Saturday, March 2, 2013

Here is one who...

An invite to anyone and everyone:

If there was one sentence you'd like to be said about you after you have
passed on from this world (aka died as in dead), what would it be? Fill
in the blanks:

Here is one who ______________________________________________________

So, put yours in the comments below! No need to sum everything up in one
sentence; you can always come back to put in more! And don't try too
hard to be accurate.. nobody's judging or anything. Let's think out of
the box, we'll have more fun that way.

Let me start off:

Here is one who always spoke his mind.


Shankar Ravikumar said...

Oh, mine is simple enough. I might get up to all sorts of things during my life, but I don't really feel the need to be characterized by them. So my answer is, "Here is one who lived a full, happy life", whatever it is that goes into making that. I assume that helping others to live happy lives would also contribute to that so it's implied.

Aditi said...

Here is one whose hair fell thanks to all the enthusiasm radiating out from her head.

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