Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stop watching TV

Stop watching TV.

It is a well-established and proven tool for social control, which gives you completely wrong notions about the world around you, and which makes you behave in ways a normal human being wouldn't. You don't need me to prove it to you... just google it and you'll come across innumerable research, campaigns, etc.

By watching News on TV, many of you (especially the men) may think that you're beating the game, you're not getting trapped into those stupid soaps and reality shows. But you're wrong there. It's even more dangerous than watching entertainment.

Why? Well, with watching entertainment on TV, you know from advance that this is entertainment only and for awareness about what's going on in your world, you'll need to look around.. newspapers, internet, talking with friends and colleagues. But after watching news on TV, you feel like your awareness needs have been met! 

Compare the two scenarios and just say out loud which one actually gives you news aka information, and which one simply feeds one sensational thing after another, repetitively? In which case are you left to decide on your own what is good or bad, and where are you told that this is good, this is bad? In which case are your emotions exploited?

Who owns the TV Stations? Who funds them? Would they stand to benefit more by giving you the hard facts, or by keeping you glued more and more to them?

Keep your wits about you. Stop watching TV.

And this comes from personal experience. Take a look at the articles on this blog. See my recent Facebook posts. Over the past 10 years, if there was one thing that contributed to my thinking and helped me question and understand the world better, it was this. I gradually stopped watching TV, it stopped being part and parcel of my life.

If you're interested, watch these episodes, "How TV ruined your life" :
Incredibly funny, incredibly correct.

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