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Interesting links for September 2016

Interesting links for September 2016
Arvind Kejriwal Message to all volunteers - #ZeroToleranceinAAP
>> after the sex tape scandal

>> from the video, does this look like a crazy frothing-at-the-mouth person that media is portraying?
Best Putin jokes
ShivSena: govt that passes GST won't return to power
>> regardless of the opinion of the poster, this is worth noticing.
Reliance Industries Ltd made unfair gains from ONGC's field in KG basin: Justice AP Shah committee
The Mukesh Ambani-led company should compensate the government for illicitly using 8.9 billion cubic metres of gas that flowed into its own field.
The self-publishing story of dust and dreams
The success of Rana Ayyub's book, 'Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover Up', is the result of single-minded determination
... the then 26-year-old reporter who went undercover as film-maker Maithili Tyagi for eight months in 2011 to investigate the riots, custody killings and 2003 murder of Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya. The investigation, originally commissioned by news magazine Tehelka, was never published. Several years later, Ayyub has self-published it as The Gujarat Files.
.. That nobody has denied anything that appears in the book or filed any lawsuits against her in the three months since its release has also worked in Ayyub's favour.
... In fact the biggest criticism has been that the book is shoddily edited and lacking in context—nobody has criticized its content.
... Personally, I think readers are relieved that Ayyub doesn't analyse the riots, or tell us what she thinks about the main players. We created our contexts and wildly differing perspectives about 2002 a long time ago. Fourteen years later, we don't need anyone to tell us how to view that time.
Can ABP News And Kejriwal Please Explain What Exactly Is Sandeep Kumar's Crime?
...There is absolutely no allegation, leave alone evidence, of any such wrong-doing. If there's any wrong doing it's on the part of whoever invaded Sandeep Kumar's privacy, made images of his sexual activities, and sent them to ABP news.
...Worst of all, there was no newsworthiness, no public interest in ABP News telling us about the CD. Their managing editor Milind Khandekar said of Twitter that they had asked Kumar for his version. But why was this a story on the first place? He had no answer. ABP News has indulged in the worst kind of yellow journalism, destroying a politician's career by invading his privacy for no rhyme or reason.
[Goa] RSS cadres revolt with mass resignations after dropping Velingkar
... The real reason however was that the RSS had come out openly to defeat the BJP in the next Assembly election.
Denmark has figured out how to teach kids empathy and make them happier adults
Why did this photo go so viral? The food additive now linked to major allergies.
Why the FDA doesn't really know what's in your food
Massive legal loophole means companies can add new ingredients to foods with no government safety review
Arvind Kejriwal Speech addressing Shramik Samvad at Talkatora Stadium
(uploaded on 1 sep 2016)
Putin on the destruction of the Middle East – Must watch!
Washington Propaganda Warns Of Putin's October Surprise - Episode 1063b
Importance of Implementation of Biodiversity Act - A green rap on the knuckles
...  Justice Kuldip Singh, had observed in ICELA v. Union of India, 1996 that "enacting of a law but tolerating its infringement is worse than not enacting a law at all".
Day begins with Modi in a Reliance ad, ends with his interview on a Reliance channel. Dhirubhai ka sapna 7RCR bhi apna #Ambani_प्रचारक_Modi
A Call for Conservation with a Conscience:
No Place for Gene Drives in Conservation
.. Gene drives are a new biotechnology development that allows humans the unprecedented capability to profoundly alter or even drive to extinction entire populations or even whole species of organisms. Are they a valued tool for conservation or are they more likely to fail, make matters worse, fall into the hands of those who seek profit-making at all cost, or be used for military applications?
'I've killed kids & women during war' - UFC fighter Tim Kennedy
>> Instead of getting into one-off hunting, personal finger-pointing or demanding trial for one who actually spoke it out loud while most around keep it down, it would be better if people who do care about the larger humanity and want an end to these wars explored the systemic context and larger paradigm within which such things can come about.
Off-grid solar can meet India's power demand
... We could create a lot of job opportunities by manufacturing in India if the Centre would cut the battery import duty. We can then just import the battery and make the rest in India." The battery makes up 30 per cent of the cost of the product, according to Ms Modi, and the company has to pay a 30 per cent duty on its import. This renders making solar lanterns and invertors in India economically unviable.
(Ms Modi referred to here is a Nidhi Modi, executive director, RAL Consumer Products, the largest off-grid solar company in India)
Kejriwal govt to file fresh suit on Delhi statehood issue
from @SMHoaxSlayer on twitter, exposing a disinformation campaign saying Kejriwal was endorsing Airtel, that had started doing the rounds in response to the PM's photo coming on full page ads endorsing Reliance's Jio. The ad has raised eyebrows as it practically doesn't have any other content.. just a huge pic of the PM and literally looks like he's the one selling Jio. The fake posting about Kejriwal in response highlights some of the repeating thinking patterns of the people who make and share these:
1. If your leader has done something wrong, then counter that by showing Kejriwal/AAP also doing the same wrong thing.
2. In the process, there is no need of defending or explaining or correcting your own side's shortcomings. It's sufficient to simply say that the other alternative is equally bad. It's a race to the bottom.
3. Rahul or Sonia Gandhi / Congress is usually never the target of these morph disinfo campaigns.. it's usually AAP/Kejriwal only. Reveals whom they consider to be their biggest threat, even though compared to the manpower and resources at BJP's disposal, AAP is tinier by perhaps 1000 times. Goliath seems very scared of David.
4. That they have to resort to photoshopping and can't find anything real to prove their point, speaks volumes.
Yes, Kejriwal Is Correct. AAP Is Broke Ahead Of Punjab Election.
... I ran against then cabinet minister Kapil Sibal and present cabinet minister Harsh Vardhan. What was most surprising was that when I submitted the accounts to EC, my expenditure was the highest; their accounts showed much less spend than mine which I could not believe. Alas, I could do nothing. But I had the satisfaction that every penny I spent in elections was accounted for and it could be verified. It was honest money.
... When the party decided to contest the 2013 Delhi elections, the party appealed to all its supporters for donations. The party estimated that it would require 20 crores. When the funds hit that number, AAP most courageously asked its supporters to stop donating money. The world was pleasantly surprised. This was a first. Now compare this with the BJP and the Congress who have adamantly refused to disclose the source of 70% to 80% of their funds despite court orders.
... It also has to be mentioned that the Delhi High Court found the BJP and Congress guilty of accepting money from a foreign company, Vedanta, in March 2014. The court asked the centre and the EC to take action against the BJP and the Congress for violating foreign exchange laws. The matter is pending before the Supreme Court but the Modi government has very cleverly, in March this year, inserted a clause in the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act) in the Finance Bill and changed the definition of "foreign company". The Modi government has done this to save itself from any penal action and hoodwink the superior court. I hope the court takes note of this and declares it null and void. This is the same BJP which had accused AAP of illegal foreign funding during the Delhi elections in 2015. They also alleged that AAP had received money via the hawala or money-laundering route.
... Most surprisingly, before the BJP, the Congress had also levelled the same charges. But the Home Ministry in the UPA regime had informed the Delhi High Court in March, 2014 that nothing wrong was detected in AAP funding. Similarly, later under the Modi government also, the Home Ministry in a written submission earlier this year, admitted in the Delhi High Court that there was no wrong doing by AAP.
Press release: FDDI Scam: Modi government cheats thousands of students to benefit a private university
Press Release : Modi Govt completely uninterested in providing security to women in Delhi: AAP
... To begin with, he had very little time to hear out our concerns over such a serious issue as women's security, and even when he met us, he simply told us to submit a letter with our concerns and proposal and remained non-committal about taking any action towards making Delhi secure for women. It seemed as though he did not even have the power or authority to issue any orders to Delhi Police, and it seems that the Police is currently being run directly from the office of the Prime Minister. Our primary concern is not that they are arresting our MLAs, but that their unprecedented focus on arresting MLAs is happening at the cost of security for women in Delhi. A safe and secure environment is a right of every woman of Delhi."
... "Are the people of Delhi being provided with adequate security? Are the women and children feeling safe in the city? Instead of being concerned about such vital issues, the Modi Government has concentrated all efforts of the Delhi Police, ACB, CBI and now the I-T department toward targeting AAP MLAs. Delhi's law & order comes under the Central government, but Narendra Modi is not at all interested in providing security and law & order to the people of Delhi.
Organic Farming Workshop, Govardhan Eco-Village
Mycorrhizal Fungi: The Amazing Underground Secret to a Better Garden
Nurture the ancient, symbiotic relationship between mycorrhizal fungi and plants' roots for increased garden harvests and healthier soil.
... A white fungal network called hyphae, not plant roots, is the principal structure for the uptake of many important nutrients in the plant kingdom.
... They cannot be seen with the naked eye, but we now know they permeate soils and suffuse waters. They drift en masse through air. They thrive not only on the surface of every plant and animal, but within them as well. From the upper reaches of the atmosphere to the bottom of the seas, down into the rock layers and outnumbering the stars in the known universe, microbes are literally the creatures that make Earth a living planet.

----------- to blog:

Wish for upcoming state elections in India

May an honest, criminal-free, rapist-free government take charge of a full fledged state with land, police force & ACB under its control and show the world what honest politics can really do.

To some people : Instead of concentrating all your efforts on proving that AAP doesn't fit the bill, how about instead checking whether the party YOU are supporting does? If not, if you are supporting any party that is not free of crimnals and rapists, or even a party that does not disclose its funding sources to the Election Commission, and if you want those kinds of people governing us and being in charge of the safety of our children, then does your political preference not make you an "anti-national" ? :P


example of photoshopping and lying by BJP supporters
from @SMHoaxSlayer on twitter, exposing a disinformation campaign saying Kejriwal was endorsing Airtel, that had started rounds in response to the PM's photo coming on full page ads across the country endorsing Reliance's Jio on 2nd September 2016. The ad has raised eyebrows as it practically doesn't have any other content.. just a huge pic of the PM and literally looks like he's the one selling Jio. In the position of PM, openly endorsing one private player's product.. one wonders that kind of message that might be sending to the investors and shareholders of all the other private telecom players in the country. If in the near future there is any dispute between Jio and others on any matter, then will not the government take sides in the dispute?

Anyways, the fake posting about Kejriwal in response highlights some of the repeating thinking patterns of the people who make and share these:
1. If your leader has done something wrong, then counter that by showing Kejriwal/AAP also doing the same wrong thing.
2. In the process, there is no need of defending or explaining or correcting your own side's shortcomings. It's sufficient to simply say that the other alternative is equally bad.
3. Rahul or Sonia Gandhi / Congress is usually never the target of these morph disinfo campaigns.. it's usually AAP/Kejriwal only. Reveals whom they consider to be their biggest threat, even though compared to the manpower and resources at BJP's disposal, AAP is tinier by perhaps 1000 times. Goliath seems very scared of David.
4. That they have to resort to photoshopping and can't find anything real to prove their point, speaks volumes.
5. None of these campaigners can in any way lessen the negative image around their own leader, so their next best option is to increase negativity around others.  It's a race to the bottom, and they're competing for proving who's not worst rather than who's best.
6. When you show this proof to a BJP supporter, they typically will try to dismiss it with yet another "so what, their side also does things like this" accusation instead of bothering to trace back who it is that's defaming their own side and holding them accountable.
Hillary Clinton Admits She Has Brain Damage & Unfit To Serve
Alex Jones breaks down the latest FBI revelations that include Hillary Clinton admitting that she can not remember events associated with her fall which led to a concussion back in 2012
Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax
>> giving reasons for suspecting that this schooting at a primary school was a false flag operation.
... In addition, tweets about the shooting began before it occurred,[34] a tribute was apparently uploaded one month before the event, and web pages honoring the victims, including a Facebook page R.I.P. Victoria Soto, were established before they had "officially" died
Clouds of uncertainty
People of the Balti community in Turtuk village, in the high-altitude Nubra Valley near the LoC, are trying to cope with the impact of major shifts in the climate, and changes in their local economy and culture
Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs
"These are not protestors, these are criminals."
Day 74: Unconference in Udaipur - by Zubin Sharma
... This point — that if you simply create an inviting space for people to come together around a shared interest, they will naturally come together — is lost on development-focused people, who work from the hidden assumption that people of different classes, religions, castes, and so on, really are irreconcilably different. And as a result, change must be engineered externally.
... This focus on diversity is in direct opposition to the mono-culture brought in by large multinational corporations, by a media that tells us what we should care about, and by a schooling systems that tells us what is and what isn't important. Here, individual people have decided what's important to them, and then were given a chance to share it with whoever was interested.
... A final point worth noting is the overall atmosphere in an unconference. A lot of resistance movements take on an energy of hate — the majority of the time is spent simply critiquing and discussing how horrible everything is. Such spaces are important, but can be draining, rather than regenerative.
... In contrast, an unconference is not only a resistance movement, but also is an act in healing and celebration. In thinking of the reason for organizing unconferences, there is an acknowledgment of the destructiveness of our current social, political, and economic paradigms and institutions. Yet, in the practice of an unconference, it is an environment of non-stop celebration, buoyed by hugs, song, dance, and lots of food.
Obama Blocks 9/11 Victims Seeking Justice
President promotes NWO agenda
30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia's Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo
Stopped in their tracks: US Army fails to make top 3 in NATO tank challenge
>> one of the comments there: US military should stick with familiar ground, i.e., Hollywood movie sets, that's about all they're good for, and of course, invading defenceless third world countries; we all know what heroes, they think they are...
 UK media hail Navy's 'intercept' of Russian sub… which was not hiding
... Headlines in the British media have hailed a Royal Navy operation to 'track and intercept' a Russian submarine off the UK coast – but Moscow says it's surprised it took so much effort to find what was actually a surfaced sub traveling with a tug boat.
... "It is not within reason to expect the Royal Navy, together with NATO allies, not to be capable of spotting a submarine, moreover that merchant ships of various countries steering on opposite and parallel courses had been greeting, in accordance with old naval tradition, our sailors in the Barents, Norway and Northern seas for several days of the passage," the Russian Ministry said.
China says it has stealth-defeating quantum radar
China receives first data from unique 'hack-proof' quantum satellite
Hack-proof? China launches world's 1st quantum communications satellite
... In practice, China hopes to send out photons from the satellite to two ground stations separated by about 1,200km (746 miles), which together form one entangled system. Operated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the satellite contains a quantum key communicator, a processing unit, a laser communicator, quantum entanglement emitter, and entanglement source to transmit quantum keys to Earth.
... Quantum communication encryption is a unique method of encoding the content of a message as quantum keys are theoretically impossible to crack with the system detecting any intrusion attempts.
..QUESS is one of the National Space Science Center's 'Strategic Priority Programs'. If QUESS is successful, China hopes to erect an Asian-European quantum key distribution network by 2020, and a global quantum communications network in 2030.

WARNING : Russia Issues New "Rules of Engagement" in Syria: Any Aircraft Threatening the Syrian Army WILL BE SHOT DOWN (US/Turkey/Israel in the cross-hairs!)

...  After the United States and "Coalition" aircraft attacked Syrian Army positions "by mistake" – which killed 62 and injured over 100 Syrian Soldiers – Russia says the next mistake will be the pilot's last, as new Rules of Engagement are now in effect.
... Two days ago, on 17 September, US-led coalition jets bombed Syrian government forces' positions near the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor, killing 62 troops and "paving the way" for Islamic State militants, the Syrian Army General Command told the state television.
... "If the airstrike was caused by the wrong coordinates of targets than it's a direct consequence of the stubborn unwillingness of the American side to coordinate with Russia in its actions against terrorist groups in Syria," Konashenkov stressed.
...  The Defense Ministry also confirmed a report by SANA that an Islamic State offensive began right after Syrian Army positions were hit from the air.
... "Immediately after the airstrike by coalition planes, Islamic State militants launched their offensive. Fierce fighting with the terrorists is currently underway in the area of the airport where for a long a time humanitarian aid for civilians was parachuted," Konashenkov said.
... The timing of the ISIS attack, coming within 7 minutes of the US air strikes against the Syrian Army, has led some to conclude the US is providing air cover for ISIS Terrorists!
... According to both Russian and Syrian Army reports, the American jets were repeatedly told they were attacking the wrong side but continued attacking until aircraft were "painted" by Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems.  It was only after the surface-to-air missile locked-on to the aircraft that they cut off the attack.
..  After the attack, the US told Russia and Syria they would investigate how this "mistake" happened and report back.  No report was forthcoming.  SO both Russia and Syria requested — and were granted — an Emergency meeting of the UN Security Council for the purpose of the US explaining why it attacked the Syrian Army.
... The meeting was convened over the weekend, but rather than provide an explanation, US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Powers, got up and walked out of the meeting!  No explanation came from the US.
... After this failure to explain itself, the Russians and Syrians were left to conclude the US attack was deliberate.   Moscow cited the strikes, which allowed Islamic State fighters to briefly overrun a Syrian army position near Deir al-Zor airport, as evidence that the United States was helping the jihadist militants.
... "We are reaching a really terrifying conclusion for the whole world: That the White House is defending Islamic State. Now there can be no doubts about that," the RIA Novosti news agency quoted Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying. 
...  Similarly, the mass-media has not informed the American public that the US has repeatedly refused to cooperate with Syrian and Russian military efforts to attack ISIS terrorists, even though the Obama administration claimed the US purpose for being in Syria was exactly that.
... The mass-media again failed to report that the US attacked the Syrian military two days ago, and has failed to report this new situation with Russian Rules of Engagement in Syria. 
... What this means is simple: The next time the US attacks the Syrian Army, the attacking aircraft are going to be shot down.  When that happens, the US will scream "We've been attacked by the Russians" and use that to start a war.
Syria: Scores of Terrorists Killed in Infighting in Eastern Damascus
full text of Syrian FM's Address at the 71st United Nations General Assembly in New York.
RTI activist shot at in Mayur Vihar
>> security of Delhi since Modi Sarkar took over the functioning of Police
Tribal Development Dept: Rs5,000 crore allocation, no accountability
... What does the tribal department do then with 15,000 plus staff? "We manage 530 ashrams, schools and hostels for youths," said tribal officials. Incidentally, ashram schools are accused of large scale irregularities and highest number of deaths across India. As many as 684 tribal children died in Maharashtra state-run residential schools in the last five years out of total 883 deaths in India, revealed a media report early this year quoting RTI response.
>> LOL comment: This abnormal price rise is a SICKular , leftist-liberal ,marxist, maoist, KHANgress conspiracy orchestrated by Vatican , NDTV , CIA , Ford Foundation and paid media.
Also , Jawaharlal nehru , edwina mountbatten , thomas macaulay ..etc are to blame for the current state of affairs.
Gautam Adani, Wilmar and a probable 1,90,000 Crores Pulses scam
>> In the last US Elections, Green Party candidate Jill Stein was arrested for trying to attend the presidential debate. Even this time she was escorted off the campus by police. The people who run these debates exclude non-Democrat and non-Republican candidates from participating. This time there are growing calls for bringing in third party candidates. Democracy Now took the latest debate coverage and has conducted a mock 3-way debate with Jill Stein joining, and giving her response to each of the questions.
>> They've done a great job of transcripting it all, which means we can calmly read it and go back and forth and make our minds in a much better way.
Part 2:
Charlotte Leaders Diffuse Soros-Funded Protests
Black leaders are taking back their community after it was revealed that 70% of the protestors in Charlotte, N.C., don't even live in the area

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