Monday, March 16, 2015

Which kind of patriot do you choose to be?

Came across this graphic on twitter. OCR'd it!

PATRIOTISM: Having traveled quite extensively in the last 21 years, I
have met three types of people:

1. Those who have not seen the world or ever had a chance to
experience other cultures, but believe that their country is the best;

2. Those who have seen the world but felt like an outsider everywhere
(because they could not or would not bother to make an extra effort
to get to know other cultures) so they have decided that their country
is the best;

3. Those who have seen the world but they are so confused that they
consider doing anything patriotic or sounding remotely patriotic a
mild form of provincialism and backwardness (such people always
declare themselves as citizen of the world and term "global" is always
at the tip of their tongue);

4. then there is a fourth kind: those who are open to accepting
whatever has become less enchanting about their country and culture
and still be proud of what is good

---- the people belonging to the last category are the ones who take
their nation forward because understanding what is broken, is the
first step to fix it.

Credits: Aadya Shukla, .. don't know him though.. his message was shared
as a screenshot.

(Apologies for the blind assumption of being male.. Should've guessed from the content. Remarkable dose of wisdom and humility. Patriotism as it should be.)

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