Saturday, February 9, 2013

Place humanity above any religion

Shared on facebook by a friend:
A user on CNN (US): All religions have had periods in which they were not perfect. I think its fair to say that currently, the way Islam is practiced, women are repressed and mistreated. Yes, yes America over sexualized women and its not good for women, or society. But, this is Islam's time to fix its own injustices. Good Muslims, of which there are many, need to protest Sharia and tribal practices which are barbaric and not even in the scripture. All religions/societies have flaws. this is Islam's time. (Context: Saudi Arab Child murder case)
I wish to go deeper.

Many womens' rights activists I have met in the past months have categorically told me that all issues of womens' rights are at their very root, issues of human rights -- issues of women not being treated as human beings.

How about asking human beings (there we have a common ground) across the world to give basic human rights and liberties their rightful place : a veto over any philosophy or religion or management system whose this or that component may be in conflict with human rights?

From this position, we can actually tackle both the kinds repressions in the western and arab worlds (and of course, my own country has no reprieve) with the same stroke and prevent the core issue from getting side-tracked by cross-accusations.

So our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends, in the name of modernization, need not have to jump from the jaws of one monster (traditional repression) into the jaws of another (modern exploitation, sexualization). Their rights and dignities are protected when they are treated as complete and inviolable human beings.

Maybe it's time we insisted on placing humanity above any religion. It sure takes the wind out of anybody trying to defend their old ways : gives them no room for justifications or counter-points.

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