Friday, May 19, 2017

Need for scrutiny into env min's sudden demise after #gmo meeting

I am curious to know the time between the anti-gmo delegates meeting him (reported on 17 may) and anil dave's demise (reported on 18 may). Seems to be very close. This is the second sudden demise of a serving member of cabinet in the present administration. It would be a conspiracy to not scrutinize.

First: Natural causes. I want the reader to first and foremost eschew the idea that sudden deaths happen naturally and are normal. No, people do not die suddenly when dying naturally. There are articles crediting his demise to cancer. I'm sorry, but people dying of cancer die slowly, with the body weakening over hours and days and the patient being admitted in hospital the last days of his/her life. A patient dying of cancer is extremely unlikely to be leading any kind of professional life. But Anil Dave was a serving Environment minister, and was active : he met a delegation of anti-GMO activists and spent a long time interacting with them. It would be worth checking if anyone he met thought he's very ill? I don't think so. Still, let it be a possiblity. Fine. Now let's check out the other possibility.

If there was foul play, then it follows that he received some information in his meeting with the delegates that may have changed or solidified a stance in contravention to what higher powers wanted. If that is so, the delegates who provided that info are next.

The end goal being tight control over food and health of a billion people, i wouldn't say there's no motive. People have killed for far less. It can also be that the person found himself trapped between what he'd been ordered and the gravity of what he would be enabling, and it took its toll. All those petitions and calls to action are testimony that the situation was dire indeed.

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