Sunday, June 19, 2016

Boiling down to the details

When discussing contentious topics, I've found that the best way to avoid going wrong is by avoiding taking any of the extreme positions, and boiling down to the exact components to check one by one for any real disagreement.
Example about boiling down to the details:

A: I don't like Gandhi, I disagree with Gandhi, etc.
B: Sure, no probs. But can we put Gandhi back in the grave and instead boil down to some details that are more relevant to our lives?
A: Ok..
B: Do you think violence is the best way to resolve disagreements?
A: No.
B: Ok then, not violence, but would breaking off all communication between the sides help to solve a disagreement?
A: No.
B: Do you think keeping things clean and hygenic is a bad thing or that those who do the cleaning should be looked upon as filthy?
A: No of course not!
B: If a law, an authority is telling you to do something that you can clearly see is just wrong, would you still think that law or authority should be adhered to?
A: Ultimately, no. But there should be honest attempts to communicate and negotiate with the authorities and get things changed. Failing which we would have to stand against it.
B: Nice.. do you think practising discrimination against anyone just because of which home they were born into, is right?
A: No.
B: Shucks man, you have a lot in common with Gandhi !
A: Haan kya? But I'm still against Gandhi.
B: No probs, be as you want, but thanks for clarifying on the stuff that actually matters.

Now consider what would have happened if B had countered by just saying "oh but I think Gandhi was good and right and you shouldn't be against him.."

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