Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why you should support forced vaccinations

A commentary on the arguments I have seen that support forced vaccinations. Being the devil's advocate...

Everything is simply co-incidence, the warnings written on the labels are just for show, and the blanket zero-liability laws and blanket exemptions from safety testing are also mere formalities that don't have any relation with reality.

Medical procedures banning registering of any complications that immediately followed the shot as linked to the shot are perfectly ok, and so is ending the careers of medical professionals who worried for their patients and pointed out such a linkage.

There is no need to address that CDC whistleblower case, we can just pretend the leak never happened.

Everything is backed by very very very very very very good science, and all those very's should absolve us of any obligation to present any actual research or test that was explicitly looking for any problems.

Evidence is completely unnecessary when full assurance is given. We're supposed to trust the authorities, there's no need for them to earn our trust.

Open trials with the entire population where anything that goes wrong can be easily attributed away to 100s of other environmental factors, should be accepted as scientific evidence that see, since we're all not extinct yet, it must be safe.

It's a very noble cause which co-incidentally yields extremely high profit margins every year for a few corporations that hold patents on species-saving essentials, proving once and for all that yes, government-backed monopolistic capitalism can and will save the world.

I'd have to sincerely believe in all of the above to be 100% on board with the forced vaccination agenda.
As matters currently stand, I do not.

PS: Kindly note the emphasis on the term "forced". You wanna beat up just the anti-vaccination people? Go elsewhere, buddy. And don't forget the inhaler / tablets.
PPS: No, I'm not trying to prove anything here, hence no references to "proofs". This is a satire piece. Co-incidentally, the pro-forced-vaccination page that prompted this satire also did not bother referencing one single piece of evidence, and they were actually trying to make a point and convince people.

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