Monday, February 11, 2013

Data visualization help

Wanted : programming help

I'm looking for a software tool, hopefully web-able, that can take data like a budget distribution and visualize it in the way the "Disk Usage Analyzer" works in Ubuntu/Linux.

The important part is the input: Rather than being top-down, it should be able to add things bottom-up the same way the DiskUsageAnalyzer weighs all the individual files and builds up the distribution to give us the final picture.

The trick: Instead of taking a file's SIZE, it can take a number stored inside the file (it could be a simple text file or .ini file)

This software example leaves out the last step of listing/visualizing the actual files. Naturally my software would cover that too.

Why I want this: It's not just budget allocation... it can be any application where we can use bottom-up adding up and infinite, non-linear breakdowns. One sector may have 3 elements and it may stop there; another sector may have 2 of those elements breaking down further. And over time, one black-box-like section may open up to reveal its components. I'd like it to be as flexible as putting a simple file in the folder.

This could also have a feature of "missing departments". Example: Education dept gets 20 crores. Broken down into its various programs, the programs might add up to 15 cores. 5 crores unaccounted : this could be programmed to show up in this interface.

So.. anybody up for the challenge?
Contact me on nikhil [dot] js [at]
Phone : +91-966-583-1250

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