Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ridiculously inconsistent things about the Greece-EU crisis narrative being portrayed to us by the mainstream media

The most illogical things about the whole Greece-EU crisis, and what
is pointing to something suspicious in the matter:

1. If Greece leaves the EU, it is said that will severely harm the whole EU.

2. If that is true, then that would have put Greece in some commanding
position, from where they can dictate the terms.

3. But instead I see EU, Germany and co. being the commanders and
scolding an entire country and demanding that they pay through their
nose, that they take up "austerity measures" (meaning full-on
multi-generational burdensome taxation on everything that will
directly go out of the country to service debt, not help the country,
and that coupled with near-zero govt support, total slashing of
education, healthcare, poverty-alleviation, pensions, social security
etc.. which will obviously result in systemically induced mass poverty
and starvation and ZERO chances of any real recovery) .. measures that
Germany themselves would never ever impose upon their own citizens.

4. So on one end they're treating the Greeks as their slaves and as beggars,

5. And from the exact same sources describing and in many ways
sanctioning this attitude, I'm also seeing clamours that if Greece
refuses to comply with these basically bullet-swallow demands, and
leaves the EU, then all hell will break lose on Germany and all the EU
members doing the scolding.

6. So WHAT GIVES? With the kind of attitude towards Greece displayed,
one would be expecting the EU to be loudly threatening to KICK Greece
out of the EU and saying they'll be better off without the wretches.

7. On the other hand, if keeping Greece IN was so crucial, then one
would expect the EU/Germany/IMF etc to be not in a commanding, but
rather a grovelling position, begging Greece to not leave, and
agreeing to the demands that Greece is making, or exploring
alternatives at recovering all that debt, like, say, going after
people like the leaders of Goldman Sachs and other private entities
WHO ACTUALLY CAUSED THIS WHOLE MESS instead of extracting tribute from
Greek citizens who had no say in the matter.

8. So whichever way this goes, at least one of the sides should have
been seen threatening to either walk out of EU or kick the other out
of EU. But instead, we're not seeing this at all! And none of all
those ostensible experts in those TV newsrooms is even mentioning this
glaring flaw! It should have been either this or that.. how can there
be neither?

9. The behaviour we're seeing from the EU, is rather that of an Empire
talking down to its Colony. And in such a dialogue, there is always
implicit the ultimatum that the Empire will send in its forces of
death and destruction and lay the colony to waste if the Colony
doesn't comply with the orders. Is this what the EU/Germany/IMF have
in mind? They're definitely behaving that way.. not willing to forgive
and not even willing to let go. That's the attitude of someone who is
possessing you by sheer force. The attitude of an abuser.

10. So in this context, it's of course the most logical thing for
Greece to walk away from this abusive relationship. Why then am I
reading western journalists and leaders ACCUSING Greece's leaders of
'secretly' wanting to do that? That's like a wife beater accusing his
wife of plotting to get away from him. Why wouldn't she want to do
exactly that? What is there to accuse in that? It's something to be
proud of. "Oh, how can do this to your children?" "Oh, how can you do
this to your debt obligation?" Typical victim blaming going on here.
The people of Greece are the VICTIMS of a seriously flawed and
corrupted system of international finance that screwed their country.
They've been bearing all the consequences of this while its architects
remain swimming in luxury.

11. Any country on this planet is perfectly capable of producing
whatever its citizen's basic needs are. All this international trade
started as an EXTRA thing, for extra prosperity related things. Not
for bare essentials. International trade and exchange was never ever
supposed to be something that you'll die without. Why would anyone
bother to get into trade if it involved a 50% chance of death? Why is
it then being accorded that kind of criticality today? So what if
Greece suddenly becomes unable to make any dealings with other
countries? They're not going to die. Then why all the doomsday
apocalyptic narration? If international trade has really come to a
life-threatening state then maybe the time has come to take a call and
progress, with the benefit of decentralized modern technology, to days
of self-sufficiency? Maybe it's wiser to invest in things that
increase self-sufficiency, like education and healthcare and
sustainable agriculture and cottage industries and renewables and
sustainable construction, rather than things like FDI? Why don't we
see any mainstream reporter or "expert" talking about these measures
as the way forward for Greece and others like them? Why is there no
"forward" in their dictionary at all? They seem convinced like
everybody is going to die next week.

12. And of course, in all this we have the near-absolute censorship by
the mainstream media of another European country, Iceland, having done
back in 2008-9 exactly what they say Greece musn't do : Refuse to pay
the debts imposed on them. All hell didn't break lose.. in fact,
Iceland is way better off today than when it was complying with
"international obligations", and its citizens don't have
multi-generational extra taxes to pay just to service the debt that
they, like Greece, had no role and no say in getting. If Iceland got
through nicely, then why is Greece being painted in such a doomsday
scenario? Why is Iceland not even being mentioned by the media when it
is the most recent similar example?


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