Monday, June 29, 2015

Why GREXIT should happen! (and WW3 should not)

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Why did this author skip mentioning the simple fact that the austerity
(read: robbery) imposed on the citizens of Greece is not of their
making; that is an externalized debt imposed on them by private
profiteers that EU is allowing to get away. The case becomes quite
simple when you acknowledge that fact : it is all the investors' fault
that they blindly trusted frauds for the sake of high interest
returns; they have absolutely no right to extract their investments
from the citizens of a country who have nothing to do with the matter.
The investors who engaged in this risky, greedy behaviour must face
the consequences and lose their investments; it's as simple as that.
There's absolutely no need to involve any governments or citizens in
the matter. If Greece exits the EU, it's because the EU has been
behaving irrationally, irresponsibly, and IMPERIALLY.

And again, why is this author and several like him not at all
mentioning that ICELAND did pretty much the same thing (ie, refuse
imposing someone else's debts on their citizens) and they're much
better off now?

What is being written as a conspiracy/strategy (of exiting the EU), is
actually simple common sense. The conspiracy all this time was to loot
the people of Greece for the debts that private profiteers imposed on
them. Track them down, confiscate their properties, book the ex
government officials who illegally gave govt backing to them. That's
what investors need to do if they really want their money back. Not
loot the citizenry.


More material to dig into:,_The_First_5000_Years

Also, a shouter for all those who believe cashless is great and all
money should get into banks : Do you have any idea about the
fiat-based currency system, how it generates money out of thin air and
puts a total debt always greater than the total amount of money in
circulation? Do you know that governments are now using banks to
directly take money out of people's accounts, that negative interest
rate is coming, ie, people will be charged for investing their money
with the bank? Do you know that the more money a country keeps in its
over-centralized banks, the more there is available to lend at low
interest to monopoly corporations to further increase their domination
and loot and pollution of the country? Do YOU have any say at all in
who your bank lends your money to? Do you think that you're really
being neutral by remaining blissfully unaware of it? Please do some
research; don't go around blindly advocating what the mainstream says.

Meanwhile, make no mistake about the co-inciding timing : The rise of
ISIS attacks is a clear provocation to more war and occupation in the
middle east ("aa bayl mujhe maar!"), and they're getting more and more
desperate to provoke war. More war is the only way the Western economy
can get out of the economic meltdown that is coming, and the people of
Greece were the ones taking the brunt and staving it off so far. What
a "heavenly" co-incidence, eh? If Greece exits, the warmongers are
going to get even more desperate to start full-scale war ASAP. What's
happening in the ISIS case is a near-perfect allegory to the politics
shown in the Star Wars prequels, and these patterns are common and
have been repeating since decades. Never forget : The funding and
weaponization of ISIS is coming from staunch Western allies who will
never be asked to stop it, for the simple reason that they're only
acting as conduits. You want to really stop terrorism? Then stop
funding it, simple!


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