Friday, June 26, 2015

Things you can do in Pune

Hi friends,

I'd like to offer, in a slightly conventional way, some possible plans that get me totally excited. I'll be available to meet up and talk further about any of these if you're interested.

1. Map the trees in your locality: See Use a rope and find the circumference, estimate the height, pin it using the map and get its latitude-longitude while doing so. Get some help and identify which species and family the tree is part of, what its characteristics are. Take pictures and learn how to take them such that someone seeing the pic can identify the species, guauge the location and height, etc. And all this becomes not something just for the sake of educating, but contributes something new to a collective knowledge base that can be part of something immensely valuable.

2. Participate in a ward infrastructure survey that we're doing. Take photos, record locations and map different aspects of your locality. Put your observations on the map ( (work in progress!) and make it part of a larger chain of events. Dig a little deeper into knowing why things are the way they are, link things up and find out several ways in which you can participate in the stuff that affects your life on a daily basis.

3. Participate in tree plantation and upkeep.. there's some wonderful groups doing great, well-thought-out and holistic work on the tekdis. Sunday mornings become great picnics and chances to meet and interact with lots of different people in a fun hands-on environment, if you can manage to wake up in time ;)

4. Go to Hasmukh Sapnawala's Sapna Ranch for a week or two, and do a whole lot of hands-on eco-friendly activities while playing with a lot of cats and dogs, sleeping in half-open geodomes and tents and all, learn a lot of things under "forgiving design" concept, learn freedom with responsibility.

5. Get an Arduino Uno electronic board, look it up on the net, get into open-source hardware and programming and stuff.. start with blinking a light in a pattern of your choosing, and progress to making low-cost immensely valuable things like mini weather monitoring stations.

6. Map every bus stop in Pune, or do other kinds of things to help Pune get a world class public transport system.

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