Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ransomware : DON'T PANIC, you're fine!

Hi friends, the "ransomware" virus threat is NOT something to panic
over, pls stop spreading scary messages.

You are at risk only if you use an un-updated Windows OS or winXP, and
are receiving emails in a desktop mail client on your own company's
mail (ie, not in gmail, yahoomail etc : Those have their own antivirus
systems) and if you're stupid enough to open and run executable
attachments that are visibly suspicious.

Images : the usual stuff you share on email : are NOT dangerous. If an
excel/ppt has some executing code then MS-Office asks you upon opening
and you can easily click NO. MP3s and videos will either play or error
out; not take over your system. Whatsapp and your android/iphone are
FINE. Net-banking, other web services continue to work fine. This
ransomware is not a spying thing : the "don't type your passwords"
advice is for other keylogging spywares that most anti-virus apps can
already protect you from.

Links for info:

If you want to live a digital life that is free from constant virus
scares, start using the free and open source Ubuntu OS or one of its
many flavours. I use Lubunutu, and it lets me use my older laptop

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