Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Questions from a democracy survey

I came across this survey shared by Sashi Tharoor on twitter. I liked the questions and also think there's scope for more that can be done there. For one, on the technical end, we should have checkboxes instead of radio buttons, as there were questions where I strongly felt for just two or three of the options and was not for the others and didn't want to select just one or "all of the above". So I'm archiving the questions and options provided : if you want to create such a survey then this is good material to start with. You can use the comments space to put in your suggestions too.

Do fill out the original survey too:

1. How strongly do you support parliamentary democracy as the best system for

Very strongly support parliamentary democracy

support democracy but not the parliamentary system

do not support democracy, would prefer autocratic rule/ benign dictatorship

no opinion


2. How well do you think our parliamentary democracy is working at present?

extremely well

adequately, but could use improvements

not working well at all

no opinion


3. what are you most concerned about in our parliamentary democracy today?

parliamentary sessions are not long enough

too much time is wasted in meaningless debates

too many disruptions and slogan-shouting

not enough questioning of Prime Minister and ministers

government's automatic majority makes debates futile

all of the above

none of the above


4. Which of these suggested reforms would you support?

A predictable parliamentary calendar of sessions, announced in advance at the beginning of the year

At least 150 days of meetings a year

Allowing the Opposition to set the agenda one day a week

Suspending any MP indulging in disruptive behaviour & expelling a repeat offender for the rest of the session

Abolishing the whip system and allowing "conscience voting" except on budget bills

all of the above

none of the above


5. Which of the following options would you prefer for India?

Continuation of the present system of parliamentary democracy

A Presidential system of directly-elected executive President, State Chief Ministers or Governors & Town Mayors with fixed terms of office not dependent on a parliamentary majority

A hybrid system (like France) involving both an executive President and a Prime Minister with a parliamentary majority

A modified system of parliamentary democracy based on proportional representation

none of the above


6. What change if any would you wish to see in the electoral system in India?

Removal of the election spending cap

Raising the election deposit to discourage frivolous candidates

State funding of elections

Creation of an electoral college to give small states more influence over the Centre

all of the above

none of the above

// End paste

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