Thursday, April 12, 2018

Trump is more of a Kejriwal than a Modi

The way the US establishment and mainstream media is treating Donald Trump, it's clear to me he's more of a Kejriwal than a Modi. 

Unfortunately the Indian civil society, pro-democracy folks, dissenters against totalitarianism etc are still trapped in identity politics and left-right paradigms will keep analoguing Modi with Trump despite piles of evidence to the contrary. 

They will accept blindly what the US mainstream has given them and then tell their fellow Indians not to blindly accept what the Indian mainstream gives them. 

This false slotting together of Modi and Trump has only bolstered Modi's electoral chances as people who know better about US politics take Trump's positives and hastily ascribe them to Modi, and in converse, they will hastily ascribe the Clintons' corruption and the deep state to everybody who dares to stand against Modi.

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