Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 1st, Irom Sharmila in Delhi Press Conference at 11 -1 PM at IWPC, Citizens Felicitation at 4 PM, Indian Social Institute, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Just to put things into context : I resolutely believe that Irom Sharmila is a true Patriot of India. Rather than join secessionist forces, rather than wanting the north-east to break away from India, she simply worked to reverse a grievious mistake by Indian govt, and adopted nonviolent, constitutional and ethical means of protest. (Yes, fasting in protest is as constitutional for Irom as it was for Gandhi or Anna Hazare. Deal with it.) And upon ending the fast, instead of joining rebel factions or Maoists or secessionists she has fully embraced Indian Democratic Structure and is contesting elections with the agenda of correcting the same grievious mistake. Wake up violence-mongerers on both sides and lazy-ass commenters (signature line: "why didn't she...", "she should have..." yada yada without even bothering to put themselves in the same shoes), and take a look at what a real patriot looks like.

#StandWithSharmila# Repeal AFSPA
The Iron Woman Arrives in Delhi !

Women of the World Join Irom Sharmila in
Appealing to the President of India

11am – 1 pm, Saturday, 1st Oct 2016, IWPC, Raisina Road, New Delhi

PUBLIC MEETING: Irom Sharmila ko Salaam!
Felicitation of the long resistance against AFSPA

4-6pm, Saturday, 1st Oct 2016, Indian Social Institute, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

The Armed Forces Special Powers Act is a draconian, undemocratic and repressive law in India that gives the armed forces an open licence for violence against civilians in Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya and Kashmir. It has provided impunity for thousands of illegal arrests, staged encounters, custodial deaths and disappearances. It has been the cover for rapes, sexual assaults and cold-blooded killings of women wherever it has been enforced. 

There is a long history of struggles against the AFSPA by ordinary people in all the areas where the Act has been imposed, with women spearheading many of these struggles. Prominent among them has been Irom Sharmila, a poet and human rights defender from Manipur who went on a historic fast for almost 16 years to protest AFSPA and demand its repeal! Even as she ended her fast on 11 August 2016, Sharmila asks: How can the world's largest democracy uphold a law that violates every tenet of democracy? And she calls for all of us to stand up with her, against AFSPA.

At 11 am on 1st October, Irom Sharmila will address the press and appeal to the President of India to use his powers as the custodian of the Constitution of India to repeal this shameful law.

Later in the day at 4 pm at ISI, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, Irom Sharmila will be felicitated for the mighty resistance she has mounted against the AFSPA at a public meeting by activists who have also consistently called for the repeal of draconian laws like the AFSPA.


For more information on the press event, contact: Kalyani Menon Sen 9910306382

For more information on the public meeting, contact: Sanjeev 9958797409

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