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Climate reality: Don't mix cause and effect

It's not about debunking conspiracies just for the sake of debunking conspiracies. It's about analysing the chain of facts and events and figuring out what's REALLY going on.

Came across this shared by a Page that I otherwise get quite useful posts from:

"Global Warming: 420,000 years of data proves that contrary to current belief today, the Vostok data shows us that CO2 increases lag behind temperature increases by about 800 years. This means that CO2 is not the cause of the increased temperatures, and global warming is not caused by man."
<Head smack> omg where's your logic gone off to? for 420,000 years CO2 increase happened AFTER temperature rise, and THAT warming of course wasn't caused by humans. Now for the first time in recordable planetary history, CO2 increases are happening BEFORE temperature rise. And then the natural systems will pick up from that and release MORE CO2 from the oceans and permafrost. This is the very core of the runaway global warming explanation.
Oh, and please tell us whether ANY of the CO2 increases of the past 420,000 years have ever reached the heights (390+ ppm latest) or acceleration rate of today's CO2 levels, in the ABSENCE of any major volcanic eruption or similar natural cataclysm?


YES the neo-imperialists are abusing global warming to further their own agenda. That doesn't automatically prove it to be false, dude. The neo-imperialists aren't actually doing anything to STOP it, in case you didn't notice: All their industries, corporations are STILL accelerating fossil fuel emissions without any signs of stopping. They're only preying on the consumer end which is bullshit, because the real damage is taking place at the producer end and is not controlled by consumer.

But if it all boils down to facts, let's face this: Oxidation of carbon-based substances causes creation and emission of CO2 gases. Can you deny this?
Now, take into account all the oxidation that is happening around you. Which is the daily, regular, natural oxidation? --Digestion of food inside all living beings. This hasn't changed drastically.
Widfires, volcanic eruptions.. happened before and happen now; haven't changed drastically.

But there's unnatural, man-made oxidation happening increasingly since ~100 years : fossil fuel being burnt, to generate electricity, to propel vehicles and goods. CO2 emitted during modern cement-concrete construction.
(wood burning returns CO2 that it *just* took from the atmosphere so it has net zero effect)

All this extra CO2 (carbon dioxide) did not vanish into a space-time vacuum. It started to pile up in the Earth's atmosphere. Here's where the increase in atmospheric CO2 was recorded: even in the middle of the Pacific. The Earth's atmosphere knows no borders, see.

Use your own logic. If you have excess oxidation happening all around you, doesn't that account for increased CO2 levels in the air?

The current warming around the world didn't just take off with the industrialization of the first country. It started decades after CO2 levels had been climbing. And oh please, don't deny it without first asking some senior citizens in the villages you can go to. They are human eye witnesses to increase in warm weather over the past 60-odd years. I took the trouble and asked, and they verified it. Personally, that seals the deal better than any peer-reviewed journal. The people I asked could simply NOT have been lying or tricked : their whole lives were standing testimony and they've got absolutely nothing to gain from lying.

In the past, warming happened first and CO2 levels followed due to shedding of stored CO2 in oceans and permafrost. THIS TIME, CO2 levels shot up first. Warming is following it. At some tipping point, the shedding of CO2 by oceans and permafrost will be activated again, which is why you see so many climate change campaigners campaigning for everyone's basic right to NOT be pushed to this tipping point unnaturally, for then we'll have the previous millenias' high CO2 peaks added on top of industrialization's fossil-fuel CO2 peak (which, again, isn't disappearing through any space-time warps!). What does two Mt.Everests put on top of one another look like? That's the situation the human race is perpetuating right now. Those campaigners are seeing it before it has happened and warning about the impending double (or more)-peak and its consequences.

Get it? So please respect them for being able to put things together and acting in an entire planet's best interests. They aren't advocating cap-and-trade or repressing laws on civilians: they're as much against these false flag measures as every climate change denier is. They're advocating shutting down Big Oil and Big Coal who pretty much have most governments inside their pockets. Now when you come across a climate change denier whose advice, if heeded, will lead to more short-term profits for big corporates, then ask yourself if that's really a wise idea, considering what's at stake here (our whole planet!)

This video is a good resource:

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