Saturday, June 20, 2015

Swaraj University Admissions Open 2015-17

My "alma mater" ! Please forward to anyone between 18 and 30 who you know is searching for alternatives to the typical higher-ed path and wants to do things a bit more holistically!

Swaraj University admissions are now open for the 6th cohort of khoji-learners. The dates for upcoming orientation meet is 9th-11th July
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Can you imagine a space where you experience the joy of learning, of creating your own path and working on your dreams and passions, beyond the realms of societal and academic pressure? 
Such a space does exist - Swaraj University - A Unique 2 year self-designed learning program for youth that supports them to design and materialize livelihoods that are in line with their talents, dreams and values. Swaraj University also helps them step out of their comfort zones and build deeper perspectives towards self, environment and society.
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In the last 5 years, numerous khojis (Learners) of Swaraj University have gone through this process in a safe and nourishing environment. Are you ready to reclaim your learning and life into your own hands? 

To know more about khojis and what khojis are up to, click the link below:
Admissions have begun for 2015-17 Khoji cohort and prospective learners can begin applying for the program.
Swaraj University admissions are now open for the 6th cohort of khoji-learners.
Please mark the dates for upcoming orientation July 9 - July 11, 2015 

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You can also write to us at <>

Swaraj University · 83, Adinath Nagar, old fatehpura · Udaipur 313004 · India

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