Thursday, October 20, 2016

idiocy as a fundamental right

Shared by a friend on fb:

Anirban Bhattacharya nails it :
The assholery of it all. This government's efforts at the BRICS Summit to isolate Pakistan as a state sponsoring terrorism have failed spectacularly. China has alluded to the "root causes" (a.k.a. Kashmir), Russia has refused to condemn Pakistan directly, and the Brazilians and South Africans have politely shrugged and looked away, embarrassingly puncturing the gas-filled [censored] on display. With John Kerry's ambivalent statements and the EU choosing to be neutral (and bothered only about Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan), India's much-touted claims of a foreign policy offensives that have apparently made us more respected in the eyes of the world are appearing shallower by the day. In the neighborhood itself, Bangladesh is welcoming Chinese investments, Sri Lanka is building mega-ports with Beijing's support and Nepal is treating us coldly in the wake of ridiculous blockade. Clearly, all the jet-setting, back-slapping and selfie-taking haven't moved the shrewd world politicians to see things India's way and we are tragically short of friends in the world stage.
And without getting into the unpatriotic questions of whether the "surgical strikes" happened or not, the fact in 5-6 brutal terrorist attacks have taken place in the Valley AFTER the strikes prove that beyond providing the government material for election posters, they achieved very little by themselves. If the objective was to send a message to Pakistan (as we are repeatedly being told), I fear we have had a cross-connection.
So how do we make the public forget all the failures (not just in foreign affairs but across the board, from child nutrition to healthcare to controlling inflation to bringing back 'black money' to installing toilets) and keep them opiated on the irrelevant? Attack cinema and cricket of course! As if by stopping exchanges of sports and arts will somehow make the hawks in Rawalpindi and Islamabad change their game-plan. As if by throwing out Fawad Khan, we will teach Masood Azhar a lesson!
I wonder when did idiocy become a fundamental right of so many Indians? I understand that for most supporters of any party, political ideology is more important than the nation (contrary to the claims that nation is above politics), but just how blind and gullible can we be to not see this pathetic attempt at obfuscation for what it is?
This is not about peace, or solidarity with the army, or India's future. This is political opportunism at its basest, most vile and those who see merit in this kind of [censored] should be ashamed of themselves and their upbringing.

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