Sunday, March 3, 2013

Intellectual frustration Vs Unconditional sharing

A familiar complaint from the "intellectual" facebookers (Yes, I'm one of them!):
You post an article that's in all likelihood more informative than anything you've got to say and most people just ignore it. You post a rant or express an opinion of your own and suddenly everyone's interested. That's actually rather sad....Has anyone else found themselves noticing this pattern regarding their posts on FB? :/
My comment on that:
Common mistake we make: blame people instead of analyzing the surrounding structure. Your reasons for being on FB may differ from those of others. And no one has any authority to judge which are the right reasons and which are the wrong.

Anyways, if you're keen on public sharing then make your post settings to public, that way they're "out there" for someone unknown to catch. (A parent in Nagpur recently contacted me and thanked me for gathering Khan Academy subtitles which I'd done and put out there last year, it helped his daughter in preparing for her 11th exams. I'm high on random gratitude right now!) Also blog in parallel. Be like a tree : give out your ideas and let them be spread wherever, without bothering or monitoring any "success rate"

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