Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The West needs to be proud of their culture

Here's a video..
The West Is The Best: A Trigger Story
by ashtonbirdie

And here's my comment:

Lauren Southern is awesome, and so are you. I'm an Indian living in
India and I'm not triggered by this at all. You guys need to preserve
and carry forward what's great about your culture. Do not give it up.
Over here we have REAL right-wing fanatics and seriously corrupt
politicians who want to curtail women's rights, get rid of the
indigenous, wipe out all our ecosystem for quick money, who are
homophobic for real, who normalize rape, who want the government to
monitor each and everything that moves and who want to KILL anyone who
says anything they don't like. Oh, and the West's experience has
taught me that we can't really rely on our left-leaning folks here as
they have tyrants lurking within them too like you've experienced. So,
America, please ask your SJWs to go do their activism at the places
that actually need it, stop with the pretend show and wasting time
over there. And I hope us Indians one day "appropriate" your values of
freedom of speech and liberty and we become as wary of encroaching
government powers as you guys are, it's really needed all over the
planet and we just don't have it as strongly ingrained in our culture
as you do. India IS a gigantic cultural appropriation from various
cultures and we love doing that so we should absorb your best values
too. Till then we need you to DEFEND these values, preserve and
cherish them and don't let the tyrannical SJWs take it away from you.

What.. you thought I'll criticize her? That I'll get into some stupid
dog fight over which culture is best? To hell with that shit. I love
this lady, she makes sense, and everybody should be proud of what they

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