Monday, May 7, 2018

Rethinking Rethinking Development

Please check out this video vis-a-vis Rethinking Development series that a whole lot of folks are doing.
Australia's John Anderson & Dr. Jordan B Peterson: In Conversation -Jordan B Peterson, 2018-04-03

I'm also reading the speaker's book right now that is delving into this in great detail.

I particularly want to know why these aspects of 20th century history have been all but censored in our various interactions about capitalism in the alternatives sector and I expect in many political science, social studies type courses, especially since they involve explorations done at massive scales in the name of bringing about alternatives to capitalism. You'd think they'd merit a case study at least.

And whatever we say today about them in post-mortem analysis (including the most immature of them all: "Oh that wasn't REAL ___ism, my way will be sso much better"), the people who were "in the arena" in these events, the ones who were calling the shots and had vast resources at their disposal, themselves were very clear and had all rational backing to show that they were consciously doing something that is devoutly anti-capitalism, anti-hierarchy, pro-masses etc etc.

This shouldn't be something worth neglecting if we truly want to cover post-industrial-revolution human history. Getting to know not-so-good answers to capitalism can be crucial in the quest to find better ones and to avoid repeating past mistakes. Large collective experiences always have something to learn from, so dismissing them isn't a good idea. I'd have been comfortable with alternative reporting / explanation of what happened, but instead (and your experience may be different but hey mine counts too) what I've experienced is a blanket censorship, a conspiracy of silence about these things, accompanied by a very energetic, resourceful demonization of whoever speaks about these things including branding them as simply too evil to listen to, and that makes me uncomfortable and question whom to trust.

Especially regarding "Rethinking Development", I really want to know from that perspective, what happened in Cambodia. My personal take at the moment (subject to change on intelligent responses and stratify on angry ones) is that Pol Pot attended a Rethinking Development course and got a chance to put his learnings to practice.

[Let that sentence sink in for a bit..]

Do note that the word "rethinking" always involves challenging long-held assumptions, so naturally you will find plenty of recommendations from sources that you trust a lot, against considering any of what I'm sharing with you. Going by my anti-authoritarian leanings I suppose that shall always be the case. They will very likely want to make sure you never, ever get to the main content of these things. Why so, now there's a good question to ask. I think it was Aristotle who beckoned us to be able to consider competing ideas without needed to believe in them. I have preferred to get down to the content and make my own damn mind instead of seeking protection from self-assigned protectors, but I'll leave you to choose your own way.

PS: For those who are very concerned about fake news:

PPS: Not offended yet? Check out more posts from my Rethinking series.

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