Saturday, June 4, 2016

Nonviolence royally screws materialism

At its core, non-violence is a tacit violation of the materialist paradigm.


An acceptance of supremacy of materialism leads to the 'might is right' concept : the parties that manage to acquire greatest material wealth and control over physical existence, get to decide things for others. Violence - direct or structural, is the way that supremacy is asserted and implemented. Ideas like "the meek shall inherit the earth" don't make any sense at all for a materialist worldview, because materialistically that's impossible: 'survival of the fittest' meaning most materially powerful is the rule.

So materialists do violence, or materialists accept violence. Violence is the way supremacy of the materialist paradigm is enforced. If you are a true materialist (as the mainstream academia wants everyone to be) then you have to accept that violence is what ultimately works. My ability to kill you at will confers upon me the power to control how you live and what you do (in my service) while you live, hence tipping the 'survival of the fittest' scale in my favour.

BUT... hold your horses (or lumbering biological robots as the materialist paradigm asserts)... what if the materialist worldview is not everything that is?

Satyagraha or non-violent non-co-operation completely rejects this violence, and by doing so, it renders the key mechanism of the materialist paradigm obsolete. Suddenly, my ability to kill you at will no longer gives me the power to control you. If I threaten to kill or hurt you, you won't oblige. If I do kill or damage you, I'll no longer have you doing anything in my service, so I will have lost just the same. Either way, the materialistically powerful party no longer has any use of that materialistic power.

On the other hand, the nonviolent party in the long run gains massively in powers of perception. One defiance initiates a slow-moving chain reaction that ultimately destroys the power of the materialistically powerful entity, eroding it from within where it's truly clueless rather than attacking it from without where its best defences are arranged. That's because all this time it was actually thriving off an illusion of power, needing the acquiescence of its victims. With that gone, it just hollows out and caves in at some point.

Nonviolence royally screws materialism.

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