Friday, March 8, 2013

You are still very choosy

I was visiting at a long-time family-friends' place after a.. long time.

Uncle and aunty knew me since I was a baby, and with their kids we all
grew up together. We'd parted after high school. Aunty was recollecting
how incredibly choosy I was with my food in my childhood... there were
very few things I'd allow into my mouth, and I would be intensely
skeptical of anything new I was confronted with : I wouldn't take other
people's word for it.

So we were catching up, and I told him about the recent turns in my life
and my decisions that went contrary to the status quo, my deeper
analysis of the way the world was working.

When we sat at lunch, Aunty cautiously asked me if I was ok with the
food she'd cooked. I protested that I'm not choosy anymore, don't worry.
Uncle promptly exclaimed, "No, you are still very choosy!"

I couldn't understand, so went on to explain how I eat anything now, I
have no issues with...

And then he cut in, "you are still choosy, only what you're choosy in
has shifted from food to something else!"

Right. My life choices. Not accepting the status quo. Not joining the
bandwagon. Questioning what is generally assumed. Peeking behind the
scenes. Choosy is as choosy does.
Thanks, Uncle, for pointing it out!

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