Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Multiculturalism is NOT ok if it involves tolerating abuse of womens rights

Feminist in the west who proudly champion womens' rights when it comes to "fighting white male patriarchy" etc, have been quietly accepting glaring abuses of womens' rights as a convenient sacrifice at the altar of multiculturalism.

They look the other way out of fear of being called "racist" by their peers. 

They label all the people who speak out about these things as racists / bigots / white supremacists etc. 

Sorry, but it's not OK. Rights violations are NOT part of any culture. When you hear anyone justifying treating women as slaves or animals because it is part of their culture, then it's an EXCUSE that the oppressive patriarchy in that culture is giving. By accepting it, you're empowering the patriarchy.

Rights of human beings don't change from culture to culture, I reject that relativistic bullshit being pushed by the left and by social science departments of various universities.

Had we allowed this crap a century ago, India would still be burning a woman alive everytime some guy died. Multiculturalism is not worth that.

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