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Re: Antifa : Useful idiots?

Some clues coming of who's funding Antifa.. and George Soros is on it.

The Nov 4 "revolution" was advertised for on front page of NYT, which costs about $150,000. Amazing fundraising job for a grassroots movement.

For something that was pretty bigly advertised and promoted, it's a bit strange that there wasn't so much of a turnout.

Footage of the protests:
Amongst other things, the footage throws up the repeating phenomena of the rally leaders reading from scripts on the mike rather than speaking their mind.

There's also the troubling part about training sessions of these groups instructing people not to talk to anybody from the mainstream or alternative media or to engage in debate with counter protestors. So they promote the protestors being violent and at the same time order them not to engage in dialogue. The "f**k trump" protests one year ago after the election results really stood out for that : CNN had such a tough time finding one who would speak on camera that they got their own cameraman to fake it. (#cnn #fakenews)

There's speculation coming up this being linked with other recent events like the Saudi prince arrests. The richest one to be arrested also owns a stake in Twitter (the so called free speech platform) and had donated big money to Clinton (yes, that's from the world's biggest womens rights abusing country, btw they also chair the UN human rights commission). The speculation is that the money channels dried up so the paid thugs made a no show.

There's not much evidence, but hey at least I can share this as an opinion : The globalists have infiltrated the left and are using them as useful idiots. Their utopian vision contains a secret oligarch group that'll occupy the top. When they say "the people will decide", they're really referring to unelected rulers acting on behalf of the People which is pretty much what every socialist/communist revolution has led to (also what the European Union has become). And it's the abandoning of the principle of nonviolence amongst the very "principled" leftist voices that has paved the way for this, coupled with the attack on freedom of speech under the garb of stopping hate speech, which leads to censorship of any and all dissenting views. Violence and intolerance of dissent helps the bad guys use well-meaning folks for their own ends.

This video covered the hypocrisy seen on the left brilliantly:

Previously sent:
Antifa may have been set up by the US deep state.. the kind of support it gets from mainstream media, the way they are behaving.. things  are very suspicious.

This video highlights how their protests are possible only with the full support of the very establishment they claim to want to overthrow.
URGENT!! A Message to Antifa: You are Walking Into a TRAP Nov 4 -inTruthbyGrace, 2017-10-28

Even their big actions at Berkeley etc happened after the police were given explicit orders to stand down and let them do as they please. Same happened in Charlotesville where Antifa was openly allowed to attack the rally participants and in the ensuing chaos a woman got killed. For all who contest that statement, question : would the death have happened if there wasn't a violent attack on the rally participants?

The video calls for caution regarding the Nov 4 calls to action.

While there is a lot of confusion regarding which side is which, I think following some basic principles, like that of non-violence, can help a lot to simplify matters. Also, Words and Actions are NOT one and the same : It is wrong to interpret speech as violence and thus ban speech; and the using the same yardstick it is now being pushed across western colleges that it's OK to punch people, to cause physical injury, as an expression of political disagreement. So if someone says something that you don't agree with, then according to the Left and the media, it's ok if you physically attack them. This is nonsense. Words and actions are not the same, period.

One more thing : There are rumours coming of an EMP drill being planned by the US military on the same day. Need I remind you that 9/11 happened on a day when the US air force was simulating planes getting hijacked, or that some attacks in UK and France have also happened on days when their forces were practising military exercises?

Other links:
Steven Crowder Infiltrates 'Antifa' -Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN, 2017-10-02
>> undercover op corroborates the violent behaviour and plans of Antifa to cause violence and chaos including readiness to kill people for political reasons.
Overwhelming Presence of Tennessee Law Enforcement Ensures Peaceful 'White Lives Matter' Rally in Murfreesboro
>> what I'm learning from this is that there were far more counter-protestors there compared to the actual rally participants. And that their attacks only lead to popularising the cause they are attacking. In this case, had all these counter-protestors never showed up, the actual rally would have been a big nothingburger.

Will Antifa Use Kids As Human Shields? -War Room, 2017-11-04
>> This is serious.. there is a call for bringing kids to rallies where there's also reports of them bringing weapons. With people like George Soros being widely implicated in funding BLM and Antifa, we must bear in mind that in Ukraine there were several hired protestors bussed in from other countries, paid by Soros's NGOs to protest, and that mercenaries were paid to shoot these protestors so that the ensuing chaos was then used to make the coup happen. Even in US elections it had emerged that disrupters at Trump's rallies were being paid for doing what they did.. there were ads put up online for it. If children are brought to protest rallies where violence is being planned and they get caught up in the chaos then that is all the excuse the US media needs to blame everything on Trump like they have been doing all this time.

UK To Jail Viewers Of "Far-Right Propaganda" | Amber Rudd | Terrorism -The Iconoclast, 2017-10-06
>> a consequence of the deranged philosophy of equating words with actions. Britons watching anti-establishment independent media voices like breitbart or infowars or Farage or anything else the government deems is "far right" are going to be thrown in jail under the pretext of stopping terrorism. And what kind of an example does this set up for every other country in the world? The Indian govt will happily interpret this to throw in jail everyone who dissents with their policies, and they'll justify it saying "look the British are doing the same thing too". And this follows after the UK govt is already monitoring full internet histories of all their citizens : another shining example. Thanks a ton, liberals applauding the move! Oh, don't watch the video if you're in the UK.. you might get arrested!

And this one's just for kicks:

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