Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Documentary on rape issue that I feel is much better than #IndiasDaughter

I'd like to share about another documentary that I believe is way more effective in highlighting not just the issue of rape in India but even the systemic changes needed and the path ahead. And if we look from the perspective of distinguishing between retributive justice and restorative justice, then I believe this documentary goes the restorative way whereas "India's Daughter" goes the retributive way.

And I am personally of the opinion that documentary movies are supposed to be restorative and not retributive; that they should increase our level of consciousness, not our level of anger, and enable us to act from a space of positivity, even with the darkest of issues. I also strongly believe that looking at problems from a systemic perspective, where issues are interlinked, where we don't fall into the victim-perpetrator paradigm is necessary.

This documentary had some difference that it was part of a series of documentaries, had a talk show format, and managed to get screened.. just once... on a national television channel. Unfortunately, a lot of people who ought to have seen it missed it, and because it "already came once", don't put that much of an importance on watching it screening-style and having a real discussion on it. In short, we tended to discriminate against it because it has come on TV. The few times I've shared a proposal to screen it, I got a reply "lekin yeh toh already TV pe aa chuka hai na" as if I'm trying to re-telecast a Bigg Boss episode that happened 2 years ago. I get such a response even from people who hadn't seen it! :P. So a little rebranding maybe necessary.. would gladly welcome some inputs on it. I think screening this the way we screen other documentary films, and having a discussion on it, will be extremely helpful in really opening up a dialogue as well as bringing out actionable steps around womens issues.

Please click here to see this documentary and know more:

On youtube, this is available in many Indian languages:

(pls screen in the local language!)

Short clips here for those with slower net connections or seeing on mobile:

(change the "hindi" to other languages like "tamil", "marathi", "malayalam" etc in the link above)

PS: Personal opinion: If we prioritize to defiantly screen things just because an authority has officially banned it, or because it's "all the rage right now", then we're setting ourselves up for a well-laid trap of distraction and can be gamed by the powers that be.

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