Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Aadhaar-enabled crimes database, petition

Just look at this listing of Aadhar crimes. Consider for every one persons caught there are 99 others not.

My message in the petition:  
Centralizing everything and putting all our eggs in one basket is the perfect recipe for disaster. If you care so much about welfare then disburse all welfare funds to MPs and MLAs and put THEM, as elected representatives of the people, in charge of distributing welfare (as per central and state based schemes). The citizens will then know exactly who stole their money and will act at the next election. Discriminated populations will move with their talent and productivity to better constituencies and enrich the better MP/MLA. Our solutions lie in our democratic system, these other fancy contraptions are mere excuses to keep a bloated bureaucracy in power and to keep technocrats deluded with their false superiority complex.

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