Wednesday, November 22, 2017 : Urban data portal that can take your messy data

I frequently come across doubts and roadblocks in the NGO and activism sector about sharing data. Some common pains:
- the format isn't proper, 
- we haven't been able to organise it properly yet, 
- report is still to be made 
- I got a copy of this really significant stuff, but it doesn't fall under my project's scope and there's nothing I can do with it.

Bringing this data to a "proper" levei can take time and effort. And sometimes you might not be able to budget for that time/effort and may have to move on to the next project or so. 

Sometimes the data you have is a huge pile of PDFs or scans.
Sometimes it's something that has been posted on the municipal corporation's website but you know it'll be taken down soon.

In such a scenario, I'll encourage you to just submit your data at this portal set up by Oorvani and DataMeet :

The people behind the website are long time open data champions and folks who understand both the social and the tech sectors. There is already a large amount of data getting collected there, and this way others who can take the work further can find that data and take it forward.

Q: What kind of documents can go here?
A: Please see this example:
Bengaluru BBMP Road History Ward 144 (Siddapura) – 2017

So please share your data there.

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