Thursday, April 12, 2018

A weapon against youtube's censorship regime: extract entire channel's metadata

This is an offering to all the people out there who are suffering from Youtube's arbitrary and politically motivated censorship regime.

Please use this one-web-page tool to backup the full metadata and statistics of any video channel. 

You can then feed a column from this data same list into youtube-dl or other programs to download ALL of that channel's videos.

With this metadata backed up it's possible to #MoveOn to other platforms and carry over all the views, likes statistics, video titles, descriptions etc. It can also help to take periodic snapshots and investigate fraudulent tactics like reduction of views (which is not explainable in any way!) and likes.

Also, this page/script is completely self-standing : the data flows directly from youtube's API to you. No third party gets any info of any kind. I haven't even kept any usage tracker for that reason. It's a fully client-side javascript that you can Ctrl+S and save to your computer and run from there. Also, you do not need to be the owner of the channel to do this. Anyone can take metadata backups of any video channel. #Infowarriors Assemble!

There are conservative/libertarian coders out there too you know, we're not all SJWs! 

Note: Please follow the instructions on the page carefully. It involves setting up a Youtube API key, and finding the unique id of the "uploads" playlist of the channel. You can reach out for help if you get stuck by filing an issue

#youtubecensorship #youtubepurge #youtubedemonetization #youtubeshooting #censorship #SJWs #infowars 

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