cluster buses using a 'Common Mobility Card'. ( (

Uber brings back surge pricing in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal warns Of strong action. ( ( ( (

The AAP government has moved the Delhi High Court seeking a stay on various petitions pertaining to disputes between the Delhi government and the Centre. (

In a major administrative overhaul at government hospitals, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Kumar Jain has directed the appointment of four-five medical superintendents in large hospitals. (

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that a draft bill for statehood of the national capital is ready, will soon be made public. ( ( ( (

Second Odd-Even scheme ends in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal terms it success. ( (

Setback to AAP govt: LG Najeeb Jung replaces ACB officer S S Yadav with Alok Kumar. (

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) issued a list of recommendations for the government to regulate and monitor the sale of acid. (

Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra urged DJB to provide drinking water bowls at all its facilities for parched birds and animals in the peak summer months. (

DCW questions state's Department of Women and Child Development (DWCD) delay in setting up creches for poor. (

The Delhi High Court has rapped the Aam Aadmi Party government asking how it can regularise unauthorised colonies. (

The Jindal-run Timarpur-Okhla waste to energy plant has allegedly been belching out pollution equal to 350,000 cars every day. (
WAR: David Cameron Claims Brexit Could Lead To World War Three
Image puts cow issue clearly
Medical Errors Killing Millions In US
CDC not forced to keep stats on medical errors
The Measures Delhi's AAP Govt. Is Taking In An Attempt To Overhaul Its Education System
note: this article is about educational reform taking place in one state in India. If some credit for it happens to go where it's due (ie, the leaders spearheading it), and if you have a problem with that, then kindly do an internal Find+Replace, replace all mentions of the people you hate with the people you love, etc.. maybe then it may sound more tolerable and help to digest the facts shared! ;) For me the most important bit is : Mohalla libraries. Because libraries facilitate free learning for all, and I have learned most from the books I wasn't forced to read. And as a Teach for India Fellow I have firsthand experienced the necessity for decentralizing the school's management decisions away from office babu's and to principals, teachers and parents, so am very happy to see steps being taken for that.
Bill Laurance writes: Some 25 million km of new paved roads, thousands of dams, and hundreds of thousands of new mining, oil and gas projects, are being planned, roughly 90% of them in developing nations. Their environmental impacts could easily dwarf climate change as thousands of projects penetrate into the world's last surviving wild areas.
A Psychological Analysis Of Presidential Candidates, Trump Vs Hillary
(ignore the title) explaining how economy collapses are in sync with 8 yr US presidential election cycles, etc
Hyderabad woman tortured to death by Saudi employer in Riyadh
>> 2 months ago she had managed to communicate about her torture to her family. For two months Indian govt agencies did nothing to help her, and now she is dead. For two months even the media didn't pick this up. And she wasn't even a regular employee.. she had been there on just a 90 day business visa after which she was supposed to return and instead had been illegally confined! So that makes both the Saudi and Indian authorities culpable of neglect leading to gruesome death.. if the Saudis had even acted as per rules to deport the woman after her visa expired, her life might have been saved.
Central govt wants veto power to cancel appointment of judges they don't like. Isn't this a direct intervention by the executive in the judiciary?
>> isn't this a state-sanctioned assassination? Today the targets might be militants, tomorrow they might be people fighting for people's rights. Who gets to decide the targets and whether people should live or die, without any judicial process or evidence process?
...A statement released by the Prime Minister's Office after the meeting said Yadav told Modi that his government plans to create one lakh new water bodies, recharge old structures, and revive 78,000 water bodies, including tanks, ponds, and farm ponds. The government will use funds available in schemes such as MNREGA and Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana to materials the plans.
>> very much welcome..
..Anyone who depicts India in a map that does not match the government's officially approved version could be fined between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 100 crore and/or sent to seven years in prison, a new draft Bill by the Centre states.
When They Killed JFK They Killed America
...Kennedy intended to pull the US out of Vietnam once he was reelected. He intended to break up the CIA "into one thousand pieces" and curtail the military-security complex that was exploiting the US budget.
...And that is why he was murdered. The evil that resides in Washington does not only kill foreign leaders who try to do the right thing, but also its own.
...Here is JFK's speech:
AIADMK manifesto promises to waive off farmers' loans, provide free WiFi at public spaces
Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant Protest
>> well-put questioning of the wisdom behind the safety assurances. If the best of Japan and USA couldn't prevent their nuclear accidents, what is making Indian govt feel so smug? Why are the countries selling us these reactors phasing out their own?
Especially the fact that Jaitapur is in an earthquake-sensitive zone should be spread far and wide.
Reform the PhD system or close it down
>>Article on PhD programmes in US
...If doctoral education is to remain viable in the twenty-first century, universities must tear down the walls that separate fields, and establish programmes that nourish cross-disciplinary investigation and communication. They must design curricula that focus on solving practical problems, such as providing clean water to a growing population.
...To facilitate change, universities should move away from excessive competition fuelled by pernicious rating systems, and develop structures and procedures that foster cooperation.
'Truly appalling': Turkish border guards continue to shoot Syrian refugees, HRW says
..."While senior Turkish officials claim they are welcoming Syrian refugees with open borders and open arms, their border guards are killing and beating them," Simpson said.
David Cameron's moral sickness
...just as Russia was marking its annual Victory Day commemoration, when the nation stops to remember the epic struggle the country and its people waged against the Nazi onslaught. It was a struggle won at huge, almost unbearable cost, attested to by the 27 million who lost their lives and the countless villages, towns, and cities left decimated.
...Russia is an advanced industrialized nation of 145 million people with a history stretching back centuries, whose contribution to art, literature, science, and world civilization goes before it. ISIS on the other hand is a latter day death cult of medieval head choppers, currently embarked on a campaign of human and cultural genocide across Syria and Iraq. Without Russia's "belligerence" it is a campaign which by now would have be well on the way to victory, rather than headed for defeat.
70 Years On: The Real Story Behind the Defeat of the Nazis
The Soviet Union resisted, fought back and eventually won the war, at a gigantic human and material cost with up to 27 million deaths.
Raghuram Rajan Cracks The Whip On Increasing Debts, Corporates And Banks Fall In Line
First Of Its Kind: Delhi Govt. To Provide Summer Camp To 45,000 Students Of Government Schools

beatiful life story :
>>it's more important to love what is alive today than be ruled by our hatred for those who died a long long time ago.
A resident of Ghaziabad and a lawyer by profession, Vikrant is a nature lover and works closely with the Magsaysay Award winner and social worker Rajendra Singh, also known as the Water Man of India. Vikrant spends most of his time on river banks and in forests, and his work with villagers and small-town folks has received great praise. He believes in raising awareness at the ground level and organising against those trying to destroy the river's ecosystem. Vikrant says,"Rivers are not just sources of water. Each river has a story to tell; a story of thousands of years of culture and civilisation which have thrived along its banks. If we lose these rivers, we lose these stories too."
More Confessions of an Economic Hitman: This Time They're Coming for Your Democracy
..On a global basis we now know that 62 individuals have as many assets as half the world's population.
...You quote Tom Paine in your book: "If there must be trouble let it be in my day that my child may have peace."
... That to me is where we're at right now. I've got a daughter and I've got an 8-year-old grandson. Bring on the trouble for me, OK, but let's create a world they're going to want to live in. And let's understand that my 8-year-old grandson cannot have an environmentally sustainable and regenerative, socially just, fulfilling world unless every child on the planet has that.
>> he's seen the deepest depths that mankind can stoop to, he's seen how whole countries are deliberately messed with and how entire populations' lives are toyed with. He's been there himself. And just look at how positive he his, how deeply he understands that we're all in the same boat, his compassion for humanity rather than hatred, his hope rather than despair. I have witnessed this repeatedly : people who do get exposure to darkest sides and who get to witness real misery and who decide to do something about it, are often the optimistic ones, the ones who have so much hope and conviction that a better world is on her way. Whereas those who have been in comforts, who haven't really seen the dark realities of the world, I see them being really pessimistic and hopeless and dismissive about humanity. I don't know about what others may have seen, but this has been my observation.
An Economic Hit Man Speaks Out: John Perkins on How Greece Has Fallen Victim to "Economic Hit Men"
John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, discusses how Greece and other eurozone countries have become the new victims of "economic hit men."
Frame national drought policy: Supreme Court
Revision of drought management manual among slew of directions made by Supreme Court
..."There is no need to continue with colonial methods and manuals that follow a colonial legacy," the order said, driving home the gravity of the situation to policymakers, as more than a quarter of the country's population continue to be affected by drought.
...Prescribing this paradigm shift in drought monitoring and management, the apex court rapped state governments for showing an "ostrich-like attitude" and denying reality. The apex court mandated the formulation of a national plan.
This Himalayan Tribe Has Been Vegan for 5,000 Years
...Fuelled by this healthy vegan fare, the Brokpa trek long distances and many tribe members are active even into their 90s. Visitors have also marvelled at the Brokpa's seemingly flawless skin, which is no surprise since they consume healthy vegan foods: fruits and vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants
Thrive Spotlight #3
>>Another awesome collection of news from around the globe.
Contains a good roundup on the Panama Papers psy-op
Putin: We're not going to keep apologising!
Every Person in This City Lives in One Building...
>> Whittier, in Alaska : whole city lives inside one building amidst beautiful but frigid, inaccessible nature
China Escalates Crackdown On Corrupt Banking: 370 People Arrested In Illegal Foreign-Exchanges Totaling $64 Billion.
Japan Shares Plunge Day Before China Releases New Gold Backed Yuan Scheduled For Tuesday April 19, 2016.
"Unalienable" vs. "Inalienable" rights
Lee Camp: Why The Media Won't Tell You About This HUGE Worker Strike!
.. nearly 40,000 Verizon workers on strike in USA, media blackout
It Just Became Legal For The Homeless TO STEAL Food!
...An Italian judge made an incredible ruling last week. He overturned the conviction of a homeless man who was caught stealing a small amount of food from a grocery store because he was starving.
...the compassionate ruling for the homeless man certainly is. And it should be a great example for Americans, who won't even let our homeless people sit on benches.
(US) We're At War In Yemen & It's Under Media BLACKOUT
...Yemen is in the midst of a tragic civil war. And guess what? The US is making it way worse by selling tens of billions of dollars of weaponry to Saudi Arabia, who is indiscriminately bombing the hell out the country, including mass civilian casualties. This seems to be a theme of what America does - We arm the world to the teeth and then wonder why endless war encompasses all.
>> US is also selling CLUSTER BOMBS to saudi arabia that they're dropping over Yemen: weapons of mass destruction that have been BANNED by the UN because they litter unexploded bombs all over the area that then kill civilians long after fighting has ceased.
Is there a refugee backlash in Cologne and Sweden?
A young woman and her mother share graphic details of a gang molestation on them by a street full of immigrant men on new years eve. Authorities accused of covering up mass sexual assaults that happened on new years eve
...The intellectual left in Germany is in denial..
>> it seems the men are really screwing things up.
>> more : advocacy for involving WOMEN among the refugees, having them take up leadership, represent their groups, sign treaties
Awesome videos detailing evidences of ancient history, lost technologies
Mysterious Subterranean Water Channels Of Nazca Peru
1,000,000,000,000 Frames/Second Photography - Ramesh Raskar
>>"stop obsessing about the megapixels in camera, and start focussing on the next dimension : time"
His Hand Doesn't Even Move
A compilation of Professor Walter Lewins and some of his lectures at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He draws some of the best lines, especially dashed lines - so fast that his hand isn't even moving up and down to produce the dashes.
Indian Techie who created Google Alerts is now a Farmer
It's okay to start small - 52 Parindey
>> wonderfull messages
...Schooling deeply ingrains certain mentalities that foster militancy: timidity and tribalism, dependency and docility, conformity and credulity. And so schools sow the spiritual seeds of war.
... Only a people conditioned from childhood to be easily terrorized will react to small-scale crimes with mass panic. Only a people afflicted with rank tribalism will respond to the murder of a few dozen westerners by a handful of Islamists by sanctioning mass military violence against Muslim populations. Only a people beset with learned helplessness would respond to perceived threats by reflexively offering total deference to the authorities: yielding their freedoms and totally outsourcing the responsiblity to protect themselves and their families. Only a people trained to unquestioningly trust the ordained experts would let themselves be lied into war time and again.
Who is the Man Leading Iraq's Green Zone Revolution?
And Why Does Washington Hate Him So Much?
>> This article is amazing for differentiating between the violent extremist factions in all sides who pretend to care for their side, and the people who genuinely care for their own.
...And perhaps that is why so many in the U.S. foreign policy establishment revile Sadr so much. The last thing they want is for Iraqis (or Syrians, or Libyans, etc) to stop fighting among themselves long enough to join together and assert their independence from their foreign oppressors.
... that government is least-bad which is most local. And as Muqtada al-Sadr insists, "The destiny of Iraqis should be decided by Iraqis themselves."
The Hell on Earth Paved by Samantha Power's Good Intentions
The Scourge of Africa and Her Savior Complex
...Power, then a National Security Council official, was quickly joined in her interventionist agitation by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, her predecessor at the UN. The Valkyries Three persuaded POTUS, and the Libyan ruler Moammar Gaddafi was soon overthrown. Following the intervention, jihadi groups conquered large swaths of territory, rebels committed massive anti-black pogroms, and a whole country was shattered, with a proliferation of militias warring over the fragments.
...Gaddafi's arsenals were looted by Islamists and other militants. The arms and fighters were then disseminated far and wide, destabilizing countries and fueling wars throughout north-west Africa (and Syria too). Many weapons ended up with the butchers of Boko Haram, who are famous for kidnapping little girls.
...The Libyan intervention blanketed much of the continent with atrocity. Yet Power's sold it as necessary to prevent atrocity. She lead the chorus that claimed a massacre in the rebel-held city of Benghazi was imminent. As it turned out, there was no substantial basis for this claim.
...H.L. Mencken wrote that, "The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it." This may or may not be the case for Power herself. Yet, her careless crusading has certainly been useful for those in the war party who are primarily motivated by a lust for power and plunder.
...To soldier on with her crusades in spite of so much disastrous failure indicates a staggering degree of self-absorption. To be so oblivious to the men, women, and children who have been run over (sometimes literally) by her do-gooder campaigns speaks of an overwhelming concern with her own "heroic story" at the expense of the actual impact she is having on the lives of others.
... Power's time in power is reminiscent of a quote by C.S. Lewis:
    "Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."
>> WHOA, nailed it!!
.. Samantha Power has dedicated her life to combatting genocide, to solving "a problem from hell." Yet she has only succeeded in turning much of a continent into a hell on earth, paved with her good intentions.
What If the Empire Held an Election and Nobody Came?
How to Make Peace Without Politics
...An intense focus on policies over personas could really turn public sentiment against the actual combat of war, and divert public attention away from its obsession with the theatrical combat of political Wrestlemania.
...Throughout history, most reductions in tyrannical violence have had nothing to do with the ideology or virtue of office-holders. Instead, such reforms were the result of shifts in public sentiment. Under such conditions, to be a "reformer," a politician need no redeeming quality other than being self-serving enough to shift with the wind. And if Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, or any other politician are anything, it is self-serving.
...I'm not saying we should hope Hillary or Ted will win. I'm saying that who wins doesn't matter nearly as much as the public's attitude toward war and toward the Washington war machine itself.
Indian 'Pattals' trending in Europe as 3,500 tribal women turn into entrepreneurs
...High-end hotels in Europe are keen to serve meals to their customers on biodegradable plates made of siali leaves that are now being sourced from tribal pockets of Odisha. About 3,500 women from 127 tribal hamlets in Kandhamal, Sambalpur, Angul and Deogarh have entered into a formal agreement with Leaf Democracy, a German company, to supply one lakh siali leaf plates every month.
...Middlemen, most of them from the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, used to bulk purchase the leaves for just Rs 10 a kilogram (about 150 leaves) and supply it to hundreds of temples in the state. They are now facing tough competition from the Leaf Democracy, which pays Re 1 for each leaf or Rs 150 a kilogram.
Trump Will Make His Peace with the War Party
...This record supports Scott Horton's practice of assuming that a politician will follow through on all of his horrible promises, and none of the good ones. This is such a useful rule of thumb, we might even want to call it "Horton's Law."
>> nice critique and comparison between Trump and Reagan, but as the comments point out, not being dependent on corporate funds does make a difference.
Scenes From The Venezuela Apocalypse: "Countless Wounded" After 5,000 Loot Supermarket Looking For Food
As pure desperation has set in, crime has becomes inevitable
...when news hit that "Venezuela had officially run out of money to print new money."
...Over the last two weeks, several provinces have hosted scenes of looting in pharmacies, shopping malls, supermarkets, and food delivery trucks. In several markets, shouts of "we are hungry!" echoed. On April 27, the Venezuelan Chamber of Food (Cavidea) reported that the country's food producers only had 15 days left of inventory.
Venezuela Is Falling Apart
Scenes from daily life in the failing state
From Shweta, an artist/activist for farmers in & around Nagpur:
#‎Gramartproject‬ ‪#‎GrowInIndia‬
Dear all, we have organised a seed festival at Paradsinga village in Madhya Pradesh. In this seed festival we are inviting farmers who have organic, local, native seeds... With this seed festival we will open India's biggest land art for view which we made with leafy vegetables measuring 7200 sq ft, we invite you all to be part of it, support it to encourage B.T. cotton growing farmers to use local seeds, grow local, eat local...
>> Amazing project. On a large field, PM's face has been grown by planting vegetables and a "Dear Prime Minister" caption.
Blacklist Areva Corp in India: Former Secretary Writes After Scam in French Nuclear Industry
Open letter by Dr. EAS Sarma, Former Secretary in Power Ministry, Government of India, to the Department of Atomic Energy –
Kakrapar Nuclear Plant Is Likely Undergoing A Loss-Of-Coolant Accident: Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan
>> lots of details for those wanting to know more about the inner workings..
Nuclear Accident in Gujarat Enters Third Week, Lethal Gamble Continues
...Even ten days after the incident, the accident is not fully under control. Heavy water and ordinary water is still coming out from some unknown tubes. The reactor is in a cold shutdown state, but the reactor building is still cordoned off. Only workers with "Green" clearance are allowed to go in. The entry of casual workers (more than 80% of the whole workforce) is still not allowed. Although construction work at units 3 and 4 is still continuing. Contractors are being asked to get workers with Green clearance to come and work in Kakrapar.
...The future implications of this "small leak" are unfortunately many and generally unpleasant to the cushy world of nucleocrats. First of all they need to unambiguously fix the cause of the break. Why was there no indication of a leak before the break? Is their monitoring at fault? Was the material used in the Zircalloy Niobium tubes up to par? Or does this same problem exist in all the other CANDU type reactors in India? And so on and on…
Koodankulam is NOT working. Has tripped 20 times, and has been off-grid mostly since commissioning.
>> so much for guaranteed electric supply
It's Begun, Countries Are Moving Away From The US Dollar By Loading Up On Gold - Episode 968a -X22Report
>> imp points : a dollar collapse could be as per plan of the NWO; causing chaos, riots might be intended, so that as a solution, economy gets a replacement one world currency that's cashless (and so absolutely monitored) and promoting more centralized govt and power.
Putin: Does anyone even listen to us?
Will South Korea lead the way with its ambitious fuel cell project?
Seoul is pushing policies that promote the use of fuel cells in Korea.
...What makes the current Doosan deal significant is the fact that the 70 fuel cells, or 'power plants,' would provide power to around 71,500 Korean residences. The fuels cells would be stacked on a multistory structure that would only occupy around 1 acre of land. When compared to solar panels, which require more than 200 acres to generate equivalent power, this requirement would be minimal and would in fact save a lot of infrastructure costs.
Saudi Prince Announces Plan To Free Kingdom From Oil 'Addiction'
Why the Saudis Are Going Solar
The fate of one of the biggest fossil-fuel producers may now depend on its investment in renewable energy.
Modi government has launched a silent war on the environment
In just three months there have been a number of changes to key committees and regulations – and there's more to come.
1) Taking away the right of tribal village councils to oppose an industrial project
2)  Reconfiguring the National Board of Wildlife to reduce the authority of independent experts
3) Exempting coal mining from public hearings, allowing irrigation projects without clearances
4) Lifting the moratorium on new industries in critically polluted areas
5) Diluting forest norms and allowing industry to creep closer to national parks
6) Diluting the scope of the National Green Tribunal
7) New environmental committee set up to review laws
European Initiative against TTIP and CETA
Main points:
-Investors will be able to sue states
-Corporations will be invited to co-write new laws.
-Big business has excessive influence on the secret negotiations for CETA and TTIP.
-The negotiations are conducted in secret.
-Food quality standards and consumer protection could be weakened.
-Workers' rights and jobs are endangered.
-European countries would be falling under pressure to allow high-risk technologies such as fracking or GM technology.
-CETA and TTIP will further increase inequalities.
-Liberalisation and privatisation will become one-way streets.|+Weekly&utm_campaign=9a04a42ac0-weekly_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e427298a68-9a04a42ac0-225398713
Rodrigo Duterte: A new era in the Philippines
No one knows for sure whether the election results will lead the country to a better future or worse.
Treat daughter-in-law as family, not maid: Supreme Court
In a Remarkable Triumph of Democracy Over Corporate Power, GMO Labeling Has Finally Arrived in the U.S.
Post-Soviet Lessons for a Post-American Century
By Dmitry Orlov
UnwelcomeGuestsnet : Episode #649 - Why Money Will End (And How To Prepare)
.. Rent strike idea! People in a small area, en masse declaring that they won't pay any more rent or mortgages; they live where they live.
A visit to Jyoti's Chaitraban permaculture farm near Pune, by Neeraja Kulkarni
The Next Globalist Corporate Takeover (TPP) Explained In 2min
Dr. Steven Greer - "Call for New Witnesses": UFO, Secrecy, Cover Up, Free Energy +
Sirius Disclosure
Dr. Steven Greer Announces "The Campaign That Ends Illegal UFO & Free Energy Secrecy"
Dr. Steven Greer on Carol Rosin Show - NEW Critical Urgent Disclosure Information - May 2016
One PhD scholar's experience
Sustainable agriculture: A new Anand cooperative model – this time, in solar farming
Six farmers join hands to harness solar energy for watering their fields and selling surplus power to the grid.|+Weekly&utm_campaign=fa43121f49-weekly_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_e427298a68-fa43121f49-225398713
'It has begun': A picture of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia
China's 'leftover' women
How a growing number of Chinese women are shunning societal pressures to marry – and the labels attached to them.
>> more than just celebrating independence, going into systemic things that are rather quite common with Indian society.
China's Fake Boyfriends
Under immense pressure to get married, Li Chenxi rents a fake boyfriend to meet her family and friends.
My time as a fake boyfriend to China's 'leftover women'
As Chinese women face stigma for remaining unmarried past their late 20s, the boyfriends for rent business is booming.
Venezuela food crisis forces Coca-Cola shutdown
>> Abey kutton, Coca Cola and their ilk should be among the first to get shut down in Venezuela.. there's a drought going on there!
40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now As The Crust Of The Earth Becomes Increasingly Unstable
Let's talk about the volcanic eruptions that we have seen in recent days.
...The eruption down in Costa Rica took authorities completely by surprise, and a thick layer of dust and ash is coating vehicles and buildings 30 miles away in the capital city of San Jose…
...Leading up to this eruption, there were "swarms of small earthquakes" in the vicinity of the volcano, but scientists assured the public that these earthquake swarms were "not signs of an imminent eruption."
Poem : I Fight Rape Culture because...
Amazing, touching ad : An apology letter from a father to his daughter for teaching her only to do housework and not expect her husband to partake in it.
Jayalalithaa & M.K. Stalin – Exchange Words Of Mutual Respect, Changes The Tone Of Politics And Unites People
Least Transparent Ever - The Truth About Obama's Liberal Potemkin Village
After early promises to be the most transparent administration in history, this has been one of the most secretive. And in certain ways, one of the most elusive. On media rights generally, the Obama administration hasn't walked its talk. It has set new records for stonewalling or rejecting Freedom of Information requests. And it has used an obscure federal act to prosecute leakers.
An Inside Look at the World's Biggest Paper Gold Market
Almost all gold (95%) traded in London is unallocated and without legal title. This makes it easier to trade, but it also raises concerns about a market that is opaque to begin with. There are 5,500 tonnes of paper gold exchanging hands on paper each day, but there are only 300 tonnes of gold vaulted in London outside of the reserves for ETFs or the Bank of England. What would happen if there was ever even a small rush to get the physical asset behind the paper? Is there a system in place for such an event, and how does it work?
The "System" Won't Survive The Robots
It's really just a matter of time; the working man's deal with his overseers is half dead already. But there's still inertia in the system, and even the losers are keeping the faith. Hope dies slowly, after all. Nonetheless, the deal is collapsing and a new wave of robots will kill it altogether. Unless the overseers can pull back on technology – very fast and very hard – the deal that held through all our lifetimes will unwind.
Welcome to AISECT MOOC, India's largest online open learning platform
>> curated index of youtube etc videos, still raw but got good potential.
#MyStory post by Logical Indian, about an uncle who stands next to the routes board at Rajeev Chowk metro station and helps people find their way.
... "I am a cancer patient and as per the doctors I would have died 3 years before. But by god's grace I am still alive. I have received this "Bonus" life. It has all come because of the blessings. So yes here I am helping people as much I can. One day I have to die , but before that day comes I want to have as many blessings as I can."
Here's Why No One Gives A Shit About Your Degree
Here's Why We Are The Hook Up Generation
राना अय्यूब की किताब से कौन डर गया ?  (who is scared of Rana Ayyub's book?) by Ravish Kumar
What Then Can I Do? Ten Ways to Democratize the Economy
We Have Entered The Looting Stage Of Capitalism
The IMF is now another lawless Western institution whose charter means no more than the US Constitution
>> A brilliant coverage of what all has been happening regarding Greece. A never-ending debt spiral
Guardian: "Revolution" in America When "Dying White Majority" is Overthrown
Trump represents the "racist backlash" of white supremacists, claims journalist
...Imagine if the tables were turned and a white person spoke of his enthusiasm at seeing black people die out so that whites could seize power. Such content would only be published by white supremacist or neo-nazi outlets. Yet Thrasher can call for the same thing in reverse and be given a serious platform in a major newspaper. This illustrates once again how the left is exploiting "diversity" in order to promote radical, divisive, race-baiting politics that elevate and denigrate people based not on their character or principles, but on the color of their skin. Or as it's otherwise known – racism.
[UK/France] Cops Issue Terror Threat Warning After Examining "Rent Boy" Abdeslam's Laptop
Tenuous threats used to keep French police state in place
...The emergency decree allows police to place French citizens under house arrest and conduct raids without court authorization. Earlier this month, the state used the decree to ban activists from participating in a demonstration against planned labor reforms. The decree was also invoked to shut down protests during the Cop21 climate change conference in Paris. The French government announced it would not follow the European Human Rights Convention while the state of emergency is in effect.
...Paris Terrorists: Gay Prostitute, Party Girl Who Had No Interest in Islam
...Another suspected terrorist linked to Abdeslam, Hasna Aitboulahcen, is described as a "party animal" with a "bad reputation" who smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol and showed no interest in Islam. She was allegedly killed during a police siege of a terrorist hideout in the Paris suburb of St. Denis on November 18, 2015.
>> what this points to.. is that the people identified as terrorists and killed WEREN'T involved.
Our [US's] Prospects Against The Russians And Chinese In World War III
As Our Past Wars Are Glorified This Memorial Day Weekend
...However, this time Washington's rhetoric accompanying the revived Cold War is far more reckless and dangerous, as are Washington's actions, than during the real Cold War. Previous US presidents worked to defuse tensions. The Obama regime has inflated tensions with lies and reckless provocations, which makes it far more likely that the new Cold War will turn hot. If Killary gains the White House, the world is unlikely to survive her first term.
...The United States has never been in peril, but Washington has delivered peril to numerous other countries in its pursuit of hegemony over others.
...Moreover, these two countries are not the native American Plains Indians, who were starved into submission by the Union Army's slaughter of the buffalo.
>> holy shit there was actually an instance of an extincting of an animal species as a way of waging war!!
Reddit CEO: "We Know Your Dark Secrets, We Know Everything"
Huffman stokes controversy with "creepy" remark
...added that Reddit's "targeting will be different" because it knows even more than Facebook about its users.
..."We know all of your interests. Not only just your interests you are willing to declare publicly on Facebook – we know your dark secrets, we know everything," said Huffman.
...Van Zanten wonders whether Huffman was being sarcastic, "Or was he serious and should we be worried?"
...The quote is similar in nature to when Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called his site's users "dumb f**ks" for trusting him with their private data.
...Similar outrage erupted when Google CEO Erich Schmidt told CNBC in an interview, "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."
The first Decentralized Web Summit — June 8-9, hosted by

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