Friday, November 3, 2017

Interesting Links for October 2017

Whole lot of stuff on Las Vegas Massacre here, stuff on Harvey Weinstein scandal and its implication for the liberals and democrats who have been pretending to stand for women's rights whilst harbouring sexual predators in their midst, and wow I'm loving MILO...
Rising up against the Oligarchs does not equal socialism - by Jon Rappoport
... The idea that socialism is a share-the-wealth program is strictly a confidence game to get the people to surrender their freedom to an all-powerful collectivist government. While the insiders [Oligarchs] tell us we are building a paradise on earth, we are actually constructing a jail for ourselves."
... When a mega-corporate CEO, whose company is in deep financial trouble, magically secures a giant loan through a crony, and when that corporation continues to pollute the land and destroy lives, and while the government agency that should be hauling off the CEO to prison sits on its hands, that's socialism in practice.
>> he's got a point, and has put it across well. If we're not careful about the devil in the details, then what we fight and revolution to bring about will be the same as or worse than what we're in. Socialism has an over-centralization problem. We need to pierce through the goody emotional quotes and get to the nitty-gritty of how to get there, and see who's got what plan.
>> This article royally messes the traditional liberal narrative, points out some blind spots that need looking into, and throws light on differences between socialism and what I'd call (but can't yet properly define) swaraj.
... The nanny state is outwardly benevolent and inwardly ruthless. Instead of a Big Brother who must be feared and worshiped, it puts forward a Big Sister who shames and controls you for your own good.
... If the American is unfit to be trusted with a soda cup or a gun or a lawn dart or any of a thousand other things taken away from him for his own good, then how can he be trusted with the ballot box? That mistrust, more than any single abuse, reveals the scowling tyrant behind the smiling face, the Lenin in every H.G. Wells, the totalitarian face behind every liberal mask. The soft totalitarianism of the public interest technocracy is a tyranny that seeks to destroy the rule of the people and replace it with the rule of the left.
... "I believe the majority of the plain people of the United States will, day in and day out, make fewer mistakes in governing themselves than any smaller class or body of men, no matter what their training, will make in trying to govern them," Theodore Roosevelt said.
... And what would one call the Muslim colonist attacks on women except an example of "sweeping prejudice against an entire group of people based on their appearance?"
>> shit, that punched it in quite a bit!
>> "sweeping prejudice" : treating women as sex objects, attacking their bodies without any form of consent
>>"against an entire group of people based on their appearance" : white burqua-less women attacked for being so impure enough to justify doing whatever they please with them.
Cologne police ordered to remove word 'rape' from reports into New Year's Eve sexual assaults amid cover-up claims
Accusations add to claims of political cover-up
>> whichever your side is, usage of bureaucratic injustice to suppress your opponents isn't a good thing.
>> Wikipedia does have a collective bias issue. The satire in this piece is quite interesting
... 1/9/2017 - The content is being constantly changed by the invisible Wiki-commissars. Just yesterday a more or less acceptable balance was achieved after a long and tedious tug of war. But last night almost all of the content and references were gone except for a couple of biased and disparaging paragraphs. This looks like vandalism. These "changes" were followed by a series of new "delete" votes on the discussion thread based on the lack of content and third-party sources - all of which they themselves had just removed.
>> Yes, this happens on wikipedia.
>> And shit this site is terrific
>> The whole website is a beautiful satire of communism / socialism
Headlines on the side:
... "You cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs! Utopia is only one more execution away!"
... "The communist way to a happy society is through shooting all the unhappy people until only the happy ones are left. "
... "Nobel Peace Prize controversy: Hillary not nominated despite having done even less than Obama to deserve it"
... "Afraid of "dangerous" Trump presidency, protesters pre-emptively burn America down to the ground"
... Schoolchildren jailed for building only white snowmen
... Hillary suggests to counter "fake news" with government newspaper called "Truth" ("Pravda" for Russian speakers)
... Democrats blame Hillary's criminal e-mail server for her loss, demand it face prison
... Clinton Foundation in foreclosure as foreign donors demand refunds
... Hillary Clinton blames YouTube video for unexpected and spontaneous voter uprising that prevented her inevitable move into the White House
... FBI director Comey delighted after receiving Nobel Prize for Speed Reading (650,000 emails in one week)
... U.N. deploys troops to American college campuses in order to combat staggeringly low rape rates
... Following hurricane Matthew's failure to devastate Florida, activists flock to the Sunshine State and destroy Trump signs manually
... Movie news: 'The Big Friendly Giant Government' flops at box office; audiences say "It's creepy"
Violence erupts as Catalans vote on split from Spain
...Spanish riot police burst into polling stations across Catalonia on Sunday, confiscating ballot boxes and voting papers to try to halt a banned referendum on a split from Spain as Madrid asserted its authority over the rebel region.
...Police broke down doors to force entry into voting stations as defiant Catalans shouted "Out with the occupying forces!" and sang the anthem of the wealthy northeastern region. In one incident in Barcelona, police fired rubber projectiles.
...Catalan officials said 337 people had been injured in the police crackdown. Officers in riot gear hit people with batons and forcibly removed would-be voters, including women and the elderly, from polling stations.
... Despite the police action, hundreds-strong queues of people formed in cities and villages throughout the region to cast their votes.
... The ballot will have no legal status as it has been blocked by Spain's Constitutional Court and Madrid for being at odds with the 1978 constitution.

An article from earlier:
When is the result of the Catalonia independence referendum vote and will the Catalan region leave Spain?
Catalonia is going ahead with a referendum over the prosperous region's continued existence as part of Spain
... The country's government has taken control of the region's cops and violence has erupted with cops trying to disperse crowds gathering to vote.
... The wealthy region is a major education hub as well as a centre for finance, technology and exports.
... The region represents a fifth of Spain's GDP and there is anger that the population pay more taxes to central government than are returned to the area.

>> Message to all revolutionaries / oppressed : Your oppressors can handle armed rebellion, terror attacks. They can even use those against you and screw your entire cause. What they CANNOT handle is peaceful opting out. Everything they do to tackle that, becomes a score in your favor.
EXPOSED! Berkeley Antifa Leaders Caught Wargaming Against Milo -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-09-25
Sweden now "Absurdistan" says journalist -Rebel Media, 2015-09-04
Sweden's response to IKEA stabbing spree "even more shocking" -Rebel Media, 2015-08-19
Now I have had enough - Why The Flag Means So Much To Americans -Brandon Tatum, 2017-09-24
>> this has valuable points for activists everywhere to consider. The flag-burning, rejecting anthems and similar symbolism causes unnecessary hurt to good people, fond memories, good things. It doesn't really make the point, doesn't lead to anything constructive or positive. It's only momentarily eyeball-grabbing and provocating, with no further good action. You end up ultimately hurting your cause by doing it.
Did Merkel just "read out Germany's suicide note"? -Rebel Media, 2015-09-16
How I found a mythical boiling river in the Amazon | Andrés Ruzo -TED, 2016-02-24
He Knocked Down A Wall In His House And Found An Entire Hidden City
Abandoned underground city in Turkey discovered in 1960s
>> Derinkuyu underground city
...The tunnels were rediscovered in 1963, after a resident of the area found a mysterious room behind a wall in his home. Further digging revealed access to the tunnel network.[11]
Massive Underground City Found in Cappadocia Region of Turkey
Subterranean retreat may have sheltered thousands of people in times of trouble.
>> another one
Trump supporters trolling with kindness
... The deranged Latina student who threw a fit and called for white genocide after stealing a student's Trump hat has started a GoFundMe page asking for help with rent – and Trump supporters have answered the call.
...Edith Macias started a GoFundMe page asking for $200 for rent, and has already received over $600 in donations, mostly from trolling Trump supporters.
'Is this respect for human dignity, freedom, and democracy?' he asks
... "Activate article 7 and suspend Spain from the European Union for its clear violation of Article 2," Assange urged the European Commission leader, with links to the paragraphs attached to the post.
>> Now you know what Ukraine was planning to do to Crimea if Russia hadn't sent their forces in.
... When asked why no condemnation of the crackdown has come from the neighboring countries in the EU or humanitarian organizations, Kouloglou referred to double standards. "We want a Europe with equal standards for everybody and also a Europe that respects democracy regardless of whether violations are taking place in Venezuela, Russia or Spain."
Las Vegas shooting: At least 20 dead in concert attack near Mandalay Bay - latest news
Black Lives Matter is making black people look like fools -Brandon Tatum, 2016-09-24
Ghost Ships Filled With North Korean Corpses Keep Showing Up In Japan -FactFile, 2017-08-30
Why I Left The Liberal Democrats -The Right Opinion, 2017-09-14
Trans Girl Changes His Mind -The Right Opinion, 2017-09-16
My Irrational Fear Of Islam | Guest Video By THE RIGHT OPINION -The Iconoclast, 2017-09-21
Mexican Gunmen Shoot, Rape Catholic Earthquake Aid Volunteers
At least 26 gunmen robbed, shot, assaulted, and raped a team of volunteers that were trying to get emergency supplies to the victims affected by recent earthquakes in southern Mexico, church leaders claim.
LIVE: Pedogate Police Raid & Horrific Discovery -David Seaman, 2017-08-24

written story:
Detectives search Seattle house where 3 brothers had 'obsession with young children'
... Charging papers say authorities including members of the FBI's internet Crimes Against Children Task Force searched the home, finding evidence prosecutors say that each of the men spent the majority of their lives sexually abusing children and exploiting children depicted in child pornography.
... They also found evidence of the sexual exploitation of young girls as well as children's worn clothing and underwear, children's shoes, toys and movies.
... But detectives say it was Charles' "manifestos" about Satanic rituals, kidnapping, raping and killing girls that led them to dig under sheds, searching for evidence of potential murder.
... "Their writings express desires to kill children," said Capt. Mike Edwards, who leads SPD's Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force. "It's very clear that these three individuals have an obsession with young female children, they've had this obsession for most if not all of their lives, and they acted on it."
WikiLeaks Goes Nuclear on Podesta | PIZZAGATE -David Seaman, 2017-09-30
German elections 2017: full results
Shooter opened fired on hostage rescue team who took him out, says source
The truth they hide
"It's gotta be a set-up," says former Marine
>> My thoughts exactly. Not enough material in this article to clinch it, but this is what people should be raising so that some investigation in that direction happens : was it really a lone person and this person only?
Las Vegas Massacre: What They're NOT Telling You -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-10-02
The FIRE RISES: The EU's ROGUE STATE: Hungary DEFIANT -Black Pigeon Speaks, 2017-10-03
Robots Don't Take Toilet Breaks - Vivek Kaul
Global Warming : An Inconvenient Lie
... Global warming is one of the most heated debates of our time, because it involves government policy that will profoundly affect our lives forever more. The political, economic, and social consequences of being wrong are grim beyond words. You have heard from many sources that global warming is real and that only crackpots think otherwise. Now it is time to hear the other side.
>> worth checking out to investigate the top-down control, corruption, opaque taxation, over-regulation, one-world government, reckless geo-engineering "solutions" being pushed.
>> Question for environmentalists : What was Rachel Carson, the mother of the global environmental movement, talking about in her seminal book Silent Spring in 1962? Pesticides. >> Fast forward to 2017, what has been found to be seriously killing the world's pollinators, causing cancers and birth defects, and whose concentrations are being found in mother's milk too? Pesticides.
>> Now, what's the one thing we have been diligently giving a free pass during the entire CO2/climate change dialogue? PESTICIDES.
>> And who got a World food prize for fraudulently claiming that their GMOs will help feed the world and mitigate climate change? Pesticide Manufacturers.
'The Hill' Gets #Owned By MILO -MILO, 2017-09-23
>> Milo breaks down the bureaucratic cheats used by UC Berkeley authorities to derail Free Speech week when it became incorrect for them to simply say no.
>> Milo also exposes the mainstream media's defamatory name-calling and the hypocrisy of branding a gay jewish man whose lover is black, as a homophobic racist nazi, all because they don't agree with his Conservative viewpoints.
>> We don't really see people from the liberal / left object to the practice of derogatory attacks on the messenger when the messenger is from the other side.
Sargon Of Akkad On Trump, Google And Who's Really In Charge -WeAreChange, 2017-09-29
Read Before It's Too Late: Something VILE Hidden From The Public EYE! A Must Know DOJ Secret Exposed -Lisa Haven, 2017-09-28
100 Million Dollars Spent On Mysterious Towers Erected In New York—MTA Pleads The 5th -Lisa Haven, 2017-09-28
The shooting spree received hardly any media coverage
Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas. We are raising funds to assist the victims of the tragic Las Vegas shooting.
>> great example of government official taking to crowdfunding platorms for relief efforts, and people from all over donating. Voluntary contribution can start to form a solid complimentary to forced taxation, and one day perhaps even replace it.
Audio Analysis of Las Vegas Shooter - Doesn't add up. -Chris Fenwick, 2017-10-05
Did Vegas Shooter Act Alone? Witnesses Say They Saw Multiple Shooters -War Room, 2017-10-02
Las Vegas: Bellagio Hotel Guests And Staff Confirm Multiple Shooters -TOP NEWS HEADLINES DAILY, 2017-10-04
Vegas Shooting: Shot Timing Audio Analysis Proves Multiple Guns Were Used at the Same Time -007mercucio, 2017-10-03
Incredible Must See Video Documents Multiple Shooters In Vegas Massacre -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-10-05
Reports Of Multiple Shooters From Multiple Locations In Vegas Shooting -War Room, 2017-10-02
(UPDATE) Multiple Shooters From Rooftops, Several Victims In Las Vegas. -The MMA Beatdown, 2017-10-02
New Chinese EMDrive Could Take You To Mars in Ten Days! -FactFile, 2017-09-21 Will Be the END of 4chan -Black Pigeon Speaks, 2017-10-04
Nestle Pressures FDA Decision on Spring Water -storyofstuffproject, 2017-10-04
Pune: Infra ready, civic body eyes Wi-Fi rollout during Diwali
... free-of-cost WiFi services at over 130 public places across the city.
>> when AAP promised it for Delhi, it was roundly mocked. Now everybody's rushing to make it happen.

Finding out about #GamerGate :
>> good summary, testimonials from the gamergate side
>> a timeline, blow-by-blow account of what happened
GST Council meeting: Here's what got cheaper as government reviews tax rates on 27 items
... GST rate cut from 12% to 5%: Unbranded namkeen; unbranded ayurvedic medicine; sliced dried mango; khakra; food packets given to school kids under Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS); other food items, such as chapatis; job works such as zari and imitation; printing items
.. GST rate cut from 28% to 5%: E-waste
>> Why would anybody bother doing a service to the planet collecting and properly processing e-waste if it was a highly taxed activity?
This Is What Muslim Men Really Think About Western Women (part 1 of 2) -Sir Growalott, 2017-07-11
This Is What Muslim Men Really Think About Western Women (part 2 of 2) -Sir Growalott, 2017-10-05
>> they're testimonials from rape and groping victims, videos of rapists boasting, sermons in Europe ratifying it all, migrants boasting about population replacement through high birth rates, and news of brutal rapes of women and girls. There's 100s of Nirbhaya cases happening all over there and it's all getting covered up by political correctness, which only INCREASES hatred towards the migrants.
What the experts are saying
... We have been in discussion with foremost scientists and experts in the fields of environment to draft a comprehensive policy recommendation for the Government. Take a look at what some of these experts have to say below.
... We are currently in the process of creating a draft policy for river revitalization in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and various other technical experts. ... During the phase of drafting the policy document, we welcome suggestions and contributions from those who have knowledge and experience when it comes to rivers and river revitalization. If you have any such inputs, we look forward to hearing from you! You can get in touch with us at .
Draft Policy Recommendation

It has a whole section critiquing inter-linking of rivers.
... In our view, the underlying assumption of interlinking of rivers, that the average flow in each river is constant, and inter-basin transfers will yield additional water resources for exploitation, has been weakened. At our present juncture, we need to see our rivers as endangered entities that need to be nursed back to life by augmenting their flows. This is of paramount importance. Shifts in cropping patterns towards less water intensive...
... It is suggested that the economic gains from these projects are weighed against the loss of natural resource capital, before embarking on new projects.!
Modi discusses battery technology's impact on India at Tesla
>> from sep 2015,
Tesla plans battery plant in India: Elon Musk - Oct 28, 2015,
Elon Musk says Tesla can't yet launch in India - May 2017
India is planning to give free WiFi to more than 1,000 villages
>> Headline critique : "giving.. to" ? How about "providing.. at"? People ARE paying taxes through their nose you know.
Extreme Storms Spur Interest in the Developing Battery Microgrids Market
>> Dharnai ahead of the curve!
NIOS Scam: AAP petitions police over 1,200 candidates passing exam without appearing for it
In Madhya Pradesh.
'They're taking my rights as a mother, as a parent, to make these informed choices…'
... Detroit resident Rebecca Bredow will spend a week in jail for disobeying an Oakland County circuit court judge's decree to get her son up-to-date on vaccinations.
..."I never was aware that he wanted vaccination, so he brought it to the judge's attention that the child hasn't been brought up to vaccination and she just ruled on it, vaccinate the child," Bredow explained. "They never gave me the opportunity to have a hearing on the vaccination part of it, they just ruled on it without me being there… without ever having heard my side of the story or why I haven't vaccinated."
Major Enhancements: Lets Encrypt Free SSL and HTTP2
>> ifastnet web hosting : comes to 3ksomething/yr.
The Human Stain: Why the Harvey Weinstein Story Is Worse Than You Think
It goes much deeper than one big creep.
... Fox News reporter Lauren Sivan told Huffington Post that a decade ago, Weinstein masturbated in front of her. She says she didn't say anything at the time, when she was an anchor on a local cable show, because she was "fearful of the power that Weinstein wielded in the media." She was right and her fear was understandable.
... The reason no one wrote it is not because the press wanted to get Weinstein, but couldn't prove the story. No, it's because the press was protecting Weinstein.
... Why wouldn't they? He made terrific movies and he was a big mover in Democratic party politics, raising millions for local and national campaigns, including the Clintons.
... This is wrong. It has nothing to do with "raised consciousness"—or else she wouldn't have left off that list the one name obviously missing. It's not about raised consciousness or else the Democratic party's 2016 presidential campaign would not have been a year-long therapy session treating a repressed trauma victim with even its main slogan—"I'm with her"—referencing a muted plea for sympathy for a woman who'd been publicly shamed by a sexual predator.
>> whoa this gets interesting!
... A thought experiment: Would the Weinstein story have been published if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency? No, and not because he is a big Democratic fundraiser. It's because if the story was published during the course of a Hillary Clinton presidency, it wouldn't have really been about Harvey Weinstein. Harvey would have been seen as a proxy for the president's husband and it would have embarrassed the president, the first female president.
... Bill Clinton offered get-out-of-jail-free cards to a whole army of sleazeballs, from Jeffrey Epstein to Harvey Weinstein to the foreign donors to the Clinton Global Initiative. The deal was simple: Pay up, genuflect, and get on with your existence. It was like a papacy selling indulgences, at the same time that everyone knew that the cardinals were up to no good.
Julian Assange : Fake feminists still conspicuously silent on Harvey Weinstein.
>> referring to Hillary Clinton's silence on the Weinstein scandal
Spain's military police have now blocked WhatsApp in Catalonia for Catalonia's big pro-independence civic organizations
Hillary Clinton Gets SAVAGED on Twitter For Releasing Delayed Statement on Weinstein Through Her Aide
... Weinstein is one of Hillary Clinton's biggest donors, having raised mega bucks for the failed Democrat presidential candidate. Weinstein even threw a fundraiser for Clinton back in June, raising $1.8 million.
... A tweet : Within hours, Hillary blamed the NRA for Las Vegas. It took her 4 days to comment on Harvey Weinstein.
... Another tweet: Hillary takes a week to call out Weinstein and still doesn't return the million he donated to her and her husband. Disgusting!
Actor Fired For Being a Conservative -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-10-10
.. Hollywood: Tolerates serial sex abuser Weinstein for 30 years. Can't tolerate teenage actor's conservative views.
Forensic acoustic proof of SECOND shooter in the Las Vegas massacre -TheHealthRanger, 2017-10-09
BREAKING: Cover Up Collapses, Police Admit Official Vegas Story Not True -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-10-10
Dear Gays: The Left Betrayed You For Islam -Paul Joseph Watson, 2016-06-16
The Mainstream Media Loves the Alt-Right -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-10-09
ACCORDING TO "SCIENCE" - Don't Have Kids? -Lauren Southern, 2017-10-08
>> digging into the "science says.." article, Lauren finds there is NO science behind it, and that the studies referred to, their own authors have opposite conclusions and their studies have been misquoted. Also the circular referencing tactics of saying you have evidence but only linking back to other opinion pieces.
Politicizing Tragedy -Lauren Southern, 2017-10-05
>> contrasting to the title, calls out the people doing virtue signalling, who are telling people to suppress their opinions and suggestions. Calls for politicizing respectfully, discussing solutions realistically, rather than petty mudslinging, and that is more respectful of the dead than shutting up and not doing anything to prevent further tragedies.
>> this is yet another vid that cuts through the left-right divides.
... " are these really laws that save lives, or is it the opportunistic overreach by governments in the face of tragedy"
Newsweek Spreading Fake News ABOUT ME! -Mark Dice, 2017-10-06
>> Exposes a fake news pitch by Newsweek
Incest Embraced by Liberals as "Sexual Diversity" - "Nothing Wrong With It" Say SJWs -Mark Dice, 2016-12-05
>> SHIT, totally trolled! Used the liberal logic on LGBTQs on incest relationships
W.A.R. - Whites Against Replacement (Entry For White Baby Contest) | Wife With A Purpose, et al. -Matthew Drake, 2017-09-30
Must see!!! Pizzagate 15 Years Old Girl Survive Satanic Rituals. -Autfix, 2017-02-14
Cathy O" Brien Exposes Hillary and Pizza gate before it became exposed!! -Jose Travieso Disciple of Yeshua, 2016-12-06
W.A.R. - Whites Against Replacement (Entry For White Baby Contest) | Wife With A Purpose, et al. -Matthew Drake, 2017-09-30
Cathy O" Brien Exposes Hillary and Pizza gate before it became exposed!! -Jose Travieso Disciple of Yeshua, 2016-12-06
Must see!!! Pizzagate 15 Years Old Girl Survive Satanic Rituals. -Autfix, 2017-02-14
>> SGT puts out some good imp info but then drills totally into Paul Joseph Watson's quoted one time assertion that it was a lone gunman. And on that basis they go all into asserting that that is the position Infowars is taking, and it's because they're pro-Israel. But look at the next video and the next article. SGT's basic assertion, that Infowars is suppressing the multiple shooter theory, is completely flawed : they are doing the exact opposite from day 1.
Paul Joseph Watson Breaks It All Down -OpenMind, 2017-10-05
>> Paul isn't sticking to his lone-gunman theory, even Alex Jones confirms that there were multiple shooters.. what Infowars has been saying conflicts with SGT's assertion of that they're saying. I think they went overboard. Plus there's more vital details coming out here. The flip-flop testimonies of the brother tells there's something fishy and he can't be trusted.
Countless videos destroy the official narrative of a "lone wolf" gunman in Las Vegas massacre
Former SEAL Team Commander Speaks On Las Vegas Shooting -End-Time Youth, 2017-10-05
"Your tears don't MATTER!" Liz Wheeler DESTROY Jimmy Kimmel -50 Stars, 2017-10-05
>> Questions posed by Liz Wheeler for people calling for repealing gun rights.. what the Vegas shooter acquired was already illegal, how could gun laws have stopped him?
>> Liz Wheeler : New female conservative reporter!
Liz Wheeler MOPS THE FLOOR with Ana Kasparian -50 Stars, 2017-09-27
>> exposes that the Womens March excludes women who are pro-life, and that it would have excluded the very founders of feminism since they were pro-life too.
... "that's why I refuse to identify as a feminist. See I support free thought and independence. I don't want to be part of a man-hating club where I'm told what to think."
>> this vid has total anti-feminism rebellion from a woman
Michelle Obama & Her Big Mouth Do NOT Speak for Me | Michelle Malkin -CRTV, 2017-10-05
Michelle Malkin OWNS The View, Puts Ignorant Fool Joy Behar in Her Place -dlwke2, 2009-08-03
>> shares on her book talking about the corruption rampant in the Obama administration that was completely opposite of the hope and change he promised.
THIS is why Sharia Law is dangerous. Watch. -Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN, 2017-06-13
Shariah Law? Not in Texas, says Irving Mayor -TheBlaze, 2015-03-25
American Flag In Texas Threatens Muslim Community -The Young Turks, 2014-06-21
>> This is from the Young Turks in 2014. Same kind of position they took back then as their "sworn enemies" infowars et al now take. What happened?
He's seen ISIS up close & personal, he's seen real beheadings, & he has a message for Kathy Griffin -Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN, 2017-06-05
Steven Crowder Infiltrates 'Antifa' -Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN, 2017-10-02
>> undercover op corroborates the violent behaviour and plans of Antifa to cause violence and chaos including readiness to kill people for political reasons.
All journalists kicked out of Delhi nanny state conference! -Rebel Media, 2016-11-07
UN bullies confirm conspiracy -Rebel Media, 2016-11-10
>> Bureaucracy of WHO & UN, and showing their unaccountability
>>These bureaucrats didn't have the decency to inform all the international media in ADVANCE that they will be blocked from attending the week-long conference and so don't bother spending a fortune coming. Plus these guys likely got caught up in the Demonetization mess at this time. I bet they did this on purpose so that in future less and less journalists bother to even come. I never looked at this from this angle : The decision to host these summits outside the West may not be for the stated reason of including the other nations more; it might be so that the western bureaucrats can get away from scrutiny from their countries' journalists who are way more empowered than journalists in India and other countries.
UN E-Cig Agenda Exposed -Rebel Media, 2016-11-11
Muslim rape slavery comes to Canada -Rebel Media, 2016-01-15
What happens when Muslims in Cologne are asked about New Year's rape riot? -Rebel Media, 2016-03-03
Feminist Reporter GETS OWNED By Milo Yiannopoulos -Rekt Feminist Videos, 2016-11-19
> Observation : Isn't it crazy how these reporters so clearly have it in for the people they're interviewing? This lady was literally jumping from accusation to accusation, never caring to show even the basic courtesy of acknowledging it when one accusation has been refuted. She has no respect whatsoever, she just wants to dehumanize. And she was cutting him off when he's really about to prove a point and then accusing him of talking over her.
The Fear That Protects The Wicked -Lauren Southern, 2017-10-14
Laci Green - Meeting Sargon of Akkad -ManOfAllCreation, 2017-08-16
>> opposing sides cross the divides and make amends!
Laci Green and Sargon of Akkad have a heart to heart talk -Thoughtful Chrysalis, 2017-06-25
Laci Green - The World of Feminism -ManOfAllCreation, 2017-08-23
>> how the feminist community treated her when she dared to talk with the other side and questioned the official narrative. Observation : hyper-judgementalism, taking words out of context and blowing things out of proportion. Long-time friends turned on her instantly.
Laci Green - Evil White Men of America -ManOfAllCreation, 2017-08-11
... "Don't drink and tweet!"
... There needs to be an opinions expiration data. (For something expressed) More than a year ago, you cannot assume that I mean the exact same thing today. We're evolving, open-minded learning, growing human beings, that's something we should encourage. Not like "look at you! you changed! you grew and learned things! you terrible person!"
Laci Green - Gay Wedding Cakes -ManOfAllCreation, 2017-08-11
Laci Green - Gender Related Stuff (Pronouns & Dysphoria) -ManOfAllCreation, 2017-08-13
Peter Thiel: Obamas Administration is Worse Than Marxism -PhilosophyInsights, 2017-07-16
Peter Thiel: What is Multiculturalism Really About? -PhilosophyInsights, 2017-07-03
Douglas Murray - Diversity Overload -ManOfAllCreation, 2017-09-27
Douglas Murray - Europe is Tired -ManOfAllCreation, 2017-09-20
Roger Scruton: How Fake Subjects like Women Studies Invaded Academia -PhilosophyInsights, 2017-08-26
Charles Murray | Peter Thiel: College Education is a Disaster -PhilosophyInsights, 2017-08-07
Douglas Murray: "The media is lying to you!" -Voltaire, 2017-09-28
Peter Thiel: Japan Has Stopped Copying The West -ManOfAllCreation, 2017-09-21
Peter Thiel: Is Higher Education a Scam? -PhilosophyInsights, 2017-05-30
Douglas Murray: "The media is lying to you!" -Voltaire, 2017-09-28
"YOU WHAT?" Douglas Murray ABSOLUTELY TRAINWRECKS IDIOTIC MU$L!M in live debate!! -Voltaire, 2017-07-24
>> 7:35 : the man talks about denying a group of people the chance to articulate their identity about Islam : Excuse me sir, I'm a Hindu and I've grown up in Saudi Arabia as my dad worked there. We were never allowed to ARTICULATE our identity as Hindus out in public, and it suited us JUST FINE! We were happy to practice our religion inside our homes and not make a freaking public spectacle out of it! In fact, keeping their religion at home and NOT building minarets and mosques and blaring prayers on loudspeakers would be SO NICE of the refugee / migran muslims in Europe, it would make it SO MUCH BETTER for everyone to get along! Seriously, look at what these people are demanding! Where's the gratitude of being welcomed in a way that their own countries would never do to outsiders?
Douglas Murray & Anne Marie Waters Decimate Islamic Apologists on London Attack -A1Cvenom, 2017-03-27
Do British Muslims have a problem with apostates? The Big Questions -Quilliam International, 2015-03-16
Cassie Jaye: How Feminism Harmed My Relationship To My Boyfriend -PhilosophyInsights, 2017-05-31
Inconvenient Lie : 5 day conference on Global Warming
>> explained the process of conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact, and the importance for first having the room for airing out the opinions so that work on getting evidences together can get along.
... The tragedy of science : A beautiful hypothesis destroyed by an ugly fact
Science in the Age of Post-Democracy: A Few Tentative Remarks
... I have been witnessing a U-shaped "progress" curve of freedom and democracy in the last decades (from non-freedom in the communist era to freedom in the 1990s and then again to a highly curtailed freedom now). My almost daily contact with the current European (and not much different American) political elites tells me that they, together with their fellow travellers in media and academia, are more deeply hostile to the values of Western civilization than Marxism and communism ever was.
Richard Dawkins destroys arguments of crazy, potentially retarded muslim fanatics -AngryAtheist, 2014-10-08
Meat eaters are destroying the planet, says report
'The world is consuming more animal protein than it needs and this is having a devastating effect on wildlife,' says WWF
... Strange how liberals in the west and liberals in India might find themselves on opposite sides of some issues
... History tells us there are two kinds of conquerors. One who consolidates after a victory and settles down to govern, improve the lot of people and remains content within the empire. The second is the constant campaigner, for whom conquest is an obsessive fix.
He Was Asked To Link His Phone To His Aadhaar & Lost ₹1.3 lakh In A Scam. It Can Happen To You Too
... claiming to be from Airtel, gave me an ultimatum that Airtel would deactivate my SIM and block my number forever as I had not linked my Aadhar card to my SIM. He urged me to message my SIM card number to 121 (Official Airtel Service Number) and my SIM would be reactivated without any hassle. Little did I know that the fraudster would clone my SIM and loot all my hard earned money and also take away Investments (Fixed Deposits) that I had planned on using during the worst times of my life.
>> My critique of the bullies in the comments feed saying "you fell for it your fault" : to the people bullying this man's experience : Why are you blindly accepting the system's insecure nature as a fact of life and demanding extra efforts on all citizens' part? Why take the more difficult option of making each and everyone be extra careful about trick phone calls when a simple DELINKING of phone from bank account can SOLVE THE WHOLE PROBLEM? Where's your sense of efficiency? Sacrificed at the altar of technology God?
>> At once it challenges both religious dogma and secular/atheistic dogma.
... He wrote a book, Abductions, in which, he admitted that, while he had no 'explanation' for these events, having come to believe the veracity and profound significance of the stories he had an obligation as a scientist to pursue his investigations.
... This was too much for Harvard. The idea that o­ne of their tenured professors was involved in such 'Mickey Mouse' nonsense was intolerable. They set up a panel of investigation which wanted simply to get rid of this apostate. John fought back and, fourteen months later, Harvard retreated.
>> Echoing the times of 2004, what a contrast : then there was constant fear-mongering and threats but no actual attacks; and now it's turned full circle with recurrent attacks and calls for carrying on and not taking any counter-measures. The people rebelling against the past fear-mongering got so gamed that they went into the other extreme.
MILO Meets Alex Jones -MILO, 2017-08-07
>> you're ordered by everyone to hate these two. Let's find out why.
Mom who was imprisoned for refusing to vaccinate her son speaks out
... Rebecca Bredow, refusing to vaccinate her 9-year-old son on religious grounds, while her ex-husband, James Horne, has insisted that his son should be vaccinated and has taken the matter to the courts. The result? Bredow recently landed up in jail for five days for refusing to vaccinate her son, and has had her custody rights reduced; she now has to share custody 50/50 with Mr. Horne. Even worse, the little boy was forcibly vaccinated while Bredow was in jail
Today's youth have zero real-world skills, warns the Health Ranger – how will they survive?
... Other deficiencies included a lack of knowledge about anything mechanical — from changing oil in a motor to changing, and then inflating, a tire. "Nothing," Adams declared. "These are not low IQ individuals," Adams said, adding that a number of them are college graduates. "Very intelligent, capable people who have done well academically," he said, "and yet they have no skills whatsoever in the real world."
Nobody Honks in Bali - Lessons for Indian Tourism
>> some great and DOABLE tips, immediate things to do for promoting tourism
A Web of Generations: Housing for All Ages at Chicago's H.O.M.E.
... The residence houses up to 12 older people and 4 residential assistants, college students or young people with jobs who live here rent-free in exchange for about 20 hours a week of help, from laundry to meal prep to entertainment.
Maharashtra: Amid Diwali festival, MSRTC staff goes on strike, passengers left stranded
Participate in online experiments to guage at mass levels the occurence of telepathy
Jay Amit Shah Attempts to Gag The Wire
>> Meet India's next Robert Vadra
Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist
Daphne Caruana Galizia, a blogger whose investigations focused on corruption, was described as a 'one-woman WikiLeaks'
Facebook blocks Pulitzer-winning reporter over Malta government exposé
...Facebook has censored a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist for publishing a series of posts alleging corruption by the prime minister of Malta and his associates.
...Matthew Caruana Galizia, a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists' award-winning Panama Papers team, was temporarily locked out of his Facebook account over four posts, which were deleted for violating the social network's community standards.
... "For me, this process was enlightening because I realised how crippling and punitive this block is for a journalist," Caruana Galizia told the Guardian by email.

>> name: Matthew Caruana Galizia. He is son of the assassinated Daphne Caruana Galizia. This censoring article is from May 2017. His mother was assassinated by in a car bomb attack on 16 Oct 2017.
The 7 most dangerous vaccines injected into humans and exactly why they cause more harm than good
Bad science warning: More than 30,000 studies may have been compromised by contaminated cell lines used for decades
Movie : An Insignificant Man : on AAP's journey from its founding days.

Re-sharing my earlier posts to bring some context : two cases where we can establish the media did some very biased reporting regarding AAP.
Examining media bias : Press conference in Delhi : video vs article
Media bias anaylsis: Centre returns 14 bills passed by Delhi Assembly
Zinc battery breakthrough may allow homes to efficiently store energy for off-grid use
... Relying on the old, but incredibly toxic lithium-ion battery, for instance, would just be transferring one problem to another. This new generation of magnesium dioxide-zinc battery may be the answer. The scientists say that these zinc-anode versions are inexpensive and could potentially be mass-produced as the main ingredient is an abundant metal found on Earth.
>> the traditional AA battery is a zinc-carbon one.

>> links to..
Engineers produce long lasting, energy density battery
... A new generation of manganese dioxide-zinc batteries with unprecedented cycle life and energy density has now been revealed by scientists. The discovery has made the common household battery suitable for large grid storage applications.
Battery breakthrough? Membraneless 'flow battery' stores 10 times the energy of lithium-ion
Climate models to be scrapped? Scientists "retract" previous belief about carbon dioxide levels during last warming period

>> made a blog post highlighting the cognitive dissonance issue arising from prominent climate change deniers simultaneously being clean energy advocates also:

Water purification systems showcased in Billions in Change pt.2 movie being screened on various channels
Bringing Unusable Wells Into Service
Brackish wells are everywhere around the world. And while brackish water isn't as salty as ocean water, it's still too salty to drink or to use for irrigation. The RainMaker for Brackish Water is a filtration unit that removes the salts and other minerals from brackish water and makes it suitable for both human consumption and agriculture. The device is intended for use at the village level. It simply attaches to the well and starts working immediately, cleaning water at a rate of 5-10 gallons per minute. And unlike other water filtration devices, this one uses very little energy. It takes just 1.5 kilowatts, which is about as much as a hair dryer, so a small generator can power it.
Making Any Source Safe To Drink
The RainMaker for Grey Water is a small, self-contained unit that uses a series of filters to purify any type of dirty water—river water, sewage water, bacteria-filled water, well water—and makes it fit to drink. Similar to the other filtration device, the RainMaker for Grey Water is intended for use at the village level and can be installed and used immediately. But this device requires even less energy. The RainMaker for Grey Water purifies up to 8 gallons of water per minute with an electric pump, but if electricity is not available, it can also be used with a manual pump or a bike pump.
Digital Payments To Get Costlier: Indian Government Is Considering To Impose A Digital Cess On Every Digital Transaction
The Move Is Intended To Curb The Increasing Cyber Fraud Regarding Digital Payments
Never Passed Order To Link Bank Accounts With Aadhaar: RBI In RTI Reply
... The RBI's response says, "The Government has issued a Gazette Notification GSR 538(E) dated 1 June 2017 regarding Prevention of Money laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment Rules, 2017, inter-alia, making furnishing of Aadhaar (for those individuals who are eligible to be enrolled for Aadhaar) and permanent number (PAN) mandatory for opening a bank account. It may be noted that Reserve Bank has not yet issued instruction in this regard".
... The central bank added that it "has not issued any instruction so far regarding mandatory linking of Aadhaar number with bank accounts."
Kymberley Suchomel believed media was covering up multiple shooters
... Kymberley Suchomel, 28, died suddenly on October 9 at her Apple Valley, California, residence five days after posting her version of events to Facebook.
...The outrageous case of Justina Pelletier should serve as a warning to parents who may be confronted by medical kidnappers and the tentacles of of the state antagonizing honest families with cruel consequences.
Arrest comes after tweeting he was "working on a plan" to expose pedophiles
... Actor/musician Corey Feldman was arrested Saturday night on 'unspecified' drug charges, according to the Richland Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana.
Everyone wants their own Trump
... "I am happy that Czech citizens did not believe the disinformation campaign against us and expressed their trust in us," Mr. Babis said in his victory speech at Ano headquarters. "We are a democratic movement, we are a pro-European and pro-NATO party, and I do not understand why somebody labels us as threat to democracy."
The MSM hasn't touched this massive story
Studies Outside the U.S. Show Unvaccinated Children Healthier than Vaccinated Children
... If you watch the video below of Congressman Posey questioning the CDC at an autism Congressional hearing back in November of 2012, you will hear the CDC admit that they have never conducted a study in the U.S. comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated children.
Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated: The Study Skeptics Tried to Hide
... Snopes Was Part of the Coverup
... The researchers cautiously asked a logical, but unorthodox question: is it possible that all this immune–mediated disease has anything to do with the immune-mediating drugs that children are given in doses five times that of their parents? ... Could it have anything to do with the 50 doses of 15 immune-stimulating vaccines before age six compared to the three doses of three vaccines the last generation — that wasn't so sick — got?
... "I pride myself to have caused the Frontiers anti-vaxx retraction with one tweet!" he tweeted. "The anti-vaxx paper was published as abstract, a reader alerted me, I tweeted, Frontiers got scared, pulled the paper." Before it was published.
>> we're really going to become an enlightened civilization by letting rabid tweets and mob fury censor out peer-review approvals, aren't we?
... Snopes has yet to update their posts about the paper being "retracted," which it never was. It was just delayed.
Censored Study of Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated sees Daylight
... After 30 years of the government immunizing the vaccine makers from harm, the long-delayed, first-of-its-kind study on "vaccinated versus unvaccinated" children has arrived. From five years of designing and conducting the epidemiology survey to more than one censorship roadblock from scientific journals to thwart the study's findings — a damning indictment against vaccines being a false flag cure-all — it appeared in the public domain.
... For six hours on Valentine's Day, the 34-page study breached daylight for six hours before the url link vanished.
... Why hasn't the CDC ever sponsored such a study? Did the health agency neglect doing so by design? After reading Mawson's conclusions, that appears to be the case since it would have run counter to CDC's messaging that all "vaccines are safe."
Swedish media personality accused of grooming, raping young teens
... "I cannot be quiet anymore," Wallin said in her Instagram post. The journalist added that she should "have screamed his name long ago," but was silent as the journalist's representative called her "bosses and so on, and dubbed me a 'crazy mythomaniac.'"
Credits Trump 'messaging' for success in cutting flow
Modi Throws $32bn At Indian State Banks – Share Prices Surge
"Everyone knows what's going on"
There is a strong consensus that afforestation will lead to more stable rainfall
... In an email interview Jaggi Vasudev told Down to Earth about the scientific basis for rejuvenating rivers by plantation
... Rally for Rivers is about revitalising rivers, and augmenting the flow of water in them. The focus on actually augmenting water supply, is therefore, qualitatively different from other measures, including river linking, that seeks to utilise the currently available water supply.
... Rainfall in parts of the country is now happening for fewer days and often in very intense spells. The "surplus" basins may in fact face severe water stress due to shifts in the nature of rainfall.
... I am making it very clear I am on the side of river, not on the side of either state. We need to be on the side of the river. For thousands of years, the river flowed without conflict. It is only now when the river flow has depleted that the fight has started. So we need to revitalise the rivers and augment the source to increase the water flow so that both the upper and lower riparian states benefit.
.., The proposal for revitalisation of rivers is to augment the source of the river. We must burst the myth that only the upper reaches and origins of the river is the catchment of rivers. Every inch of land on this earth is a catchment of some river. So we are proposing to plant trees on a minimum of 1 km on either side of the rivers to first convince the farmers.
The Red Pill Black Saga -Computing Forever, 2017-10-25
>> Calling out biases on both right and left sides and the need to challenge bad actions of also people who you think are on your side. About Social Autopsy, a doxing site taken down now that was started by Candice (Owens Red Pill Black) who has since switched sides from left to right but has still not disavowed her work and had left the site running the whole year and collecting submitted doxes (dox : to reveal an anonymous internet user account's true identity with the motive of ruining their life)
Abby Martin Exposes Zionism & Israel on Joe Rogan Podcast (Strong Language) -Islam Rewards, 2017-08-07
>> shocking truths about life in israel and its brutal occupation of the west bank
>> This topic puts a serious question on infowars' support for Israel & 1 Year Later -Computing Forever, 2017-10-20
>> rise of free speech welcoming alternatives to fb, twitter
The Unpersoning of Harvey Weinstein -Computing Forever, 2017-10-11
>> the Left goes overboard again.. they're deleting Weinstein's name from TV shows etc, and ending up rewriting facts and the past. This same strategy can very well be used to unperson anybody that those in power doesn't like, much like dictators in the past have done.
>> this video also shines light on the false left-right divides. This channel would be characterized as being far-right / alt-right by the mainstream. Weinstein was in the leftist bastion, and was one of Hillary's biggest fundraisers. But this presumably alt-right guy is standing up against the purge of Weinstein from all of his work. He's not being ideological - he's standing up for basic principles and standing against the left's tendency of rewriting the past whenever inconvenient rather than keeping it around to learn from it.
#RegressiveNews: 24th of October 2017 -Computing Forever, 2017-10-24
Hitler Reacts to Hillary Losing the Election 2016 -James Bullock, 2016-11-13
>> Eyes Wide Shut movie links to pizzagate / cults in elites
What On Earth Is Happening In Antarctica Right Now? Scientists Are Puzzled… -Lisa Haven, 2017-10-11
>> a giant hole in the ice, the size of US state of Maine, or the size of Bihar has appeared in Antarctica
Mysterious giant hole cracks open in Antarctica
A California Mass Exodus Is Coming Soon.... At Least After THIS -Lisa Haven, 2017-10-18
>> includes : cow farts capturing law where farmers must insert tubes and harvest farts; legalizing child prostitution ; various laws on guns; and scrapping punishment for people who infect others with HIV on purpose.
California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon ▶️️ -ODD Reality, 2017-10-18
>> there is NO way open air fires did this, with buildings vaporized while the trees around are all perfectly fine! Something else has happened.. we've got a covered up attack here. The tree on fire from the inside is damning
Evidence of Military Grade EMF Accelerants Used in Sonoma Napa FIRES -inTruthbyGrace, 2017-10-14
... Something turned these houses into in furnaces to allow for near complete combustion... the evidence of what we are seeing defies the laws of physics for an open air fire, I have ALREADY documented the wind speeds were marginal for the areas at the time the fires started. The fat that a tree is burning AS IF IT IS A FURNACE is noteworthy and should be of great concern to anyone educated prior to 1995 when physics and chemistry actually taught us what is possible with a mere open air burn v a furnace. TOTAL combustion of material is NOT possible outside of a furnace, yet that is exactly the damage we are observing with temps reaching high enough values to MELT GLASS..
Napa California Fires: Where did the HOUSES GO?? What twisted the steel?? -inTruthbyGrace, 2017-10-10
... how did an open air fire erase all materials and contents of these homes?? these properties do not demonstrate the products of a natural open air house fire: there is twisted metal and near complete disintegration of all materials regardless of melting/burning points.
Watch Cenk Uygur get DESTROYED by Andrew Breitbart -50 Stars, 2017-08-09
>> Occupy protests had a lot of rapes and sexual harassment of women happening and it went unreported.
NASA to announce evidence of "alien life," says Anonymous
... The alleged forthcoming announcement from NASA comes after NASA's Kepler space observatory found 219 potentially inhabitable planets outside of our solar system. Ten out of these 219 planets are very similar to Earth, in that they are very rocky and are located in an area of space that is neither too hot nor too cold to sustain life.
The Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks: Natural News to expose the shocking true history of science and medicine on November 7… see video trailer
>> i trust this guy, he's done amazing work on gmos and cancer and he also did a brilliant audio analysis of the las vegas shooting to clearly show there was more than one shooter. And yes, the CDC whistleblower's revelations included that the vaccines was increasing chance of autism in black boys.
>> ignoring the title, it's about natural cures for cancer, alzheimers, arthritis etc.
Big Tech Trembles as Bannon Denounces 'Lords of Silicon Valley'
... Bannon has said that some of the big tech companies should be regulated like utilities. Others in the economic nationalist movement would go further and break up the largest tech companies, perhaps by prohibitting those that own communications technology from also owning commerce and media entities.
>> Totally : Google needs to be broken up : youtube, gmail, maps and several services need to be separated.
Madagascar : 124 Dead as Pneumonic Plague Continues to Spread at Alarming Rate

>> and it seems to be happening because..
... The local tradition is said to be one of the major causes of the spread of this disease. Since it's airborne, anyone coming close to the corpse of a person who has died of the black death could themselves, catch the infection. Health officials suspect it's no coincidence that the outbreak coincides with the time of year when families customarily exhume the remains of dead relatives, wrap them in a sheet, and dance with them through the streets in a sacred ritual
If You Want to Understand the Next 10 Years, Study Spain
... Madrid represents the nation-state as we know it, with its leaders claiming Spain is forever indivisible according to the constitution. Madrid has essentially proclaimed there's no possible avenue to independence from a centralized Spain even if various regions decide in large number they wish to be independent. This sort of attitude will be seen as unacceptable and primitive by increasingly large numbers of humans in the years ahead. Catalonia should be seen as a canary in the coal mine. The forces of decentralization are rising, but entrenched centralized institutions and the bureaucrats running them will become increasingly terrified, panicked and oppressive.
... If I'm correct in my forecast, the entire world will be looking at similar forces of decentralization battling it out with discredited, entrenched centralized power structures over the next decade or so. I think this will result in virtually all of our current institutions collapsing and being replaced by a completely different paradigm. In my view, the new paradigm will be increasingly defined by decentralized structures. Terms like "peer-to-peer," "distributed" and "direct democracy" will become increasingly ubiquitous as we begin to lay down the foundations for a far less top-down, centralized and authoritarian approach to human affairs.
Tesla Just Turned the Power Back on at a Children's Hospital in Puerto Rico
... Puerto Rico's governor, Ricardo Rossello, attended the project's inauguration and called Musk's efforts a "humanitarian gesture" that "could be a model to follow for public or private entities that offer critical services to citizens."
.. October 6, Musk tweeted that he was diverting company resources away from other projects in order to "increase battery production" for Puerto Rico. Less than three weeks later, on Tuesday, the project went live.
n America, the Right to Boycott Israel Is Under Threat. This Is Why That's Cause for Concern
... In a landmark decision from 1982, the Supreme Court ruled that an NAACP boycott of white-owned businesses in Mississippi, to protest segregation and racial injustice, was a protected form of free association and free expression. As the court recognized, political boycotts empower individuals to collectively express their dissatisfaction with the status quo and advocate for political, social, and economic change. These are precisely the freedoms the Constitution is meant to protect.
... Our client is a member of the Mennonite Church USA. In response to calls for boycott by the church and members of her congregation, she has decided not to buy consumer goods and services offered by Israeli companies and international companies operating in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.
... Earlier this year, our client was selected to participate as a contractor in a statewide training program run by the Kansas Department of Education. She was excited to use her skills to help train math teachers throughout the state, but when she was presented with a form requiring her to certify that she "is not currently engaged in a boycott of Israel," she told the state that she could not sign the form in good conscience. As a result, the state refuses to let her participate in the program.
Britain Drops More Than 3,400 Bombs in Syria and Iraq, Claims No Civilians Died
...Islamic State regularly used "human shields" in built-up areas, but despite this and the scale of the ordnance dropped by the RAF, the MoD maintains it has "no evidence" that its strikes have caused any civilian casualties – a position now roundly rejected by defence analysts and opposition parties.
Mosul's bloodbath: 'We killed everyone - IS, men, women, children'
>> from July-Aug 2017. Recall the mainstream media's reporting of Russian forces' collateral damage as they battled IS in Syria.. while they didn't mention even more was happening in Mosul in Iraq at the hands of US Coalition.
... Iraqi soldiers receive brutal, final order in last days of battle with IS: kill anything that moves.
... Hundreds of corpses lie half-buried in the broken masonry and rubble that was once a bustling, historic quarter. The stench of decaying flesh, which comes fast in the 50C summer heat, overwhelms the senses.
... That final killing spree has left its mark, and it is one some appear keen to cover over. Over the last week, armoured bulldozers have trundled back and forth over the crumpled houses, grinding uncounted corpses into the rubble.
... "There are many civilians among the bodies," an Iraqi army major tells MEE. "After liberation was announced, the order was given to kill anything or anyone that moved." Speaking on condition of anonymity, the major says the orders were wrong, but the military had to follow them. "It was not the right thing to do," he says. "Most of the Daesh fighters surrendered. They gave themselves up, and we just killed them."
.., "There is no law here now," the major says. "Every day, I see that we are doing the same thing as Daesh. People went down to the river to get water because they were dying of thirst and we killed them."
... Halperin, a political analyst for MSNBC, has been accused of lewd behavior and sexual assault by numerous different women. According to reports, he got off on pressing his erection against women's bodies.
... Trump's infamous locker room talk, which essentially described the ease by which famous and wealthy men can attract women, pales in comparison to Halperin's alleged history of sexual assault.
... For him to take the moral high ground on the Hollywood Access tape once again underscores the rampant hypocrisy that runs through the world of the establishment media, Hollywood, and the leftist intelligentsia.
... While relentlessly virtue signalling about how much they respect women and how bigoted and sexist the right is, many of these same people have been intimidating, harassing and abusing women for most of their adult lives.
... Some of the most vocal "male feminists," people like VICE writer Sam Kriss, director James Toback and Guardian columnist Rupert Myers, have been exposed as sexual predators.
Sexual predators in power being exposed across world
... Former Cabinet minister Maria Miller claimed she "experienced far more sexual harassment as an MP than in my 20-year career in advertising and marketing." She added: "This is not a thing of the past – we need to see it as a present day concern."
...News of the WhatsApp group comes in the wake of the #MeToo social media phenomenon which has seen women around the world speak out about sexual harassment.
Pakistani Butcher captured by Hungarian police
... In a statement, police in Hungary's Bacs-Kiskun county said they had stopped a group of illegal migrants near the southern border with Serbia on Tuesday and identified the 35-year-old man among them.
... The police identified him only by the initials A.Z. and said he was the target of an international arrest warrant issued by Pakistan.
Told "his reputation and liberty [was] in jeopardy" if he did not drop a lawsuit against the government
... The deal, which gave Rosatom control over 20 percent of U.S. uranium reserves, was approved despite evidence from the informant which showed that Uranium One was involved in a massive bribery and extortion scheme.
... The Justice Department's waiver will allow the informant to meet with the Senate Judiciary Committee, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the House Intelligence Committee. The FBI and Justice Department had previously blocked the informant from speaking with Congress or anyone else.
>> quick question : Shouldn't the lawmakers body question and remove the powers of the FBI and Justice Dept to block anyone from testifying to them? Who's the ultimate people's representative body? the FBI?
I think We Are Going To War Over Vegas - According to Joe -According to Joe, 2017-10-08
A detail analysis on the Vegas' shooting.
NEW WARNING! Bodies Everywhere in Hooters Las Vegas -According to Joe, 2017-10-22
Las Vegas Shooter's Brother Arrested For Child Pornography -Stefan Molyneux, 2017-10-25
Establishment PIVOT: New Colluder to BLAME For Trump? -Black Pigeon Speaks, 2017-10-27
>> after the russian hack accusations fell apart, now the mainstream is blaming anonymous collaborative networks of far-right extremists, strategically brainwashing people thru 4chan,, memes etc.. LOL
Infowars Dogs Official Troller For November 4th, 2017 -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-10-27
#RegressiveNews: Feminism Breaks Sweden -Computing Forever, 2016-11-22
The Recent Influx of Women into The Community -Computing Forever, 2017-06-26
>> wow, he's called out the male bigots in the conservative bastion by calling for the embracing of more women entering the conservative community, and asserting on the healthy partnership between men and women rather than battle for dominance.
The Hidden Story Of Whats Really Happening In Africa -WeAreChange, 2017-10-24
'We are going to be in Africa for many years to come' – analyst -RT America, 2017-10-25
Putin Switches Alliance Trump Warns Of Storm Ahead -WeAreChange, 2017-10-08
>> Also brings together the Harvey Weinstein saga
#RegressiveNews: The Moral Degeneration of the Left -Computing Forever, 2017-01-10
>> they really have gone too far.
Russell Brand's Utopian Socialist Delusion -Computing Forever, 2016-11-14
>> raises a question that refuses to go away : why are the promoters of all-out socialism mostly rich, and how is it that they NEVER do anything towards giving up any of that wealth, moving out of those mansions, even paying the people working for them "proper" and "equal" wages that they're demanding? It's not like they'll solve everything, but c'mon, at least set a personal example for others to follow?? Look at Tom Shadyac, who made the "I Am" documentary : He's one guy that actually walked the talk. But he'll get dismissed by the leftists as a spiritual loony.

>> we do need to call out the problems of the left, at the same time be aware of the problems of the right, and look towards something else, like decentralized direct democracy systems that diverge from both left and right.
Ripped up group's literature, refused to leave until police her escorted away
>> This IS childish behaviour. Getting into confrontational mode and physical mode, it can't lead to anything good, can't possibly inspire anyone to switch sides (except maybe show their side the ugliness and get them to switch over). It seems this is their interpretation of non-cooperation. Got twisted somewhere along the way.
Hillary claims she didn't know about the dossier – But posted 8 tweets related to dossier before election
Health Ranger celebrates free speech and the independent media: Keep fighting for liberty and truth
Nolte: Hillary Clinton colluded with Russians to rig election against Trump
... As of now there is no evidence President Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the 2016 presidential election. The same can no longer be said for Hillary Clinton.
>> links to :
... If purchasing misinformation from Kremlin officials as a means to manipulate media coverage and sway public opinion is not colluding with the Russians to rig an election, nothing is.
Overwhelming Presence of Tennessee Law Enforcement Ensures Peaceful 'White Lives Matter' Rally in Murfreesboro
>> what I'm learning from this is that there were far more counter-protestors there compared to the actual rally participants. Why is the left / antifa only doing counter-protesting now? Why not take out a rally of their own?
This pen-sized device can identify cancerous cells in seconds
... For use during surgery
WTF IS GOING ON IN THE MIDDLE EAST -Stefan Molyneux, 2017-10-29
>> US state dept casually admits that the Syrians rebels (they have funded) have chemical weapons.
>> Birds-eye view : The US has actively acted against 3 secular regimes (Iraq and Libya already taken out, Syria almost) and actively supported theocratic brutal regimes like Saudi Arabia. The biggest
>> Also something emerging from multiple sources : the muslim hijab/burqua is a modern-day artefact, not existing in most of the muslim world till some decades ago. It's also making big inroads into rural muslim communities in India where it was unheard of till recently.
Couple that Survived Las Vegas Shooting NOW Deceased 'Accidental' Car Crash -AMTV, 2017-10-29
Couple from Henderson Las Vegas die in crash after surviving Vegas shooting, Paddock owns land there -Charlton, 2017-10-28

>> body count of people who survived Las Vegas shooting and who reported a dissenting version of events, said there were multiple shooters, is piling up.
>> The authorities are passing it off as a case of "spontaneous combustion into a ball of flames". Bullshit. They were bombed and assassinated.
Hotel Guest Next To Vegas Shooter Just Blew Investigation WIDE OPEN With What He Said He Saw
INSANE footage of helicopter firing at crowd in Las Vegas. -imstillucalien, 2017-10-15
MUST WATCH!!! Helicopter Or Drones Vegas Shooting -The Social Experience, 2017-10-17
Health Ranger THREATENED: Destroy Alex Jones or we will destroy YOU! -TheHealthRanger, 2017-02-17
Who is responsible for cyclist Vijay's accident?
Emergency Warning: Malicious Effort NOW Under Way to Take-Out Trump Supporters and Silence Them -Lisa Haven, 2017-02-17
MEETING THE ENEMY A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement | Cassie Jaye | TEDxMarin -TEDx Talks, 2017-10-18
All the biggest lies about climate change and global warming DEBUNKED in one astonishing interview
>> links to..
Interview with István Markó, for Breitbart News Network — unabridged version
>> This is a counter-view that challenges the CO2 climate change narrative. My focus in not on the central message however, which I'm still not fully buying into and I have disagreements with much of what is written here. Rather, I'm focusing on the little tidbits that have piqued my curiosity and points worth investigating and where I'd love to see more RAW DATA being put out so we can settle the debates. Mentioning a few here:
>> too much stuff, made another blogpost of it:
The Little Ice Age in Europe
... Western Europe experienced a general cooling of the climate between the years 1150 and 1460 and a very cold climate between 1560 and 1850 that brought dire consequences to its peoples.
Dear College Snowflakes, No One Takes You Seriously | Lafayette Response -Roaming Millennial, 2017-10-18
Do College Students Hate Free Speech? Let's Ask Them. -ReasonTV, 2015-12-08
Milo Yiannopoulos Can't Get Enough of Protester's Stupidity -Daily Liberty, 2017-01-31
>> SJWs immature behaviour on full display : when they can't win with ideas they try to disrupt the event and waste everybody's time
Milo Yiannopoulos takes down pansy Harvard Liberals -Redpill Archives, 2017-02-11
Milo Yiannopoulos destroys fascist SJW professor -Redpill Archives, 2017-02-10
MILO: Top 5 Savage Jokes -MILO, 2016-11-22
MILO: "Men Don't Give A F*** About Political Correctness" -MILO, 2016-11-02
MILO at WCU: "Muslims and Feminists Both Hate Free Speech" -MILO, 2016-10-12
Milo Roasts The Clintons For 5 Minutes -MILO, 2016-09-27
Former Feminist Student Praises MILO -MILO, 2016-11-16
French Girl: MILO Is Right, Europe Is Falling -MILO, 2016-11-07
MILO: "Muslims Are Like The Borg" -MILO, 2016-09-27
Fat Shaming Works: Two Students Thank Milo For Helping Them To Lose Weight -MILO, 2016-10-13
Milo to Protestor: "Fuck Your Feelings" -MILO, 2016-09-20
Milo Yiannopoulos EPIC ROAST Of Harvey Weinstein And Hollywood Lackeys -MagiCal HD, 2017-10-15
Refusing Weinstein's Hush Money, Rose McGowan Calls Out Hollywood
India's Big Govt is the Main Problem of Public Sector Banks: Recapitalisation, Doesn't Solve That
...How does it apply in this context? In public sector banks, managers who have the knowledge to take the right decisions may not always have the power to do so. Take the case of retail lending. The manager looks at the ability of the borrower to repay a loan, and then decides to commission or not commission one. This explains why the bad loans ratio in case of retail lending is as low as 1.56 per cent (in fact, it was just 0.55 per cent before the merger). A proper process to give a loan is being followed in this case.
... But when it comes to lending to corporates, there are people out there (or at least used to be) who are trying to influence the manager's decision; from bureaucrats to ministers to politicians. In this scenario, the manager ends up giving out loans even to those corporates who do not have the wherewithal to repay it.
... The separation between knowledge and power has led to a situation where bank loans were given to many crony capitalists who have defaulted, and what we are seeing now is a fall out of that. In many cases, the corporates have simply siphoned off the loan amounts by over declaring the cost of the projects they borrowed against.

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