Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How 2012 was for me

2012 : The year when I did and spoke exactly what I wanted to;

the year when I declared war (or rather, peace) on my fears;

the year when I took a stand and changed some things forever;

the year when I took the plunge down the rabbit hole and turned
everything I knew upside down and inside out;

the year when I saw everything coming together and fit in like an
immense jigsaw puzzle;

the year when I rekindledmy human connections and made more new ones
than I had in all my life earlier;

the year when my life transformed from a frightened race up a ladder to
a wide open field where I can go in any direction and get things going.

As a friend put it yesterday, the world, as I knew it earlier, has ended
and will never be the same again. Onward!
(this I'd posted on facebook and emailed to my close ones on 1st Jan)

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