Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A personal catalog / database to manage movies etc

The last few days I was looking for ways to organize my several documentaries, ted talks, ebooks etc in a convenient, local way using tagging so i can find and manage them better. The problem with putting these guys into folders is that there are videos which may pertain to more than just one category. So there might be one video relevant to unschooling and globalisation and off-grid living; and there would be other videos which are relevant to only unschooling and globalisation. And then there are some nice animations in every segment so I'd want a way to find them too.

I'm sure anyone's who's ever collected something must have had this problem. On the internet, websites solve that issue by putting tags or categories on their articles and one article can have more than one tag or category. I've done that with Jugaadibility and it's been wonderful.

I wanted to bring that convenience, as well as ability to search instantly, as well as the possibility of adding whatever info I want to about the videos, to a personal computer, to a personal collection that I can even take along on a pen drive or hard disk to other computers, without having to install anything, and independent of the OS. And it had to be organic: I should be able to add tags, remove them, add more files etc as I go along.

I couldn't find anything on the net that could help me with this, so this week I went DIY and made it, using a technology called "tiddlywiki" that I've previously used for work, to wreak havoc somewhere, and which I use as a personal journal now. The whole database/catalog is in one single .html file, and has a creation wizard with neat instructions inside itself, so anyone can make their own catalog using this!

As always, I'm sharing it with the world, under Creative Commons, so everyone is free to take it, use it, modify it and share it.

You can get it from here:

Do share with friends you know who want help with managing their movies/collections!

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