Monday, February 11, 2013

Global Service Jam 1-3 March 2013

There's an event called Global Service Jam happening in several cities across the world and in India on March 1 2003.
The tagline: You have 48 hours to change the world.

My friend Rohny attended it in Mumbai last year and had amazing reviews of it.

Here's a description:
On 1 March 2013, people who are interested in service and using a design-based approach to problem solving and creativity will meet all over the globe. In a spirit of experimentation, co-operation and friendly competition, teams will have 48 hours to develop brand new services inspired by a shared theme. On Sunday at 3pm, they publish them to the world.

So it's cutting across sectors, is open to all including kids, and has lots of on-your-feet thinking and brainstorming together, spread across 3 days. The theme will be given when the event begins.

Check out the website


aeth said...
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Adam Lawrence said...

Hope to see you at a Jam!


john milton said...

cost management system and Next Generation Services.
Thanks for sharing this post. Keep further posting.

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