Saturday, April 28, 2018

What if the world's environmentalists focused on pesticides / soil health instead of CO2?

... then Monsanto wouldn't have been allowed to get away with calling their products a solution to climate change at least. They wouldn't have been allowed to net billions in subsidies based on that false claim. 

Imagine billions of dollars of taxpayer money focused on restoring small, real farms producing real food, overturning fraudulent court cases filed by GMO companies against small farmers, instead of being put to line the pockets of billionaire energy company bosses and politicians like Al Gore. 

Imagine not seeing state-sized toxic lakes forming as a by-product of a taxpayer-funded green push

Imagine thousands of environmental studies courses around the globe spending just as much time on teaching about soil health as they do about CO2. 

Imagine an intergovernmental organisation under the aegis of the United Nations collating a 97% consensus from the world's scientists and calling on all world governments to put a halt to subsidizing runaway pesticide companies.

CO2 and the single-minded, monocropping-style obsession with it and it only, has been a major distraction from real environmental solutions that would have prevented the problem far upstream. But the people who will point that out have been classified by our high-horsed friends as climate change deniers to kill off their voices. Their inputs will not make it to policy consultations because they have been demonized.

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From: Josh & Rebecca Tickell
Date: Sat, Apr 28, 2018 at 12:24 AM
Subject: What's up Bay Area? Kiss The Ground Book tour coming your way...

Dear friends and family,
Maybe you saw the cover of the New York Times this week, maybe you heard your neighbor talking about it, or maybe you're already a soil hero amongst us but if you haven't heard yet? SOIL (aka "dirt") has been the hot topic lately. I know I know, we've been talking about it for years but guess what, the world is finally waking up. And now is a more critical time than ever to keep the movement alive and turn this conversation into action!
If you live in the Bay Area or want an excuse to get out of town next week, join us for these very exciting Kiss The Ground events happening (and stay tuned for more dates and cities to come in the Kiss the Ground book tour!)
Tuesday May 1st
7pm-9pm PST at Book Passage, Corte Madera
space is limited so reserve your spot here

Kiss The Ground Book Signing & conversation with
Josh Tickell and Carla Vernon, President of Annie's Homegrown

Join Carla Vernon, the President of Annie's Homegrown and Kiss The Ground book author, Josh Tickell for a Conversation about the importance of regenerative agriculture and healing our soils. Learn about Annie's commitment to advancing regeneration through their production model and get an inside scoop on how a big business was able to commit themselves to soil health.  Oh, and get your Kiss The Ground Book copy signed by Josh while you're at it!

Wednesday May 2nd
7pm-9pm PST at The Victorian Theatre, San Francisco
space is limited so reserve your spot here

How to Regenerate the Earth and Reverse Climate Change – a talk by Kiss The Ground Book author, Josh Tickell.
Featuring opening acts by the SeaStars

Join Sundance Award-Winning, Oscar Shortlisted, NY Times Critics' Pick author/filmmaker, Josh Tickell for an eye-opening, heart-palpitating presentation that reveals the true hidden story of what is happening to Earth's climate and how to fix and reverse some of the largest trends we are experiencing today. Drawing from his book and upcoming film, Kiss the Ground, Tickell  will unravel a powerful story with hope, tools and life-changing takeaways. 

Help bring about a rapid shift from a degenerative economy to one that supports the mutual thriving of people and planet. Join Josh May 1st - May 4th in SF for the ReGen18 conference where hundreds of world changers in philanthropy, business, government and citizen activism will convene to foster the emergence of a new regenerative society. 
In other news, as part of Ojai's Earth Day celebration, Rebecca organized a friendly but firm protest against the spraying of Roundup herbicide on our local public parks. (Roundup contains an ingredient called glyphosate which is suspected to cause cancer). As a result of the political action, which was joined by a number of local concerned parents, children and citizens, the Ojai valley Land Conservancy agreed to stop spraying Roundup at a popular local park. Not only did the protest make an impact, but the community is now looking at natural weed reduction methods like using goats and herbivores, as well as organizing community hand and mechanical removal of weeds. Thank you to all who showed up to voice your support this Earth Day!
We are so excited to show the Bay Area some love next week and can't wait to see you there! As always, if you can't make it, you can always catch up with us on Facebook or instagram :)
Josh, Rebecca, and the team at Big Picture Ranch 

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