Sunday, March 15, 2015

Call from Delhi govt for suggestions on public WiFi (10-point questionnaire)

Copied this from AAP's twitter timeline (across multiple tweets). It's a unique opportunity for tech entrepreneurs out there. If you have the tech know-how, here's a government waiting for you to come and deliver it. Don't miss it! ::

Reference: (and the tweets just before it)

Aam Aadmi Party government of Delhi wants to give its every citizen the 'Right to WiFi.'

The universal access to Internet is a transformative idea that can empower citizen.

Delhi Dialogue Commission has come up with a set of ten questions for a wider consultation to inform its work.

Q 1. How do you define public wifi? Kindly suggest case studies on public wifi from other parts of the world.

Q 2. What should be the ideal level of access to public wifi? Can it be made available right upto your doorstep? 1/2
Q 2. If yes, what are the feasibility and technological challenges? Or shud it be available at well-defined public spaces in neighbourhoods?

Q 3. What is the infrastructure and technology required to create the public WiFi network?

Q 4. What should be the essential services that a government should aim at providing through public WiFi?

Q 5. What is the capex and opex required to create and operate public WiFi?

Q 6. What could be a model that makes public WiFi viable, sustainable and scalable in terms of usage, technology and financials?

Q 7. Can public WiFi network be made financially self-sustainable if viewed from the welfare service perspective alone?

Q 8. Should there be multiple operators or an exclusive operator in a well-defined zone of the city?

Q 9. What could be the operating architecture that brings all the stake holders together?

Q 10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a private enterprise model vis a vis a PSU model?

#AAP govt would like to invite suggestions, viewpoints nd recommendations to each of the above 10 questions on its email id

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