Thursday, March 7, 2013

Passive consumers Vs Active participants

I have some problems with "Atithi Devo Bhava" >> Guests are God,
or the commonly accepted rules of engagement when guests have come over.

I would like to propose an alternative philosophy : Insaan Hain Hum >> We are People.

Imagine having 10 people coming over to your home for 2 days.
Compare 2 different scenarios:

They are your guests. Atithi Devo Bhava.
You are the host.

You have to make proper arrangements to cater to their needs.
You have to cook food for all of them.

You have to go and get the ingredients for the food.
You have to pay for all the food consumed by them.
You have to make provisions for the sleepover.
You have to maintain the toilet and supply the hot water.
You have to make sure each guest is properly entertained.
You have to ensure nothing in your house gets damaged.

You cannot do the chores you had planned and have to attend to your guests.

Your normal way of life is disrupted.

Work increases and leisure is zapped.
They are people. Insaan Hain Hum.
You are a person like they are. We'll refer to the combine as "we".
We will make all arrangements needed.
Some of us will opt to cook the food for everyone; you may or may not join.
Some of us will opt to fetch the ingredients for the food.
We will split all the costs amongst ourselves.
We will manage the sleepover and make any adjustments necessary.
We will maintain the toilet and take care of the water.
We take full responsibility for entertaining ourselves.
We take full responsibility for making sure your house suffers no damage due to us.
We will take over and complete your chores as much as we can in gratitude for this hospitality.
Your normal way of life gets comradeship and extra assistance. Work is reduced and made more fun in company; leisure gets addons.
After they leave, you have to clean everything up.
 You might hear complaints later on on what all went wrong when they were over.

You will never want to have this many people over at your place for as long as you live.
We will clean everything up before we leave.

You will hear talk later on on what a great time everybody had, and fond recollections of all the accidents.
You will look forward to having them come over again.

So. Which line of action do you think is the better one?

This is the difference between passive consumers and active participants. Which group do you want coming over?

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