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Interesting Links for February and March 2018

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The science of remedies: Baking soda found to encourage natural labor, saving women from the dangers of a C-section, according to new research
... In an episode of BBC's Today, Professor Susan Wray, study author from the University of Liverpool, reveals that baking soda can help neutralize acid in the uterus. This then helps women give birth naturally. The baking soda used in the study is the standard kind that can easily be bought in grocery stores.
Putin scolds everyone - ABC, Associated Press & random Polish guy -Inessa S, 2017-12-17
The Dangers of GMO Insulin for Type 2 Diabetics No One Talks About
2 Surat ration shop owners held for biometric security breach
Traders buy biometric data for Rs 15,000, run scam; held
The Truth About The Stock Market Crisis. Prepare Yourself. -Stefan Molyneux, 2018-02-06
Historic Market Crash As Trump Seeks Out Treason! -WeAreChange, 2018-02-07
EXCLUSIVE: Major Contact From Australian Skies -secureteam10, 2018-02-06
Squatting Slav TV vs Antifa Immigration Rally -Squatting Slav TV, 2017-10-10
Putin's Russia BOOMING Economically -Nathan Huffine, 2018-02-05
Squatting Slav TV vs. Racist Anti-Trumpers -Squatting Slav TV, 2017-03-08
BREAKING News!! Secret Service Agent Just Went ALL IN!! Obama is DONE!!! -TODAY NEWS, 2018-01-20
Ann Coulter just gave an OUTSTANDING Speech, gets a standing ovation -50 Stars, 2017-12-24
Dems Get EVEN MORE Bad News as Top Hillary Donor FLIPS and does the UNTHINKABLE to their employees -The Next News Network, 2018-02-07
Jordan Peterson - How To Stop Being Lazy & Progress In Life -Intense 5, 2018-01-07
UNFOLDING NOW: Traitor McCain Was Just Caught PAYING For It! What's Coming Next Will K*ll Him! -BREAKING NEWS TODAY, 2018-02-05
India Loves Their Cashless Society, But Hates Bitcoin! - Here's Why -WeAreChange, 2018-02-04
SECOND MEMO "SENATE MEMO" Just Released HITS THE DEEP STATE HARD!! Here Are The Findings -Power & Politics, 2018-02-06
What Feminists Do When They Lose Debates -MILO, 2018-01-23
Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro: Frontline of Free Speech (LIVE) -The Rubin Report, 2018-01-31
After Trump Drops 5 Words Rosenstein's Fate the White House Issues FORMAL DECISION on LIVE TV -The Next News Network, 2018-02-06
Massive Backlash After Deleted Videos Resurface, SpaceX Falcon Heavy, Trump Shutdown Love, and More -Philip DeFranco, 2018-02-06
Emma Watson's UN Speech: What She Didn't Say #HeForShe -Stefan Molyneux, 2014-09-29
Holistic Dr I am sharing stage with gets credible death threats -Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News, 2018-02-05
#36 | Guest Dave Rubin, the Rubin Report | Beauty & the Beta -Matt Christiansen, 2017-02-01
Trudeau TRIGGERED; Carter Page NOT SPY -Nathan Huffine, 2018-02-03
LIVE: Celebrating 600,000 Subscribers! -The Rubin Report, 2018-01-24
Petro-Yuan Hits World Market; Fed Betrays US Coal; Iran Sanctions Help China -Nathan Huffine, 2018-01-11
Squatting Slav TV vs. Black Lives Matter "March on Pride" -Squatting Slav TV, 2017-06-27
EXCLUSIVE: Steven Seagal Exposes Deep State War VS America/His Relationship With Putin: FULL INTERV. -The Alex Jones Channel, 2018-01-15
'This Is Complete Nonsense' - Ben Shapiro Educates Feminist Journalist Over Stupid Article -The Right Perspective, 2017-12-20
SPECIAL REPORT: After Dow Takes Massive PLUNGE this is what need to know about your 401k -The Next News Network, 2018-02-07
Stop Being A Sheep! Read The Memo Decide For Yourself -WeAreChange, 2018-02-06
Socialism Isn't Cool. -The Rubin Report, 2018-01-17
Sweden's Immigration Crisis and Political Correctness Problem (part 1) -The Rubin Report, 2016-05-23
Ben Shapiro Dismantles Socialism -Zane, 2017-02-25
How Socialism Ruined My Country -PragerU, 2017-03-30
FULL Panel Talk: How The Left Creates Conservatives -MagiCal HD, 2018-01-22 Google Engineer James Damore (Live Interview) -The Rubin Report, 2017-09-07
Why "Democratic" Socialism Doesn't Work -StevenCrowder, 2016-03-31
Philip DeFranco on YouTube Issues and Mainstream Media (Pt. 1) -The Rubin Report, 2017-09-06
Falcon Heavy Test Flight -SpaceX, 2018-02-07
SpaceX lands rocket at sea, makes history -The Verge, 2016-04-08
UKIP Nigel Farage MEP Killing It At The BREXIT Spectator Debate -Patriotic Populist, 2016-04-29
Professor Judith Curry Quits over Climate "Craziness" -1000frolly, 2017-01-08
Former F B I Director Comey Tweets The Dumbest Thing Ever - And It Reveals A Lot -Redacted Tonight, 2018-02-06
German women rise up! #120 -Martin Sellner GI, 2018-01-31
#120db: What The #MeToo Movement Ignores -Brittany Pettibone, 2018-02-04
The real #metoo - Interview with #120db -Martin Sellner GI, 2018-02-01
MUST WATCH: Best Reactions to FISA Memo Release pt. 2 -50 Stars, 2018-02-05
She UNLOADS ON FISA MEMO! -LNT, 2018-02-03
Julian Assange Exposes Comey After Comey Mocks FISA Memo -Screen Hoopla, 2018-02-03
Best reactions to FISA Memo release! -50 Stars, 2018-02-04
Ann Coulter on FISA Memo Fallout. -Rshill7, 2018-02-04
Nigel Farage REACTS to Feminists Getting Formula One Grid Girls SACKED -50 Stars, 2018-02-06
AWESOME!! Milo REACTS To FISA MEMO with Laura Ingraham -ELITE POLITICS, 2018-01-20
END of the Crypto-German EMPIRE & Old WORLD ORDER -Black Pigeon Speaks, 2017-11-27
.. A chemical bath and a hot-press can transform wood into a material that is stronger than steel, researchers report. The process, and others like it, could make the humble material an eco-friendly alternative to using plastics and metals in the manufacture of cars and buildings.
Seconds After FISA Memo Is Released Trump Stuns The World With Game-Changing Announcement(VIDEO)!!! -GLOBAL News, 2018-02-04
Major climate change study just confirmed the climate was changing dramatically in the 1800s, long before the invention of the combustion engine
>> This article goes on to make connections that are hard to directly take. But the basic data point on which it expands is important : climatic fluctuations, events like "an year without summer" have happened in the past and so blaming each and every fluctuation today, including record freezing temperatures, on only and only CO2 emissions is problematic.
Powering clean air: The world's first power plant with negative emissions now in operation
... They first tested a method — called "carbon capture and storage" — that involved coating plastic with an amine, which is said to be a chemical that is capable of absorbing carbon dioxide. Carbon capture and storage is performed by taking carbon dioxide out of the air and sequestering it somewhere underground — in this case, inside an underground rock.
>> Question : CO2 in the air reacting and getting sequestered into a liquid, is pretty much the first chemistry experiment most people do in school. Why is it that all the UN agencies etc aren't prioritizing the hunt for processing and sequestering CO2 ? If you use the argument here that making it available will encourage more emissions, then the same argument can be used to deny access to abortion facilities for women.
Bill Burr Rants About Women Who Blame Men For All Their Problems -The Great Work, 2017-12-16
Top 15 Secret Messages in Live Broadcasts -Top15s, 2017-12-06
Top 10 Unexplainable Videos That Will Give You Chills -Be Amazed, 2017-12-10
10 Creepy Things Everyone Ignores About The Pyramids -TheThings, 2017-11-12
China Blocking Bitcoin? While Russians Use Super Computer To Mine Cryptos -WeAreChange, 2018-02-11
The Stock Market Crash? Crazy Quincy, and a World Exclusive -WeAreChange, 2018-02-09
To Junior High, High School Students & Their Parents -Jordan B Peterson, 2018-01-03
DON'T CRITICIZE ISLAM! - A Shitty Buzzfeed Experiment -Chris Ray Gun, 2016-04-10
THE SELFISHNESS OF SUICIDE -Stefan Molyneux, 2018-01-01
MILK IS RACIST! - Exposing YouTubers! (OFFENSIVE) -Chris Ray Gun, 2017-02-25
Ben Shapiro: Telos, Responsibility and Cultivation -Jordan B Peterson, 2018-01-05
The Governments Free Speech Response -Count Dankula, 2018-01-29
WOW! Huge Scandal Shutdown, Huffpost Exposed, and Disturbing Info Coming Out About Otto Warmbier -Philip DeFranco, 2017-06-20
When Your Government Has Gone Rogue… -Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, 2018-01-29
Annihilation and Amazon -WeAreChange, 2018-02-12
WOW! The Truth Behind Horrifying Viral Video Is Tragic -Philip DeFranco, 2017-04-04
>> Brings out the slave economy of the middle east
>> The spoof on instagram going down towards the end is Hilarious!
Is This The Crash? Gold, Silver & Bitcoin Update - Mike Maloney -GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney), 2018-02-09
What is HashGraph and is it replacing Blockchain? Programmer explains. -Ivan on Tech, 2018-01-05
This Economic Disaster Will Happen On Trump's Watch - Hidden Secrets Of Money 7 - Mike Maloney -GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney), 2016-10-05
Bitcoin Joins The Everything Bubble: Stocks, Real Estate & Bond Implosion - Mike Maloney -GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney), 2017-05-16
John McAfee: "Pandora's box has been opened" (Crypto currency security) -#Civil Disturbia, 2017-08-23
The Crypto Revolution (Bitcoin Documentary) & Hashgraph - Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 8 -GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney), 2017-12-18
Bombshell science study reveals internal heat from Earth's hot core is what's causing Greenland's ice sheets to slide
... Its record levels of melting are expected to contribute to sea level rises and could potentially change patterns in ocean circulation in the future. Global warming alarmists have long pointed to this melting as being caused by human activity, but this study shows quite clearly that nature itself is responsible for the melting ice sheets in Greenland.
Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was on a "sedative-hypnotic" mind-altering psychiatric medication – autopsy report
... Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was taking mind-altering psychiatric medications at the time he carried out the Mandalay Bay mass shooting, reveal autopsy records obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.
... Surprisingly, toxicology results also reportedly detected arsenic, lead, selenium and mercury in Stephen Paddock's blood, according to the report. Mercury is well known to cause extensive neurological damage that can lead to aggressive, destructive behavior.
... Psychiatric medications, of course, are linked to the vast majority of so-called "mass shootings" that have taken place over the last two decades. See the website for an exhaustive list of those events.
... On the other hand, a single individual whose brain is poisoned with mind-altering drugs and heavy metals seems extremely unlikely to have been able to carry out the coordinated, precision-based attack that killed 58 people. It's also apparent from the evidence found in Paddock's room that his collection of gear, ammunition and tactical knowledge required months — if not years — of meticulous planning by someone well-versed in tactical engagements.
... Obama also ordered ISIS investigations shut down across the federal government, including ordering the destruction of an extremely valuable government database on Muslim extremists. That database was put together, in part, by a federal investigator named Philip Haney who worked for Homeland Security. He went public with all this on national TV, warning that the Obama regime interfered with the federal government's intelligence operation that could have stopped other ISIS-inspired mass shootings
... It's also possibly, by the way, that we are being lied to about Stephen Paddock's autopsy results as part of an effort to control the narrative.
... For this reason, by skeptical of all official reports regarding such events. The only way I would be completely confident in the autopsy results is if I somehow got a sample of Paddock's urine and tested it myself, in my own lab.
Whistleblower Says He Could Have Prevented CA Attack If Gov't Didn't Cut Funding -Fox News Insider, 2015-12-11
The Laci Green video I thought I'd never make .. -Bearing, 2017-06-23
>> Bearing standing up for Laci Green's opening up to the other side when her peers are attacking her.
>> the one thing I noticed in all the rants of SJWs... LABELS. That too ones which carry in them actual crime accusations. Without proof, accusing people of committing serious crimes. sexist, homophobe, racist, blah blah.. they can't get their heads out of all these labels, can they? And then they complain about people on the other side using "SJW", "leftist".. which don't carry in them any actual crime accusation. Do they actually think the labels used by both sides are even? Do they think calling someone a racist or a homophobe is as inconsequential, non-serious and "not personal" as calling someone an SJW?
Pakistani Inbreeding In UK | Rampant Child Health Issues | Political Correctness -The Iconoclast, 2017-06-02
Labour Party Tries Charging Whites More For Event | Working Class Abandoned | Equality Law -The Iconoclast, 2018-01-25
Tommy Robinson and Tapan Ghosh: Islam's War Against Hinduism in India -Rebel Media, 2018-01-23
Tommy Robinson: Chinese Military Recruitment Ad Puts British Army to Shame -Rebel Media, 2018-01-30
Tommy Robinson: Germany Fights Back! -Rebel Media, 2018-02-08
Tommy Robinson: Piers Morgan Stunned by Ex-Muslim | Friday Fatwa -Rebel Media, 2018-01-19
British Apostate Tells Tommy Robinson: Muslims "Tried to Kill Me" -Rebel Media, 2017-09-26
Tommy Robinson: Channel 4's "Moderate" Muslims -Rebel Media, 2017-08-31
>> This hilarious case illustrates the conquest-nature of Hindutva. Those who extended a hand of friendship to them got paraded as conquered and converted. Nearly all mainstream media of India : especially those who keep saying that they only do responsible journalism and others are doing fake news, got caught in this fake news trap.
Poland "Denies" The Holocaust -Squatting Slav TV, 2018-02-06
The Truth About South Africa's Farmer Massacre -Squatting Slav TV, 2017-11-01
South Africans Live in a Dangerous Gated World -Lauren Southern, 2018-02-02
Laci Green is Changing the Game -Armoured Skeptic, 2017-05-14
PewDiePie - A Character Assassination -Armoured Skeptic, 2017-02-16
The New Social Justice Warriors -Armoured Skeptic, 2017-06-18
Laci Green Has My Respect -SomeBlackGuy, 2017-05-12
Atheists are a Myth -Armoured Skeptic, 2014-07-26
Crowder Uses Skepticism™ -Armoured Skeptic, 2017-04-24
The Burkini-Bikini False Equivalence and Your Disproportionate Outrage
>> Attacking both sides of the debate at the same time.. Kudos!
.. DID YOU KNOW THAT you can condemn a ban on a mode of dress while SIMULTANEOUSLY acknowledging the presence of systemic constraints enforcing that dress, with their full gravity and ideological context?
>> western feminists keep choosing one while turning a blind eye on the other
... And frankly, if you have been very concerned with championing the rights of Muslim women in France but do not also talk about the rights of Muslim women regarding modesty doctrine, FGM, honor crime, arranged marriages, etc etc, then you do no service to women from Muslim backgrounds.
... If you care about the hijabi who is publicly attacked or restricted for her hijab in the West but not about the hijabi in the West who is beaten by her father who caught her texting a boy in her class, then you do no service to women from Muslim backgrounds.
... Your anti-racism fails in its purpose, and I and women like me are hard put to forgive you for the collateral damage, invisible to you perhaps, but falling heavy on our shoulders, the shoulders of the most silenced and marginalized in the Muslim world.
PNB slips 8% as Mumbai branch detects over Rs 11,000 cr fraud; investors lose Rs 3,000 cr wealth
Critics of Aadhaar project say they have been harassed, put under surveillance
Crowdsourcing portal for supporting dissenting journalism and for supporting victims of hate politics
Taxpayer Funded Bailouts of Public Sector Banks Will Only Get Bigger
... for every Rs 100 that banks have lent, more than Rs 10 has been defaulted on by borrowers.
>> "Responsible", "strict" banking sector? Tight control by SEBI and other agencies? My ASS.
Some cultures are better than others
... Pamela Mastropietro was found chopped up and dumped on a street with parts of her body stuffed in suitcases last month in the Italian commune of Pollenza.
... surgeon, psychiatrist and criminologist Professor Alessandro Meluzzi told Italy Today that the murder bears the hallmarks of "methods that the Nigerian mafia applies systematically in Nigeria and elsewhere."
... Highlighting the fact that the teen victim's heart and parts of her genitals have not been found, Meluzzi suggests that the Nigerian mafia ritual of cannibalism is an "ancestral rite that goes back to ancient times," and that Mastropietro may have been partially eaten as part of the macabre murder.
... Illustrating how mass immigration is causing such deep divisions in Italian society, Luca Traini, the man who went on a racist shooting spree to get revenge for Mastropietro's murder, received popular support from many Italians.
>> What you end up provoking when you get into full censorship mode. "Those who make nonviolent revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable". Of course there's going to be a violent reaction if you don't allow people to speak about the injustices they see all around them.
Rejected asylum seeker had been allowed to roam free
... A failed asylum seeker in Germany stabbed a woman to death in front of her young children because she converted to Christianity from Islam.
>> This is for real. The Ex Muslims group keeps highlighting how this violent hatred for apostates is being ingrained by islamist preachers etc.
Beijing defends human dignity, bishop says
... "I found an extraordinary China; what people do not know is that the central Chinese principle is 'work, work, work.' … As Paul said: 'He who does not work does not eat.' You do not have shantytowns; you do not have drugs; young people do not have drugs. There is a positive national consciousness — they want to show that they have changed; they already accept private property."
LoopX made a number of bold claims to investors, including the promise of 'guaranteed profits every week'
'Litecoin and Dash will take their place next to Bitcoin as the everyday payment currencies of the dark web'
... The study found cyber criminals began growing frustrated with Bitcoin in 2016 as the digital currency started to gain value and in turn saw its transaction fees increase and processing speed slow down.
Could ISS become commercial venture run by private industry?
Silicon Valley Is A Danger To Internet Freedom / Rupert Murdoch Has A Plan To Censor The Web -The Alex Jones Channel, 2018-01-24

>> It's funny how what the opposition declares as its stand and what the incumbent is declaring to be the opposition's stand are so different. Lorenzin will probably start yelling that 5Stars and others want to ban all vaccines and force everyone to eat each other's faeces. What her opponents are actually saying is : "We support vaccines but do not want to make the COMPULSORY on parents". The way they are made compulsory is by denying basic human rights to human beings if they don't vaccinate, like education. This article is biased but I'm glad the journalist didn't outright lie and had the dignity to at least put forth the exact statements that the opposition is making.
>> And science is NEVER writ in stone. Just because someone wants more independent research on vaccines doesn't make them anti-science as this article as alleged. It could very well be the people demanding mandatory vaccinations for all who are being anti-science, by not seeing that there are differences in human anatomies and some human babies CAN be more predisposed to harmful effects of particular vaccines. I also noticed how the author while making the case about measles outbreak, isn't ready to share whether the kids who contracted measles were actually vaccinated or not, or if the 5000 children who contracted it actually died from it, or did they just pass through it as a natural rite of life the way I passed through chickenpox and mumps in my childhood days.
Jaggi Vasudev – Sadhguru or Scamster ?
>> I find it worth noticing, all around the world, that the people who have the most of PLENTY to spare to simply pay their taxes and move on, are instead spending 100 times more mental energy and taking 100 times more risk and even committing violence and getting into destroying people's lives just to avoid paying some stupid tax. Isha foundation for example, can do perfectly well by operating as a company, even as a social enterprise, in all its official dealings. But they are going overboard in making even the bluntest of sales get filed as donations. Why? To what end? Why to keep on worshipping and sacrificing to the Tax Evasion, Law Violation Satans? Why not perform true Dharma by being a good taxpayer?
10 Questions For Arun Jaitley On Nirav Modi Scam
>> also to add, is PNB letting customers close their accounts and move to other banks or not? Sheriffs (police chiefs) are ELECTED. Did you know? Can you imagine an India in which we ELECT our city's police chief? Can you imagine how would things be in Delhi if Delhiites ELECTED their head of Police, rather than being at the mercy of an unelected LG?
India's law and order system, and the IAS system too, was made for managing a slave colony. The UK itself doesn't follow the structures that they installed here, because they respect their citizens. By keeping the structures same after British left, we have remained a slave colony.
Jordan Peterson - This evil Social Justice mindset Threatens All -Dose of Truth, 2018-02-17
Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism -Channel 4 News, 2018-01-16
A Psychologist and a Former Channel 4 Producer Discuss Cathy Newman -PhilosophyInsights, 2018-02-04
Cathy Newman Thought She Won The Debate -H3 Podcast Highlights, 2018-02-03
Did Russia Just Win the War in Syria?
Did Russia Just Win the War in Syria? -Newsbud, 2018-02-18
Marvel comics' Fresh Start looks like a return to old cliches
>> diversity fail. FAIL. Now they're cleaning up their act and Guardian is hating it. Iron Man is nothing without Tony Stark! Captain America is C.A. because he LOVES his country and all the people in it! They wanted to take down genuine nationalism with this plot twist? WTF were they even thinking? Reading too much Guardian probably.
>> And, understandably, no comments allowed anywhere on this page.
'I'm not even sure [how] he got away with his life at this point,' reports police officer
>> Mother-daughter pair defended themselves against a murderor, the headline should read!
>> bastard had his money already, could've just fled at the first sign of armed resistance, instead it's clear from the video that he came back for "teaching them a lesson". See how he pretends to surrender for a while and then brutally attacks that poor old woman, thrashing the senior citizen's whole body around while trying to wrench the gun from her hand! Had she let her grip go, the headlines would be telling us about an execution-style murder of the mother-daughter pair! This was truly a life-or-death situation and that too it was caused not by some poor person stuck in a bad place, but an evil man wanting to silence his victims and send a message "if you try to fight back, I will kill you". HE COULD HAVE JUST RUN WITH THE MONEY, BUT HE CAME BACK TO KILL THEM. What sane robber would even bother to COME BACK to people shooting at him? This guy clearly wanted to kill. What hell must the daughter have gone through, trying to make sure she shoots him and not her mother! Thank God the mother-daughter are safe.
'I'm no Putin fan, but one must accept facts': Veteran journo walks out of Al-Jazeera panel (VIDEO)
... Vladimir Pozner, one of Russia's most-respected journalists, walked out of an Al Jazeera panel on the upcoming Russian election after it became clear that it would only be "an ideological debate" void of real analysis.
>> Awesome exit! Wish we could see such stuff happening on one of Arnab Goswami's hangout calls.
Interview: Arvind Kejriwal's principal secretary on how he was hounded, humiliated and maligned
'I can speak out,' says Rajendra Kumar, 'but there are millions who are framed out of vengeance, who are framed to fix them politically.'
Antonia Okafor and Dave Rubin on Guns, Abortion, and Conservatism (Full Interview) -The Rubin Report, 2017-06-02
Brigitte Gabriel and Dave Rubin: Terrorism, The Muslim Brotherhood, and Linda Sarsour -The Rubin Report, 2017-05-19
Religion of Peace: A Brief History of Islam - Brigitte Gabriel #islam #religionofpeace -Answers in Insanity, 2016-02-12
French researcher uses simple hack to access Telangana government site with lakhs of Aadhaar details
TSPost has account details, including Aadhaar numbers, of 56 lakh NREGA, and 40 lakh social security pension beneficiaries.
Noor & Mohd Ali - Raphel Susewind
>> documents the rise of "Mohammad" as first name in muslim communities in UP, India
>> my comment there:
It's not restricted to UP or India. While the news reports coming from right-leaning sources have their own biases, they do bring up fact-points that are heavily being censored by the mainstream for fear of provocations. Look at this: While left-leaning fact-checkers will trash these articles just on the basis of "where it's no.1 or not", the fact that gets through is that there IS a rising trend. And IMHO that censorship, the ban on talking about things, is only fuelling extremism on all sides. Anyways, my uneducated guess is, the rise in name concentration is part of a rising influence of Salafist / Wahabbi schools of thought through increased funding of mosques and training of imams coming from places like Saudi Arabia. It co-incides with Muslim communities outside the middle east adopting more and more restrictive conservative traditions rather than modernizing, de-integrating from their host countries, putting hijab on their girls and glorifying the same not as free choice but as a symbol of piety/purity, and rising acceptance of violent intolerance towards apostates. Interviews of ex-muslims yield a lot of cultural shifts in their communities that they have witnessed over the past 20 years that has compelled them to leave at enourmous personal expense and even serious threat to life for many. Sadly the mainstream is hell-bent on branding all ex-muslims and pro-reform muslims as violent islamophobes these days.
How 'Flippy The Robot Fry Cook' Will Save America
... People who talk about "living wages" for low skilled labor must think very poorly of their fellow humans.
... I laugh when low skilled workers are replaced by robots not because I have contempt for low skilled laborers. On the contrary, I am glad for them.
... Stagnancy is a horrible fate. Seeing people settle for less is depressing. And some percentage of people who get replaced by Flippy the Robot will go on to do great things. But only if they advance themselves and their skills. They should strive to do what robots cannot.
... Robots free people from menial tasks. Robots free up the most valuable resource, time. That is a gift. Humans' most valuable tool is not their hands, it is their brain. And I believe in my fellow humans enough to know they can put that brain to work and thrive in the modern economy.
... Opportunity is the keyword. Society will move on with or without you. Don't try to hold it back by preserving jobs and labor that is not necessary. That is a fear based response.
>> I'm contrasting the arguments in this article with the perennial crisis narrative I hear from more left-leaning places about jobs and livelihoods being under threat. The case of the salt workers of northern Gujarat comes sharply to mind. Here's an extremely torturous profession and extremely horrible way of life that is being mechanized. And the otherwise-wonderful social sector folks who introduced me to the story were all like "oh no their livelihoods are in danger because of this mechanisation". They prodded me to go visit those places, live with those people, experience their pain... but I was like, for WHAT? I wouldn't want to do what they're doing, and I'm sure as hell glad that their next generation gets to do something else! Looking beyond that immediate and no-imagination crisis feeling, I really find myself differing from the 'we need to provide jobs for everyone' narrative. Provide skills man.
...Dr S. Ananth of the RBI-established Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology has said in his paper that a "major challenge for UIDAI is to protect the data under its control since the biometrics is now an important national asset. Thanks to Aadhaar, for the first time in the history of India, there is now a readily available single target for cyber criminals as well as India's external enemies. In a few years, attacking UIDAI data can potentially cripple Indian businesses and administration in ways that were inconceivable a few years ago. The loss to the economy and citizens in case of such an attack is bound to be incalculable.The problem is now compounded with the linkage of bank account, driving license, phone number and a host of other services to Aadhaar. It means that the Aadhaar number will be available in databases of each and every service provider. Hence, any breach of the database of one provider has the potential to compromise the details of the Aadhaar numbers."
Parsons Green Tube 'bomber', 18, 'told UK officials he had been trained to kill by ISIS when he arrived as a child asylum seeker in the back of a lorry two years before detonating device in packed train'
CNN ATTACKS PJW! -Paul Joseph Watson, 2018-03-05
No More Mister Nice Gay -MILO, 2018-03-07
Kurdish women's movement makes a historic call to women across the world
YouTube deletes entire Health Ranger video channel; deletes over 1700 videos in latest politically motivated censorship purge
Health Ranger announces Real.Video as "the answer to YouTube censorship" … bypass tyranny and censorship with p2p file sharing
Two Miramar SWAT officers suspended for heading to Parkland massacre
Trump has expressed openness to invitation, saying, 'We'll see'
People could be saved from genocide
The patriot movement is spreading worldwide
Austria's capital "is dirtier, poorer and increasingly crime-ridden since migrants began living there"
Rather than greet the white folks as "immigrants" who are coming to "diversify" and "culturally enrich" their town, the Defend Boyle Heights activists are working to have them expelled "by any means necessary."
Shocking victory for proponents of alternative medicine
In Australia, an effort to label all alternative (traditional, complementary) medicine products as "based on pseudoscience" has failed.
Jeff SECESSION: No Such Thing As Nullification, Secession? -Real News with David Knight, 2018-03-08
>> WAIT, the content has much more: a discussion about medical marijuana, opioids
An anti-bullying plan called for adding Muslim holidays to staff calendars
... Hanif gave pamphlets to students that advised Muslim youth to contact CAIR if they faced bullying, which according to CAIR includes "insulting comments about Islam."
... A lawsuit filed in May by the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF) accused the school district of entangling itself with CAIR to set up a "subtle, discriminatory scheme that establishes Muslim students as the privileged religious group."
>> Think about the false negatives of such a program. A group of atheist-leaning students is sitting on a lawn, cracking jokes about various religious figures and traditions. Christianity get impaled. Hinduism gets fried. Buddhism gets poked. And then in the same spirit. somebody cracks a joke about Islam. Maybe something like "My brother told our family last month that he's gay. Lucky thing we're Christians and not Muslims, or he'd be dead by now!" Some student overhears this and co-incidentally is bearing a grudge against one of those students, and decides to report just the Islam joke. The whole group gets instantly dismissed from school, AND defamed in their community. Google their names and the whole story is out there, meaning they'll never get admission or employment. SJWs genuinely believe that schools are the LAST places in the world to find anyone saying something dishonest or bearing grudges or cracking politically incorrect jokes. They also seem to genuinely believe that "forgiveness" doesn't exist, especially for children, and that "justice" can be achieved in human society without ever having to bother about "forgiveness". Would you send your kid to a school where cracking a joke can ruin his entire life?
Liberals Okay With Beating Your Wife As Long As Its For Sharia Law
>> Sweden court rules in favor of wife-beating husband, cites Sharia law. I have a problem with inclusiveness going this far.
Afrin in panic as Turkish Army on the brink of reaching Afrin city
Footage shows Turkish police attacking the victims of the IS bomb attack
Pune conciliation forum resolves two cases in maiden meeting
Weinstein Forced Staff to Corner Starlets, Schedule Sex, Inject Erection Drugs, New York Attorney General Claims
>> And that's Hillary Clinton's major fundraiser and long time friend of Oprah Winfrey for you. If it WAS so widespread and stretching back several years, it leads to one of two inferences :
1. These women who make grand claims of standing up for women's rights today, do not actually care about women when the abuser is their friend,
2. Hillary and Oprah are extremely poor at figuring out truth, and cannot be relied upon to make good judgement in critical and dicey matters as they might end up believing and supporting the wrong side.
#meToo #hijacked
Alwar: 32-yr old Uma Rajput who worked at a factory to make ends meet was *beheaded* with a sword in public by her father-in-law Maamra who believed it was against Rajput pride for a woman to work.
No passerby helped, no media outrage. India 2018.
It Takes More Than Guns to Kill a Man
Eight years after Mumbai-based lawyer Shahid Azmi was shot dead, many Muslim youth are following in his footsteps and fighting for justice for the terror accused.
By rewriting history, Hindu nationalists aim to assert their dominance over India
... Referring to the emblematic colour of the Hindu nationalist movement, RSS spokesman Manmohan Vaidya told Reuters that "the true colour of Indian history is saffron and to bring about cultural changes we have to rewrite history."
>> I would stay miles away from ANYONE who thinks it's a good idea to rewrite history : left of right.
... "Our government is the first government to have the courage to even question the existing version of history that is being taught in schools and colleges."
>> I also do not think history as presently taught is true. But I don't think the truer history can be found by a committee whose end output has already been decided from the beginning. Obviously in the course of their research they will only give weightage to the facts that support their theory while ignoring all else. I'd rather keep the deciding of history out of the purview of State... instead let there be alternate histories.
... With an annual budget of about $400 million - an important source of federal funding for historical research, archaeology and the arts - the Culture Ministry is an influential place to start a campaign of historical revision.
>> Awesome game on geometry: Engare

Looking around for Libertarians in India:
Arvind Kejriwal's apology is him ​​dealing with bullies who use defamation suits as barbs, writes Atishi Marlena
>> Technical realities of criminal defamation cases explained.
... As on today, Arvind Kejriwal is fighting more than 20 defamation cases in all parts of the country, from Delhi to Bangalore to Mumbai to Guwahati. The classic example of how defamation cases are used to divert time and attention of anyone who raises uncomfortable questions is the defamation case filed by Assam BJP leader Surya Ronghpar, in a court in Guwahati; this is against Arvind Kejriwal for questioning the veracity of the Prime Minister's degree. Every single appearance in Guwahati would mean 24 hours of the Delhi Chief Minister.
Doctors whitewash killing of infant who died after 8 simultaneous vaccinations
... According to Crystal Downing, the mother of the infant, her son, Matthew, had been given DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis or whooping cough), IPV (Inactivated Polio Vaccine), Hib (a vaccine against meningitis, pneumonia and other illnesses caused by the bacterium Haemophilus Influenzae Type b), PCV (Packed Cell Volume), Hep B (Hepatitis B) and Hep A (Hepatitis A) in three shots, one in the right arm and two in the left leg, just a day before his sudden death. Mathew became irritable and cried a lot the day after receiving the eight vaccine injections. His mother thought this was normal behavior following vaccination. The Downings thought their child would get better after receiving the eight injections – only to find his lifeless body the next day.
Medical Police State: Pro-vaccine freaks want police to kick down doors and forcibly vaccinate children at gunpoint
Renewable makeover: Michigan farmers switching from tobacco to solar arrays
>> We're supposed to believe that this platform is a climate change denialist. But disagreeing with the CO2-is-everything paradigm instead seems to free up these folks to talk more about pollution, pesticides, toxins, need for decentralizing power, switching to renewable energy etc. I don't find these people shilling for big oil, and they're just as opposed to fracking.
Engineers are developing robot farmers that may make widespread pesticide spraying obsolete
>> There's gonna be mixed reactions to this, sure. But hey, a farmer who's lost a harvest because of not being able to pluck it in time would welcome some automation of agriculture. A farmer who's lost the field to weeds would welcome some helping hands. Plus, you can just as easily arm these robots with eco-friendly pest control measures instead of toxic pesticides.
Peter Schiff: Most of Bitcoin's "paper profits" will VANISH… cryptocurrency's limited supply a total myth
China has developed a magnetic propulsion drive for use on nuclear submarines, making them almost silent
>> Hunt for Red October?
A new Atlantis? Floating nation being built in the Pacific, designed to "liberate humanity from politicians"
Ex-Muslim: Leaving Islam - BBC News -BBC News, 2015-06-09
Rescuing Ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam -VICE News, 2016-02-10
High School Student Destroys SJW Teacher Who Says She Is Smarter Than The Dictionary -The Common Sense Conservative, 2017-11-07
Jordan Peterson - Why Am No Longer An Atheist -Conservatism, 2018-02-24
>> 10:35 : "people are redeemed one by one and not in groups" : Yep, now we know why the identity politics spouting liberal left hates this guy, and why right-wingers will hate him too. Puts the individual over group identity.
Corporates Responsible for More Than 80% of Bad Loans of Public Sector Banks
'Allah Is Gay' - Here's What Happened in Luton -Lauren Southern, 2018-03-22
The Vanishing Hindus of Pakistan – a Demographic Study
The Hindu population has faced persecution in Pakistan ever since 1947, but it didn't vanish – it came home.
>> in a nutshell, India & Pakistan signed up for the world's biggest exchange offer, but lost track of deliveries in the heat of the moment and many goods were lost or destroyed en route, and we STILL can't figure out what the bloody hell happened. Lesson to learn from it? Exchange offers are not a good option, when the goods happen to be people. Far more efficient to separate church+mosque+temple from state and be happy where you are, honour the individual over and above any group identity, be it Hindu, Muslim, Brahmin, Dalit, Sunni, Shia, Sikh, Jain, Sindhi, Parsi, Jew, whatever dude.
Response of right-wingers and pseudo-nationalists : Let's sign up for even more exchange offers.. / so many people got killed back then, therefore even more people should get killed now, it's only fair yaar!
An article on over-sexualization of childrens' clothes by parents and over-exposure to songs and dance with sexually explicit lyrics.

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